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How to make "OYUWARI" shochu

In the production area, Kagoshima, people drink SHOCHU often with hot water. 

1st Pour shochu into a glass 
Use these lines indicating the ratio 4:6,5:5,6:4 of SHOCHU and hot water 



2nd Add hot water 

3rd Do not need to mix the glass, just remember the convection phenomenon in chemical lesson! 


In other area of Japan, people pour hotwater→SHOCHU, then mix! 

Now, you can tell Kagoshima people to other Japanese.


■ A place where one can try various types of Shochu.
   Top > Where to eat > Shochu Spirits

■ Representative brands of the local Shochu breweries.
*Japanese information only

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Notice Regarding Effects of 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes on Kagoshima Prefecture Transportation

As of 28 April 2016
Tourism Division, Kagoshima Prefecture

All public transportation within Kagoshima Prefecture - excluding Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train lines, tourism facilities, and hotel facilities continue to remain in operation.

■ Flights
   All flights by the following international airlines remain in operation :

○ Korean Air
○ China Eastern Airlines

○ China Airlines 

○ Hong Kong Airlines            

■ Railway
   Kagoshima Chuo ↔ Hakata (temporary schedule) 

○ Local lines remain in operation

■ Others
  All other public transportation also remains in operation.


Information from Japan National Tourism Organization (as of April 18, 14:00 JST)

◆ JNTO Tourist Information Center

JNTO Tourist Information Center (TIC), open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm, offers travel information in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese for visitors in Japan.

Tel : 03-3201-3331

** Due to the earthquakes in Kumamoto, JNTO.TIC telephone service will also operate during the nighttime hours. (from 5:00 pm to 9:00 am)

*Service is available in English and Japanese.

◆ Transportaion

JR Kyushu Trains (as of April 18, 13:40 JST)

- Kyushu Shinkansen (Hakata - Kagoshima-Chuo) is NOT running.

The others are normal operation in Kagoshima

** Please refer to the URL below for further details.


Fukiage-hama Beach Sand Sculpture and Flower Festival 2016

The Golden Week is coming soon with this big event in Kagoshima!

This is the biggets sand festival in the world at Fukiage sandhill which is one of the Japanese big 3 sandhills.


This festival will be held only one month from 1st ~31th May this year!

We entertain you with many events and foods during the golden stage period (1st ~5th May)


There is the show "fantasy of sound and light" by the all sand statues lightend up.

This artistic world at the beautiful beach satisfys you!


[ The period ] 
2016/05/01~2016/05/31 ※6th May is closed

[ The main stage ]
the site specialy prepared flooe in Sakyu no Mori Kinpo

## The golden stage period
2016/05/01~2015/05/05  9:00~21:00
Adult Fee; 1000 JPY  Junior high students and under;500JPY

## The second stage period
2016/05/07~2016/05/31  9:00~17:00
Adult Fee; 500 JPY  Junior high students and under;300JPY

[ Official site ] 

[ Access ] 
the direct service bus will run during 1st ~5th May!

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Sakurajima ferry udon noodle

This is one of recommend way to enjoy ferry from Kagoshima to Sakurajima.

1st Get on the ferry


2nd Rush into the Japanees noodle shop「Yabukin」, and order Udon noodle!


3rd Grab your udon noodle bowl and chopsticks (be careful not to spoil very hot soup),
      and eat outside looking over the Sakurajima volcano coming close to you.


4th When you hear the announce saying that we are almost arrive to the Sakurajima,
     return your bowl to the shop with saying " Go-Chi-Sou-Sama".


Don't firget you need to finish those all steps within 15minutes!

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