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Please visit and enjoy Kagoshima with an easy mind!

Since the possibility that the bigger eruption will occur is getting low, the evacuation advisory for the area within 3km from the crater was lifted on 22th August 11:30am and, the preparation for evacuation has been announced.

Kagoshima city area is far 10km away from the Showa Craters on the Minami-dake peak of Sakurajima, so people can enjoy sightseeing and shopping as usual.


And also, Kirishima area and Ibusuki area can be enjoyed as usual without any problems.

The autumn tourism season is coming.
Please don't worry and enjoy Kagoshima sightseeing.


* August 24, 2015
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About Sakurajima Sightseeing

Tourist facilities within 3km from the crater are closed or unavailable since the eruption alert of Sakurajima has raised up from level 3(enter restriction) to level 4(prepare to evacuate; there is a possibility that the bigger eruption will occur).(2015/08/15)

** Today's Sakurajima
■ Closed facilities

  ・Arimura Lava Observatory

  ・Yunohira Observatory

  ・Sakurajima Island View Bus (Sightseeing Bus)

  ・Sakurajima Regular Sightseeing Bus (Sakurajima Nature Sightseeing Course)

  ・Rainbow Beach

  ・Saido Beach

  ・Parking area in front of Kurokami Buried Shrine Gate

  ※ It will open when the safety is confirmed.

These facilities are still open; Regular ferries, Sakurajima Visitor Center, Sakurajima International Volcanic SABO Center.


* August 17, 2015
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Miyanoura Village, Yakushima

Located on the northeastern coast of Yakushima Island, Miyanoura is the largest village settlement on the island.


Miyanoura Port, marine gateway to Yakushima Island, is served by regular ferries and high speed boats from Kagoshima and Tanegashima Island, as well as cruise liners.



It is convenient and accessible, located at about a 20-minute drive from Yakushima airport, the only air terminal on the island.

Map of the Vicinity of Miyanoura Port >>

[ Website ] Toppy & ROCKET High Speed Boat >>
** Japanese only

Ebino Eco Museum Center

The Ebino Eco Museum Center is an environmental learning facility located in the Kirishima-Kinkouwan National Park.

There are videos and static displays on the nature of Kirishima, and the centre is staffed all year round.


It is also the starting/entry point to hiking trails around the Kirishima mountain range, with trails leading to Ebino Kogen Highland (at an altitude of 1,200m), Mount Karakuni, and various crater lakes.

[ Opening Hours ] 09:00 - 17:00 HRS

[ Closed ] Opens all year round

[ Getting There ] Nearby "Ebino-kogen" bus stop (Bus terminates at Maruo Onsen)

[ Parking Space ] 200 lots available (** subject to fee)

[ Website ] Ebino Eco Museum Center >>

* July 13, 2015
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Useful Map for Marine Port Kagoshima's visiter

Information about one-day pass and city transport. >>



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The map of surrounding areas of the port. >>


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