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Kirishima Jingu Station

Kirishima Jingu Station is on the Nippo main line of JR Kyushu and the good access to Kirishima Jingu.


The appearance of this station is very attractive and let us feel we are already at shrine.



You can take busses to Kirishima Jingu at the stop just infront of the station from around 7 in the morning to around 6 in the evening.

Busses operate 1 service every hour.


Those busses also run to the Maruo station which is good access to Kagoshima Airport.

With these few traffic service in Kirishima, please take your time with  foot bath (natural hot spring).


[ Access ]
■ Train : 80mins by Nippo Main Line of JR Kyushu from Kagoshima Chuo station

[ Timetable ] * only in Japanese
 >> From Kagoshima Chuo station

 >> From Kirishima Jingu station

■ Buss ( bound for Kirishima Jingu buss stop )

[ Route Map ] only in Japanese

[ Timetable ] * only in Japanese

** Above information are extracted from the brochure published 16th March 2014

* September, 2016
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Uwaba Highlands (Cosmos Garden)

At an altitude of 500m,the Uwaba Highlands is a plateau bordering Kumamoto Prefecture with a 3 hectare flower park where 250,000 cosmos bloom.



There is an observatory and specialty retail stores which sell local vegetables from the highlands.

The market also sells ice cream made with milk from the cows of the Uwaba Highlands. Many families and tourists come to the highlands to have picnics.


[ Viewing Period ]
October 1st to October 20th

[ Open Hours ]
24 hours(7 days a week)

[ Parking Space ]
145 parking spaces

[ Entrance fees ]

[ Address ]
2648-4 Kamiokawauchi, Izumi-shi, Kagoshima-ken

[ E-mail ]

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Tour de MINAMI SATSUMA ~Go cycling through the city of MINAMI SATSUMA~

The road rave cycling competition will be held on September 22th 2016.

Would you like to run through on the fantastic sea view road?

Click here to apply >>


* July, 2016
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There is the optional cruise course called "YORIMICHI CRUISE", which will entertain you fully for 50 minutes with the attraction of Mt.Sakurajima and Kinko bay


A single departure per day departs from Kagoshima port at 11:05AM to Sakurajima port.


This cruising course differs from the ordinary one as it crosses over Kinko bay; therefore, you may happen to see dolphins. 


Let's discover the new Kagoshima "YORIMICHI CRUISE"!


[ Fare ]
500 YEN (adult) 250 YEN (child)
** You will need to pay the fee in advance at Kagoshima port.
** The passengers with one day passes called "Welcome Cute", please drop by the ticket office for bording ticket exchange on the day you board.

[ Departure time ]
11:05AM at Kagoshima port ( one service in a day )
** There is a useful circulating bus for Sakurajima sightseeing called " Sakurajima Island View" which starts Sakurajima port at 12:15 PM
** If you go back to Kagoshima port by regular ferry, you will need 160YEN more for the regular service ferry back to Kagoshima port. 

[ Places you can get these tickets ]
>> Kagoshima port
>> Sakurajima port
>> Kagoshima Chuo Station Tourist Information Center

* July, 2016
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Kagoshima Fireworks festival 2016 (Shoot off over 5,000)


[ 24 July ] 8pm~
Shibushi Minato festival
@ Shibushi Port
10,000 fireworks

[ 30 July ] 8pm~
Sakurajima Hinoshima festival
@Sakurajima Multi purpose Park
6,000 fireworks

[ 6 August ] 8pm~
Isa-shi summer festival
@Hishikari, Isa-shi
5,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] 8pm~
Makurazaki Minato festival
@Makurazaki Port 
10,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] 8pm~
Kanoya Summer festival
@(Scheduled)Furue port 
8,000 fireworks

[ 13 August ] 8pm~
Tarumizu Fureai summer festival
@Tarumizu port
8,000 fireworks

[ 16 August ] 7:40pm~
Sendaigawa summer festival
@Sendaigawa river side
10,000 fireworks

[ 20 August ] 7:30pm~
Kagoshima Kinkowan Summer night festival
@Kagoshima Port -Honkou- 
15,000 fireworks

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