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Power Spot Kagoshima : Yakushima

"Power Spot" is a place which gives energy to rejuvenate our heart and body, and is very popular among women these days. There are several leading "Power Spots" in Kagoshima so let us introduce them!


【 Yakushima 】 ~ World Natural Heritage - the Mystery of Nature 

Yakushima island is the first Japanese site to be registered as a World Natural Heritage in 1993. With nature being retained in its original primitive state while human beings reside, Yakushima island receives good appraisal as a role model showcasing human and nature living in harmony. The circumference of the island is 132km. Located right in the middle of the island is MountMiyanoura. Standing tall at 1,936m it is the highest peak in Kyushu and is also recognized as one of the "Hundred Famous Mountains of Japan".



A well-known nature spot, Yakushima island receives many visitors from within and outside Japan daily, and it can be said that the whole island is in itself a power spot, with endless charms to offer.


We would like to recommend three power spots in Yakushima island.

First, the Shiradani Unsuikyo Ravine - this is the place where forest in which the Shishigami (name of a character) resides is modelled after, in the animated movie "Mononoke Hime". After walking about two hours, we arrive at a mysterious area covered by lush greenery, which is known as "The Forest of Mononoke Hime". The mysterious feel of the place cannot be described in words. The forest is fully covered in moss and surrounded by Yakusugi (thousand year old Japanese cedar trees), and one can enjoy seeing the different variety of Yakusugi. Stopping once a while to check out the moss, one will be fascinated by its beauty. Especially after rain, the beauty of Shiradani Unsuikyo Ravine is simply fascinating and will capture one's heart.

D-06.jpgSecond, it is none other than the Jomon Cedar. It takes 11 hours to travel to and fro the Jomon cedar, which is said to be of 7200 years old. It is a cedar tree worth a visit once a lifetime. Some people said that upon seeing the Jomon Cedar, one will change his perspective on life. Located in the midst of misty fog, the majestic Jomon Cedar commands a sense of presence. There is much to learn from this Jomon Cedar, which has protected and watched over the forest since ancient times. We recommend the Yakusugi Nature Museum to the fans of the Jomon Cedar, where you can see the "Branch of Life" - a branch which broke off after enduring the heavy weight of piled snow.

Yakusugi Shizenkan (Yakusugi Nature Museum)

2739-343, Awa, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima-ken, 891-4311

TEL0997-46-3113  FAX0997-46-3168


 The last recommendation is the Ogawa no Taki (Ogawa Falls). To be able to view the powerful waterfall and close proximity is simple wonderful. Standing just 50m away, one can feel the speed and flow of the fall through the water sprays. This is due to Yakushima island being blessed by abundant rainfall. Showered in rich negative ions, one can feel nature by stretching out on the rocky plain, enjoying the water spray and listening to the sound of the waterfall.


Yakushima Tourism Association

TEL:0997-49-4010  FAX:0997-49-4011

Ibusuki Sand Bath : SAYURI ( 砂湯里 )

The 30minutes drive from Ibusuki downtown will take you to this Natural Sand Bath "SAYURI".


The sand bathing spot is just aside of beach line. Shall we enjoy the sound of wave closing eyes?


You can see the sheer cliff backside and the  Mt.Kaimon-dake called "Satsuma-Fuji" because of its beautiful shape far away.

This "SAYURI" is surrounded on all 4 side by great nature. You can feel  whole your body is in the nature bathing in the sand.


And 5 minutes walk from "SAYURI" takes you to the another open-air hotspring "Tamatebako onsen" with super-view.

We have the discount ticket for both facilities "SAYURI" and "Tamatebako onsen".


■ Natural Sand Bath : SAYURI

【 Open 】 365 days
* We will have the preparation days up to the weather and have no service on those days. Please ask 099-335-2669 in advance.

