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We look forward to welcoming you to Sakurajima!

5 February 2016

In view of the eruption of Mt. Sakurajima on 5 Feb 2016, 18:56 HRS, the Japan Meteorological Station raised the eruption alert from Level 2 to Level 3 as of 19:13 HRS.

While the area within 2km radius of the crater is now out-of-bounds, all tourist facilities are located in the safe zone (outside of the 2km radius) and business operations commence as usual.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sakurajima!

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Kagoshima Prefecture Government 
Tourism Promotion and International Exchange Bureau, Tourism Division

FUNADO-MESHI - A Fisherman's Meal

"Makurazaki-Funadomeshi" is enjoyed as a chazuke dish with dashi broth poured over chopped and sliced dried bonito served over Makurazaki green tea-steamed rice, and a bonito rice cracker.


"Makurazaki Funado-Meshi" became famous after winning first place in the "Gourmet Grandprix" (competition of local favorites) for two years.

Visitors will find "Funado-meshi rice bowls" is served at many restaurants around Makurazaki.

[ Leaflet ]  Makurazaki-Funadomeshi >> *Japanese language only 

The tour of the Special Flavored Dashi Stock includes a class on how to cook the delicious Funado-meshi, and a lunch incorporating the dashi stock. >>


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Soramame(broad beans) Sweets

Ibusuki is Japan's No.1 producer of Soramame (broad beans).


These sweets use the freshest local ingredients to create a flavor found nowhere else.



Shop list in Ibusuki >>

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Atsuhime Girls' Day Festival

In Japan, March 3rd is usually called Girls' Day or the Hina Festival. 

It's a day to display Hina dolls and Hina decorations and wish for the healthy development of young girls.

The mascot character for Hina celebrations in Kagoshima is none other than Atsuhime, a princess from the Shimadzu samurai clan.


Kagoshima prefecture organized "Atsuhime Girls' Day Festival" from 1 February until 31 March.

During the "Atsuhime Girls' Day Festival", various facilities around the prefecture will be decked out with beautiful Hina doll displays and springtime decorations. 



Many hotels, restaurants, and tourist facilities are coordinating with this event to provide limited menu which like "Hina-sweets" and a "Hina-Gozen Lunch" to guests who come to see the doll displays. 

Special menu "Hanasaki-gozen" available at restaurant Oukatei of Senganen.

Special menu "Hina-gozen" available at restaurant Suiren of Hotel Shiroyama.

There will also be exclusive offers basically on Weekend.

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We love shochu!

Imo-jochu sweet potato liquor and Kokuto-Shochu brown sugar liquor are Kagoshima specialties!

It is recognised by the WTO like Scotch Whiskey, Cognac Brandy and Bordeaux Wine.


With 113 distilleries and over 2000 different brands, Kagoshima is known as the kingdom of Shochu.

We are sure you will come to love shochu as much as we do!



■ A place where one can try various types of Shochu.
   Top > Where to eat > Shochu Spirits

■ Breweries that conduct factory tours (* Advance reservation required)  

■ Representative brands of the local Shochu breweries.
*Japanese information only

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