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Maps of main bus stops


4 hr. 25 min. return journey (allow an additional 1 to 2 hours break)


Approx. 22.0 km

●Fund contribution

Mountain-climbing notifcation is required (forms available at the airport, ports, and tourist information centers). 300 yen to the Forest Environmental Enhancement Promotion Fund.

Maps of main bus stops

□ Set off early in the morning

A lengthy 22 km return journey that takes more than 10 hours on a day trip. For a safe hiking experience, it is necessary to begin hiking at dawn and start your descent by 1pm.

□ Reserve Arakawa Tozan Bus tickets
and lunch boxes the day before

Tozan Bus tickets must be purchased in advance from tourist information centers, lodging facilities, or Yakusugi Shizenkan Museum. Lunch boxes can be reserved the previous day with your lodging facility.

Example of itinerary
Depart lodging facility
Receive lunch box and
board bus
Arrive at Yakusugi
Shizenkan Museum
Board Arakawa Tozan
Arrive at Arakawa Hiking
Trail Entrance
Start hike

Bus routes



There are 3 toilets on this trail, including 1 at the trailhead. As the toilets may see long queues, it is best to prepare a disposable toilet bag (there are toilet huts for their use).

●Breaks and meals

Take breaks and meals around the remains of the Kosugidani settlement, at the start of Okabu Trail, and near Wilson's Stump.

●Mobile phone

There is little to no reception of mobile phone signal. Public telephones are available at Arakawa Juncture and Yakusugi Land.