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Traditional Confectionery of Kagoshima

Kagoshima local sweets are simple and nostalgic, and they go well with green tea.

Traditional local sweets frequently used ingredients are natural vegetables such as brown sugar, sweet potato and rice.



Karukan is the most popular confectionery in Kagoshima, dates back to the late Edo Period.
It is steamed cake made from yams and rice powder and sugar.



A steam-cake made by mixture of eggs, flour, brown-sugar and baking soda.



Freshly roasted mochi (rice cake) is stuck on two skewers and drizzled with sweet soy sauce.
The word "Jambo" means "Double Stick" hence the use of two skewers.



The rice is soaked in lye overnight, wrapped in bamboo, and then cooked for 3 ~ 4 hours in lye. It is usually eaten with soybean flour and soy sauce.
This confectionery is one of integral part of Kagoshima's May Festival.

* July 18, 2014
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Nagata & Inaka Beach / Sea Turtle Museum

Inaka Beach at Nagata Beach is a beautiful sandy beach approx. 1km past the yellow sandy beaches near the weathered granite Okudake Mountains of Yakushima.    


Not only is the seaside landscape distinctly visible from Inaka Beach but the mountainside landscape is also quite visible. 

From Mt. Nagatadake, the highest towering point at the heart of Yakushima's central Okudake Mountains, visitors can expect to something unique to Inaka Beach. 

Inaka Beach is No.1 sea turtle nesting site in Japan and, beween May and July during the nesting period, there can be 20+ turtles nesting in one single night.


The "Yakushima Sea Turtle Museum" at Nagata Beach introduces and explains the ecology of the sea turtles. 

Yakushima Sea Turtle Museum

[ Hours ]
9:00 - 17:00 (Admission until 16:30)

[ Holidays ]
Tuesdays, the day after National Holiday(s), New Years holidays (December 25 - January 1)

[ Admission Fee ]
General Admission: 300 yen, Elementary Students: 100 yen, Infants: Free

[ Access ]
Local schedule bus - Chunobashi bus stop + 3 min. walk

[ Official Website ] 
Sea Turtle Museum >>  ※Japanese Only

[ Address ] 
Nagata Area, Yakushima Town, Kumage District, Kagoshima Prefecture

* July 24, 2014
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Free Wi-Fi : Kagoshima visitors bureau

Free public wireless LAN service has started at Kagoshima visitors bureau!

Please use it for check sightseeing information and upload your travel experiences and photos to SNS right away! 


[ How to connect to Wi-Fi network at Kagoshima visitors bureu ] 
* Registration can be done on the spot.

1) Select SSID : Synapse_Free_Wi-Fi
2) Agree to the conditions
3) Register your name and email address
4) You will be connected to wifi.

* June 10, 2014
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The 35th Kirishima International Music Festival

The Kirishima International Music Festival is an annual international music festival held in the Kirishima highlands.



Over 50 performances are given by approximaly 80 internationally known artists gathered at the Miyama Main Concert Hall.


Why not come and experience these harmonious movements amid the grand nature of Kirishima?


[ Date ]
July 16th (Wed) - August 3th (Sun), 2014

[ Venues ]
Kirishima International Music Hall (Miyama Main Concert Hall), Houzan Hall, Kagoshima Citizens' Culture Hall, Kagoshima St.Xavier's Cathedral, etc. 

[ Access ] 
Approx. 90 min. bus ride from Downtown Kagoshima City.
Approx. 20 min. bus ride from JR Kirishima Jinguu Station.

[ Tickets ] *Researved-seating Only
Available online >>

[ Official Website ]
Kirishima International Music Festival >>

[ Questions and Information ]
Miyama Concert Hall : 

This year's festival marks the 35th anniversary of the event and will include an overseas concert for the first time (in Taiwan).

For more information, click here! >> 
*Chinese Language Only
* July 1, 2014
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Kagoshima's "Rokugatsudo" Summer Lantern Festival

Rokugatsudo encompasses a series of summer festivals held at various shrines and temples throughout the prefecture in July (June in the old calendar), each taking place on days designated by the shrines and temples themselves. 


The Rokugatsudo festivals have long history and continue to succeed as seasonal Kagoshima summer events.

At the shrine and temple grounds, lanterns made from wooden sticks and Japanese paper are strung along a network of ropes and feature a variety of illustrations and messages.


There are many shops lining the roadsides as well. These shops, the shrine-temple atmospheres and lanterns altogether give off a very fantastic, whimsical air. 

Within Kagoshima City these festivals will be put on almost every night in July and will continue through to the end of the month.


Please enjoy a "Kagoshima Summer" at a Rokugatsudo lantern festival! 



The "Terukuni Shrine Rokugatsudo" held on the 15th and 16th of July each year is one of biggest Rokugatsudo festivals in all of Kagoshima Prefecture. 


The movie, "Rokugatsudo no san-shimai (The Three Sisters of Rokugatsudo)" is a story about the Rokugatsudo festivals and is currently in theaters nationwide. >> *Japanese Language Only

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* July 2, 2014