【 Business hours 】
9:00~17:30 ( September ~ June )
9:00~18:00 (July and August )

【 Access 】

15 minutes drive from JR Ibusuki Station

Take the bus for "Ikeda-ko lake" from JR Ibusuki station,  get off at the bus stop " Healthy Land", and 10 minutes walk

10 minutes drive from JR Yamagawa Station

Take the bus for "Kaimon-eki station" from JR Yamagawa station, get off at the bus stop"Healthy Land", and 10minutes walk

* December, 2016
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Japan's Number 1 Crane Migratory Ground

This one-and-only scene is designated as a special natural monument of the nation.  
Every year between mid-October to December, more than 10,000 cranes come from Siberia to winter until March in Izumi, Japan's largest migratory ground.

The number and variety of migrating birds is said to be the highest in Japan, designated as "Kagoshima Prefecture's Cranes and their Migrating Grounds", a special natural monument.  


Of course the sheer number alone is astonishing, but the elegant appearance of the cranes spreading their wings and taking to the skies as one can only be seen here and is a symbol of winter in Izumi.
The number of birds is at its highest between December and January but the cranes can be seen from November to March.  Last year a new record was set with more than 17,000 cranes counted. 


During the wintering period, you can watch leisurely at relatively anytime to see the birds doing such activities as pecking at feed, mending their wings or dancing.

However, we recommend visiting the viewing platform between 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning to watch in the soft glow of sunrise as the cranes simultaneously take off from their nesting place in search of food.  This beautiful and elegant sight is enough to take your breath away and is the highlight of the experience.

If you want to watch the migrating cranes in Izumi, we recommend the "Izumi City Crane Observation Center" standing right in front of the reclaimed land used as the crane's nesting ground.

While you view the condition of the cranes from the 2nd floor observation platform, you can also learn about the crane migratory ground.

Also, if you want to know more about the cranes in detail, be sure to stop by "Crane Park Izumi", Japan's only crane museum.


December 1, 2016 (Thu) ~ February 28, 2017 (Tue) the "Crane Tour Bus" will be in operation, taking visitors from Izumi Station to the Crane Observation Center and Izumi's Samurai Residences. (1000 yen charge, may board and disembark freely)


[ E-mail ]

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It is the time to plan traveling Kagoshima!



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Sakurajima Ferry Terminal "Sakurajima Port"

Sakurajima Ferry  is on service between Kagoshima Port to Sakurajima Port.


The passengers from Kaogshima Port pay the fare by cash (or some IC cards is available) when they get off at Sakurajima Port.


You may pay only by cash (Japanese yen), IC card (IWASAKI Card, RAPICA) .

IC card of JR (e.g. SUIKA) and other currency (e.g. US$) are not acceptable.

We also have no monery exchange service on Sakurajima island.


The passengers from Sakurajima Port pay the fare by cash (or some IC cards is available) when they get on and just leave at Kagoshima Port.

We recommend you to purchase the "Welcome Cute" , which is the public transportation pass including ferry, bus, and tram running by Kagoshima city.

You can buy at the service counter on 2nd floor of Sakurajima Port (7:00~9:00) in advance your bording and show it crews in ferry.


The passengers of "YORIMICHI Cruise" need to buy "Welcome Cute"at the service counter on 2nd floor of Kagoshima Port (7:30~19:00). ※ "YORIMICHI Cruise" start at Kagoshima Port.

Sakurajima Ferry in on 24 hour operation system! It means you can enjoy a various scenary from at late naight to eary in the morning!


You are not allowded to keep staying on a ferry for round trip, so please get off once at a port.

■ Sakurajima Port for Sakurajima Ferry 

【 Access 】
Sakurajima Island View Bus: get off at "Sakurajima Ferry Terminal"
Local bus in Sakurajima island:get off at "Sakurajima Ferry Terminal"

【 Terminal open time 】
24 hours

【 Teminal business hour 】 
7:00~19:00 * The staff will care you about the fare 24hour.

【 Timetable 】 

See here about Sakurajima Ferry Terminal "Kagoshima Port" >>

* September, 2016
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