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Free Wi-Fi : Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi

Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi is the new Wi-Fi service offered by Ibusuki city.


[ Locations ]
1) In front of Ibusuki station
2) Sunamushinosato-kouryuhiroba (Adjacent to the Sunamushikaikan)
3) Uomikou Park
4) "Tamatebako" Open-air Onsen
5) Sayuri Natural Sand Bath Center
6) JR Southernmost Nishioyama Station
7) Nishi-oyama station
8) Kaimonsanrokufureai Park
9) Tosenkyo Somennagashi (Flowing "Soumen" Noodles)
10) Lake Ikeda

Below is a map of the 'Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi' coverage hotspots.

* Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi is available at place where the below sticker is displayed.
sticker_ibusuki_wifi.jpg* April 15, 2015
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The Useful Transportation "Nottari-Oritari Bus" : Ibusuki / Chiran

The Nottari-Oritari Bus is a sightseeing bus route mainly operating between the Ibusuki and Chiran area.

There are three bus routes operating every 1-2 hours. 
*Please keep in mind bus services may finish early.


[ Route A ] Main stops pertain to the Ibusuki-Chiran district
Site of Samurai Residences (Chiran Bukeyashiki), Entrance to the Kamikaze Peace Museum (Tokko Kannon-iriguchi), Kiire Town, Imaizumi Town, Ibusuki Station, Steam Sand Baths Hall (Sunamushi Kaikan), Ibusuki-Iwasaki-Hotel

[ Route B ] Main stops pertain to the Lake Ikeda district
JR Ibusuki Station, Sunamushi Kaikan (Sand Baths Hall), Healthy Land, Flower Park, Mt. Kaimon Hiking Entrance, JR Kaimon Station, Tousenkyo Somen Noodle Restaurant, Lake Ikeda, Imaizumi Village

[ Route C ] Main stops pertain to the Kagoshima-Chiran district
Entrance to the Kamikaze Peace Museum (Tokko Kannon-iriguchi), Zoo Entrnace (Doubutsuen-iriguchi), JR Kagoshima Chuo Station

* The bus fare will be change based on the distance of the ride.

One-day Passes and Two-day Passes are also available.
[ Price ]
One-day Pass : \1,000/Adult, \500/13 and under Children *Can only be used for Route A
Two-day Pass : \2,000/Adult, \1,000/13 and under Children *Can be used for every route


[ Where to Purchase Passes ]
The Ibusuki branch of Kagoshima Kotsu Transportation, Ibusuki-Iwasaki Hotel, and other accomodation spites within Ibusuki City

* February 17, 2015
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High Speed Boat (Yakushima Island / Tanegashima Island)

Two high speed boats, Toppy and ROCKET, operate between Kagoshima and Yakushima Island and Tanegashima Island (no difference between the two types of boats in terms of conditions).



The shortest travel time between Kagoshima and Miyanoura Port (on Yakushima Island) is about 1 hour 45 minutes, and there are seven trips per day (including stop-overs).


The stop-over trips include stop at Tanegashima Island (famous for its Space Centre), and Ibusuki (known for the Ibusuki Sand Bath, the one and only in the world)

Toppy & ROCKET High Speed Boat >>  (** Japanese only)

[ Getting there ] 
Kagoshima Honko South Pier Traveller's Terminal
(Kagoshima Honko, Minami-futo Kosokusen Ryokyaku Terminal)
>> 20 minute from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station, alight at Kosokusen Terminal.

Kirishima Onsen Market

The Kirishima Onsen Market is a business facility lining the Maruo Onsen hot spring hotel.


Right in front of the local bus stop -also accessible by the Airport Shuttle bus or a similar bus- is a Tourist Information Center joint establishment. 


There are a collection of restaurants and shops carrying specialty products, processed goods, etc.  

Also, popular amongst visitors are eggs and hot spring manju buns steamed by the onsen hot spring steam. 

Within the shopping plaza, there is a footbath which makes for a perfect break from traveling. 


[ Opening Hours ] 
8:00-19:00 ( ※Differs from shop hours )

[ Closed ]
None ( ※Differs from shop hours )

[ Address ]
3878-114, Makizonocho Takachiho, Kirishima-shi

* March 27, 2015
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Hayato-no-Kaze Express

Operating between Kagoshima city (Kagoshima Chuo Stn.) and Yusui town (Yoshimatsu Stn.) through the mountains of Kirishima, the jet black train, with its gold emblem, exudes classic beauty. 



The wooden interior gives warmth and a retro feel, ferrying passengers through lush greenery to the rich hot springs of Kirishima, home of the legend of the founding of Japan



For more details, please follow the link below

* March 15, 2015
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