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Kagoshima City Aquarium (IO World)

Kagoshima City Aquarium "IO-World"will attract you with its bigger size in Kyushu and outstanding structure.


It lies very close to Sakurajima island ferry port, so it has easy access from Kaoghsima city side and also Sakurajima island side.

Its exhibition of marine life are from Kaogshima coast lines and Kagoshima Kinko-wan bay spread over just infront of you.

The whale shark "YU-YU" swimming freely in the huge pool "Kuroshio Great Water Tank"will grab your eye at first when you come into the entrance.

YU-YU's staffed toy is the "best-buy" in the souvenior shop.


And the other popular member is the dolphins showing us their wonderful talents at Dolphin pool everyday.

The 20 minute's lecture at Dolphin pool introduce us their body structure and skills.


And dolphins are free to swim out to the open-air waterway outside of the aquarium in limited time and meet us outside again!



These are the detail about Dolphin Waterway >>

The big aquarium and abundant exhibitions there entertain you!

【 Business hours 
9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (final admission at 5:00 p.m.)
** We also hold Nighttime at the Aquarium events. Golden Week, Weekends of Summer vacation, Christmas eve

Four consecutive days starting from the first Monday of December
*Open normal hours during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Admission Fee
Adult (High school and above):1500 Japanese yen
Student (Elementary and Junior high): 750 Japanese yen
Child (over 4 ): 350 Japanese yen


Kagoshima city tram (line2)  , aquarium "Suizokukanguchi", 8minutes walk

Kagoshima city bus (16-2,25,26th lines : Catch the busses East 4~6 sign stops) ,  Kagoshima aquarium mae stop, few minutes walk

* October, 2016
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Kirishima Jingu Station

Kirishima Jingu Station is on the Nippo main line of JR Kyushu and the good access to Kirishima Jingu.


The appearance of this station is very attractive and let us feel we are already at shrine.



You can take busses to Kirishima Jingu at the stop just infront of the station from around 7 in the morning to around 6 in the evening.

Busses operate 1 service every hour.


Those busses also run to the Maruo station which is good access to Kagoshima Airport.

With these few traffic service in Kirishima, please take your time with  foot bath (natural hot spring).


[ Access ]
■ Train : 80mins by Nippo Main Line of JR Kyushu from Kagoshima Chuo station

[ Timetable ] * only in Japanese
 >> From Kagoshima Chuo station

 >> From Kirishima Jingu station

■ Buss ( bound for Kirishima Jingu buss stop )

[ Route Map ] only in Japanese

[ Timetable ] * only in Japanese

** Above information are extracted from the brochure published 16th March 2014

* September, 2016
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Uwaba Highlands (Cosmos Garden)

At an altitude of 500m,the Uwaba Highlands is a plateau bordering Kumamoto Prefecture with a 3 hectare flower park where 250,000 cosmos bloom.



There is an observatory and specialty retail stores which sell local vegetables from the highlands.

The market also sells ice cream made with milk from the cows of the Uwaba Highlands. Many families and tourists come to the highlands to have picnics.


[ Viewing Period ]
October 1st to October 20th

[ Open Hours ]
24 hours(7 days a week)

[ Parking Space ]
145 parking spaces

[ Entrance fees ]

[ Address ]
2648-4 Kamiokawauchi, Izumi-shi, Kagoshima-ken

[ E-mail ]

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Yunohira observatory

Yunohira observatory is the highest spot on Mt.Sakurajima which we are allowed to be close.


The view from here is not only a panoramic view of a grey lava field but also a volcanic smoking going up sometimes.


This spot commands a panoramic view of Kagoshima city and the calm Kinkowan-bay.

Along the sun downs, the night view is with the lights in Kagoshima city is very beautiful compared with the dark Mt. Sakurajima.


For the name of Mt.SAKURA-jima, the form of the roof of this observatory is shaped the "SAKURA" cherry blossom petal.


There are 7 heart-shaped stones in this stone wall.
Let's try to find all 7 stones!


【 Access 】
Few minutes from the bus stop "Yunohira obseravatory" of Sakurajima island view bus

15mins by car from the Sakurajima port

* July, 2016
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Tour de MINAMI SATSUMA ~Go cycling through the city of MINAMI SATSUMA~

The road rave cycling competition will be held on September 22th 2016.

Would you like to run through on the fantastic sea view road?

Click here to apply >>


* July, 2016
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