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Lunch at the Samurai Residence Area

Taki-An, located in the Samurai residence area, is a restaurant within typical Japanese architecture, serving traditional Kagoshima cuisine.


Take a trip back in time to the Edo period (17th century) as we enjoy O-Zen (Japanese style set meal) in a beautifully landscaped Japanese garden.


The traditional Kagoshima cuisine, with their characteristic saccharine flavour, includes Satsuma-age (deep fried fish cake), chicken sashimi, Tonkotsu (braised pork), etc.


◆ Taki-An
[ Opening Hours ] 10:30 - 16:30 HRS (Last order: 16:00 HRS)

[ Closed ] N.A.

[ Website ] Taki-An >> ** Japanese only

[ Getting There ] 2 minute walk from "Buke-Yashiki Iriguchi-mae" bus stop


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* May 18, 2015
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JR Makurazaki station

JR Makurazaki station is the terminus of the Ibusuki-Makurazaki line, the southernmost JR train line on mainland Japan.


From the window, one can see the beautiful Mount Kaimon and idyllic farmlands.


One can witness optical illusion art works from within the JR Makurazaki station.


[ Getting There ]
JR Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇔ JR Makurazaki Station **There are only a few trains operating

[ Website ]
JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki line >> 
** Japanese only

* May 8, 2015
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Sakurajima Island View Bus

The Sakurajima Island View bus, which covers the west area of Sakurajima, can be boarded at the Sakurajima port.


The one hour course has stop-overs at the Sakurajima Visitor Centre (a volcano museum), the Yunohira Observatory (closest spot to the crater, which is at an elevation of 373m), and so on.
Recommended for visitors with limited time but would like to visit all the must-see locations on Sakurajima.


[ Bus Stops ]
 (1) Sakurajima Port → (2) Hi-no-Shima Megumi-kan / Sakurajima "Michi-no-Eki" (Local Products Market) → (3) Rainbow Sakurajima Guest House → (4) Sakurajima Visitor's Centre → (5) Karasujima Observatory → (6) Akamizu Observatory Square → (7) Akamizu Yunohira-guchi → (8) Yunohira Observatory → (9) Oushu Elementary School → (1) Sakurajima Port
[ Bus Fare ] depends on distance travelled
Adult: 120 yen - 440 yen / Child (primary school and below): 60 yen - 220 yen
One Day Pass (500 Yen) Available for sales on the Sakurajima Island View Bus

[ Getting There ] Terminal station: Sakurajima Port
Sakurajima Ferry Terminal (1F)

[ Website ] 
Sakurajima Island View >>

* May 7, 2015
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JR Sendai Station

The JR Sendai station is located in the northwest of Kagoshima prefecture, about 12 minutes by the Shinkansen bullet train and 1 hour by local trains from the JR Kagoshima Chuo station.


Connected to the Hisatsu Orange Line Sendai Station, this is the second busiest train station in Kagoshima prefecture, after the JR Kagoshima Chuo station.



Shuttle bus service (price: 100 yen) is available from JR Sendai station to the Sendai Ferry Terminal, where one can board the jetfoil to Koshikijima Island.

Shuttle Bus Time Schedule >> 

[ Getting There ] JR Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇔ JR Sendai Station

[ Ticket Price ] Adult: 2,890 Yen (Shinkansen Bullet Train); 940 Yen (Local Trains)

* April 4, 2015
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Free Wi-Fi : Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi

Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi is the new Wi-Fi service offered by Ibusuki city.


[ Locations ]
1) In front of Ibusuki station
2) Sunamushinosato-kouryuhiroba (Adjacent to the Sunamushikaikan)
3) Uomikou Park
4) "Tamatebako" Open-air Onsen
5) Sayuri Natural Sand Bath Center
6) JR Southernmost Nishioyama Station
7) Nishi-oyama station
8) Kaimonsanrokufureai Park
9) Tosenkyo Somennagashi (Flowing "Soumen" Noodles)
10) Lake Ikeda

Below is a map of the 'Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi' coverage hotspots.

* Ibusuki City free Wi-Fi is available at place where the below sticker is displayed.
sticker_ibusuki_wifi.jpg* April 15, 2015
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