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Chirin Island (Chiringashima)

Chirin Island (Chiringashima) is an uninhabited island in Kinko Bay roughly 3km around and 90m high.


Known as "the island of mystery" since ancient times, it is connected to the mainland by sand bar when the spring tide is at low tide. 


The sandbar appears for one to four hours a day(depends on the weather) only during October from March.


It takes about 800m at low tide enabling you to walk across to the island in about 20 minutes. 


This island is also known as a matchmaking spot for couples because the sandbar is reminiscent of a bridge or bond.


Be sure to visit to Chirin Island and be a happier couple!


* April 17, 2014

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*Japanese only
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KAGOMMA FURUSATO YATAIMURA : Everything from Kagoshima is available here!

"KAGOSHIMA FURUSATO YATAIMURA" is a "fake" village of food stalls featuring locally-grown foods.

Every shop entertains you with a variety of delicious dishes with original ingredients from different areas of Kagoshima.



There are 25 lively and unique stalls and each stall has a capacity for about 8 guests in this village.

In this tiny space, guests become friends and enjoy conversation with each other.


Come and enjoy local production and locally-grown fresh ingredients from a rich sea and fertile soil of Kagoshima prefecture!





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* April 10, 2014
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"Ashiyu" (Foot Bath) Tour in Kagoshima!

Visits to "Onsen (hot springs)" is one of the most popular itineraries for travelling in Japan.

Kagoshima is famous for its abundant hot springs, and there are many hot spring "Ashiyu (foot baths)" around the prefecture.


Enjoy "Ashiyu" by removing your shoes and socks, and soaking your bare feet in the foot bath.

The hot spring water warms your feet and improves blood circulation, helping to relax the body.


Here are some note worthy points about foot baths!
Relax your tired feet at the foot baths and enjoy your travels around Kagoshima!

1) There is a large variety of foot baths for you to try and compare.
It is easy and convenient as there is no need to undress, unlike the traditional Onsen.


2) Regardless of gender, everyone can enjoy the foot bath together (note: most traditional hot springs are separate into male and female).
One can enjoy chatting with friends and family while relaxing their feet in the foot bath.


3) It is a good way to introduce foreign tourists to the comfort of the hot springs.
After experiencing the comfort of the foot baths, one might gradually develop an interest for the hot springs!




■ In front of Kirishima Town Tourist Information Center


■ Shiobitashi Hot Spring Ryoma park / Kirishima-city


■ Dophine Port in Kagohima-city


■ Sakurajima yougan park


■ In front of Ibusuki sta.



■ Michinoeki (Roadside Station) Tarumizu


【FREE foot-baths Map in Kagoshima】

View Footbath Map in Kagoshima in a larger map
* April 4, 2014
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Hong Kong Airlines inaugurate flight service to Kagoshima!

The new services will operate twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, with the flight operating via Hong Kong to Kagoshima using an A320 (152 or 174 seats) aircraft from 30 March, 2014. 

【Kagoshima >>> Hong Kong】
Flight : HX 672    Departs /16:25     Arrives /18:30

【Hong Kong >>> Kagoshima】
Flight : HX 671    Departs /11:25    Arrives /15:30


* March 28, 2014

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A Tour of Japanese Dashi Stock: The "Taste" of Japan is the Taste of Dashi

As of December 2013, "Washoku" (Japanese Cuisine) was added as a UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

From cookware and tableware to dietary habits, the Japanese food culture has been attracting worldwide attention. 


It goes without saying that "taste" outlines a food culture and is one of the best ways to enjoy and familiarize oneself with a foreign culture. 


Flavored dashi stock is said to be among the most basic of elements constituting the taste of Japanese dishes in addition to salt, shoyu soy sauce, and miso paste.

Dashi stock has been called "The Fastest Soup in the World", taking little effort and little time to enjoy a rich flavor.


It is made from natural ingredients like a dried bonito and kombu seaweed and receives great praise for its health benefits.



Makurazaki City offers "A tour of the Special Flavored Dashi Stock of Makurazaki" wtihin a main production area of dried bonito for the dashi stock.

The tour includes a tour of a dried bonito factory, a class on how to obtain the delicious dashi stock, and a lunch incorporating the dashi stock.


■ Tour of a Dried Bonito Factory
Processing dried bonito by hand.



■ Explanation of the Differences of Dried Bonito
Explaination on the differences in dried bonito and how they are used towards various flavors.


■ Experience Shaping a Dried Bonito
Demonstration on how to avoid losing the natural fragrance and taste when shaping a dried bonito.



■ How to Obtain Dashi Stock
The secret techniques for cooking delicious flavored stock at home.


■Dashi Stock Tasting
Among the four most basic of falvors (acidity, sweetness, saltiness, bitterness), dashi stock is known to be the fifth. 


■ Cooking "FUNADO-MESHI" - A Fisherman's Meal
"Makurazaki-Funadomeshi" is enjoyed as a chazuke dish with dashi broth poured over chopped and sliced dried bonito served over Makurazaki green tea-steamed rice, and a bonito rice cracker.


"Makurazaki Funado-Meshi" became famous after winning first place in the "Gourmet Grandprix" (competition of local favorites) for two years.


** The tour itinerary may be customised, depending on the request and available scheduling times.

Capacity : 10-40 visitors (maximum)
*For groups exceeding 40 visitors, please contact Satsuma Seafood KATSU ICHI. 

Reservations : Reservations are required 7 days in advance


* March 24, 2014

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