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Hospitality Crews of Marine port Kagoshima

With warm, welcoming hearts, the Hospitality Crews wave their flags as they greet arriving visitors and send off departing visitors.



The orange color flags of the Hospitality Crew reflects the warm heart of hospitality.



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Kyushu Article Contest ~ Share your Kyushu Trip ~

Kyushu Sightseeing Promotion Mechanism is holding Blog Article Contest in the purpose of improving recognition of Kyushu area and of finding new tourist spots for foreign visitors.


In the aim of attracting more tourists from abroad, we would like people overseas to join this contest and post articles about touristic attractions of Kyushu, such as hot springs, on their blogs and SNS.

Our goal is to improve the recognition and popularity of Kyushu among foreign tourists and welcome more visitors here in Kyushu. Please apply from the website.

Details are the following.

Application Period: October 13th (Tue) - December 25th (Fri), 2015
Award Ceremony: The end of February, 2016

Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, ASEAN, English-speaking countries such as Europe

People who currently reside in Kyushu with foreign nationality
People who live overseas and have traveled Kyushu before with foreign nationality

4.Application Theme / Contents
We will collect model courses of hot springs that are great attractions of Kyushu as well as restaurants,
relaxing nature spots and festivals with form of blog.

(1)Gold Award・・・1 person will be selected, awarded with certificate and prize
Prize: Hotel accommodation and transportation voucher for Kyushu area for two persons

(2) Silver Award ・・・1 person will be selected, awarded with certificate and prize
Prize: Hotel accommodation voucher for Kyushu area

(3) Bronze Award・・・2person will be selected, awarded with certificate and prize
Prize: Local specialty products of Kyushu


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Kagoshima Woner World 2015

Timemachine arrived here in Kagoshima!

It will take you to 150 years time-travel.

That is Projection mapping!







31 Oct (Sat) ~ 29 Nov (Sun) 
* Except 12-15 and 24 November

3 times per day  
1st 18:30~
2nd 19:30~
3rd 20:30~

* 2 November, 2015
Area guide : Kagoshima city >>

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Ohara Matsuri - A Dance Festival will be held on November 3rd!

Ohara Matsuri, a dance festival held at Tenmonkan in downtown Kagoshima, is attended by about 20,000 people. 

It is also the largest festival of its kind in southern Kyushu. 


Dancing in unison to traditional music such as the Ohara-bushi (a popular tune of Kagoshima)and the likes.

The participants come dressed in traditional Yukata (summer style Kimono), Happi (festive overcoat), and some even wear home-made costumes.



Spontaneous participation is also greatly encouraged! 

So what are you waiting for? Come join in the Ohara Matsuri!

2 Nov (Sat); 18:45~21:00 (Pre-Festival) 
3 Nov (Sun); 10:20~17:00 (Main Festival)

Along the tram line in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City

15 minute walk (towards Tenmonkan) from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station 
Take the city tram and alight at Takamibaba station


Area guide >> Kagoshima-city

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Enjoying Japanese Style Accommodation

For domestic travels, it is not unusual for Japanese people to choose their travel destinations based on the accommodation.

While most hotels are well-equipped in terms of facilities, the quality of the food served makes the difference.


Guests should not miss out on the hotel food, which are specially prepared using local specialty products and fresh local produce.



Another main attraction of Japanese accommodations is the public bath.

Kagoshima prefecture has the second most number of natural hot springs in the 47 Japanese prefectures, and most, if not all, of the public baths are filled with natural hot spring waters.

Hotel guests should also not forget to take the "Asa-buro (morning hot spring bath)" during their stay.



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