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There is the optional cruise course called "YORIMICHI CRUISE", which will entertain you fully for 50 minutes with the attraction of Mt.Sakurajima and Kinko bay


A single departure per day departs from Kagoshima port at 11:05AM to Sakurajima port.


This cruising course differs from the ordinary one as it crosses over Kinko bay; therefore, you may happen to see dolphins. 


Let's discover the new Kagoshima "YORIMICHI CRUISE"!


[ Fare ]
500 YEN (adult) 250 YEN (child)
** You will need to pay the fee in advance at Kagoshima port.
** The passengers with one day passes called "Welcome Cute", please drop by the ticket office for bording ticket exchange on the day you board.

[ Departure time ]
11:05AM at Kagoshima port ( one service in a day )
** There is a useful circulating bus for Sakurajima sightseeing called " Sakurajima Island View" which starts Sakurajima port at 12:15 PM
** If you go back to Kagoshima port by regular ferry, you will need 160YEN more for the regular service ferry back to Kagoshima port. 

[ Places you can get these tickets ]
>> Kagoshima port
>> Sakurajima port
>> Kagoshima Chuo Station Tourist Information Center

* July, 2016
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Kagoshima Fireworks festival 2016 (Shoot off over 5,000)


[ 24 July ] 8pm~
Shibushi Minato festival
@ Shibushi Port
10,000 fireworks

[ 30 July ] 8pm~
Sakurajima Hinoshima festival
@Sakurajima Multi purpose Park
6,000 fireworks

[ 6 August ] 8pm~
Isa-shi summer festival
@Hishikari, Isa-shi
5,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] 8pm~
Makurazaki Minato festival
@Makurazaki Port 
10,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] 8pm~
Kanoya Summer festival
@(Scheduled)Furue port 
8,000 fireworks

[ 13 August ] 8pm~
Tarumizu Fureai summer festival
@Tarumizu port
8,000 fireworks

[ 16 August ] 7:40pm~
Sendaigawa summer festival
@Sendaigawa river side
10,000 fireworks

[ 20 August ] 7:30pm~
Kagoshima Kinkowan Summer night festival
@Kagoshima Port -Honkou- 
15,000 fireworks

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Izumi Rural Life Experience - Farmstay in Izumi -


Please follow the link below for more details.

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Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

There is the Dolphin Waterway maintained of 275m in total length, a part of ocean, in front of the aquarium. 

Dolphins can swim out from their pool to that waterway freely.


This area is divided into 3 parts; North area , Central area, and South area, by roads and footbridge.

The South area is within few mins walk from the commercial complex "Dolphin Port".


We can see their performance at the waterway 3times in a day for 10mins


※ Events are subject to change or cancel under the conditions of dolphins and sea

Why not stop by at this free zone during a leisurely stroll

【 Monday to Friday 】  10:30 /12:30 /14:30

【 Saturdays/ Sundays/ Holidays日 】  11:30 /13:30 /15:00

The movie of dolphins performance >>

Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

【 Access 】  
※The Dolphin Waterway is running just by the Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

Kagoshima City Tram: 8 mins walk from Suizokukanguchi stop from the platform, take Line 2 bound for Kagoshimaekimae 

Kagoshima City Bus: Get off the Kagoshimasuizokukanmae stop, take Line16-2,25,26 at the bus stop East4~6 fo Kagoshima chuo Station

* June, 2016
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Shiroyama Observatory・Shiroyama promenade

"Shiroyama" is the hill whose altitude is 107m and located in the center of Kagoshima city. This name comes from the fact that the castle had been built on that mountain  once.


The 2km promenade roads to the observatory is filled with more than 600 species of plants. 

While there is in the city area, it is a treasure house of nature.


That observatory is very popular as the photo spot that can overlook the Mt.sakurajima and Kinko-bay for travelers.


Why don 't you take a walk there in the morning to see the sun rises up from behind of the Mt.Sakurajima.


◆ Shiroyama observatory
【 Access 】
Get off at the Shiroyama stop of Kagoshima City View bus "Shiroyama and Iso Course".

◆ Shiroyama promenade
【 Access 】 ※ See the lines on the map showing 2 routes
1 The route from "Tanshoen" next to Terukuni shirine
2 The route from "Iwasaki Tani" next to the Satsuma Retainers Monument

* May, 2016
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