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Kamafuta Shrine

Kamafuta Shrine is a famous shrine popular for its unique worship during which visitors place a traditional rice pot lid atop their heads while praying.

The origins of the shrine's name, "Kamafuta" Shrine (iron pot lid), dates all the way back to the Asuka Period (550-710 CE).  


Legend has it that when the Emperor of Japan and his guests were welcomed to the area, a great gust of wind came down once all the rice was made in a large iron rice pot and blew the pot's lid to where the Kamafuta Shrine stands today. 


The surprised locals found the lid and, ever since they enshrined the lid as a deity, the shrine has been called "Kamafuta Shrine". 


During the war, many people visited Kamafuta Shrine as they believed it to be housing a "god of valor" and "art of war".


More recently, many people wishing to succeed at something visit the shrine to pray for "victory", including athletes, students preparing to take an examination, and couples who desire a successful relationship.

You too can receive divine favor! 


★ The Unique Worship of Kamafuta Shrine ★

First, take an rice pot lid from the shrine. 

Next, put the lid on your head and stand under the red torii gate. 

Now, walk slowly towards the shrine while trying to balance the lid atop your head, taking care not to drop it. 

* The distance to shrine from torii gate is approx. 10 meters! Keep challenging yourself -even if the lid falls off your head!

Once you reach the offering box, take the lid off from you heads and make a wish. 


A bench and restroom modeled after a rice pot lid.


A higher difficulty - the "mini-kamafuta" lid toss.


[ Getting There ]
10 min. walk from "Ei-Ohkawa Station" off the JR-Ibusuki-Makurazaki line *There are only a few buses operating

[ Website ] 
Kamafuta Shrine >> *Japanese Only

* October 21, 2014
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Illumination spot in Kagoshima Downtown area.

A day shortens in winter in Japan and get dark at around 6 pm in Kagoshima of December.

There are many place that you enjoy the illumination all over the Kagoshima prefecture.


We would like to introduce the illumination spots in Kagoshima downtown area!
■ Minato Odori Park
  Event Period  :Dec. 1st ~ Jan. 31st
  Event Hours   :6pm~10pm


■ Dolphin Port
  Event Period: ~ Feb. 28st
  Event Hours: 5pm~0am


■ Kagoshima City Aquarium


■ The main arcade in Tenmonkan


■ Yamakataya Department Store


■ Miami st.


■ Rinkai st.


Night city view tour is available!!
It is one of tour of Kagoshima city view bus.
Even if you feel lazy to go outside when its cold, you could see some of illumination from the window!

It operates every Friday and Saturday. 

【 Time schedule 】 * December only 
Kagoshima Chuo sta.: 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00
Tenmonkan  : 18:35, 19:05, 19:35, 20:05
Dolphin Port  : 18:39, 19:09, 19:39, 20:09
Shiyakusyo-mae  : 18:43, 19:13, 19:43, 20:13

【 Bus route 】
Kagoshima Chuo sta. ⇒ Tenmonkan ⇒ Dolphin Port ⇒ Shiyakusyo-mae(City Hall) ⇒ Shiroyama(staying 15min) ⇒ Saigo-douzoumae(Statute of Mr.Saigo) ⇒ Tenmonkan ⇒ Kagoshima Chuo sta. 

【 Fare 】 

■ Hotel Shiroyama
  This Hotel Shiroyama's illumination is popular with the local people.
  Event Period:  ~ Feb. 16st
  Event Hours: 5:30pm~11pm

* November 10, 2014
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Izumi Samurai Residence Complex

The historic preservation district of Izumi is located almost in the center of the city.


It is said that the hilly area continuing from Shiroyama to the Komatsu river was leveled about 400 years ago, and the roads and stonewalls were constructed with river stones over a period of 30 years or so.



Even now, the streets that have never been changed since the time of construction, the stone walls and hedges on both sides of the streets, and the trees in the yards in the area harmonize with the samurai gates and residences seen through the hedges, providing for a calm street scene.


One might also like to visit the Jizo statue stands on the grounds of Yasaka Shrine nearby.

It is the tallest(4.15 meters) stone Jizo statue in Japan.

* November 4, 2014
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Enjoying Japanese Style Accommodation

For domestic travels, it is not unusual for Japanese people to choose their travel destinations based on the accommodation.

While most hotels are well-equipped in terms of facilities, the quality of the food served makes the difference.


Guests should not miss out on the hotel food, which are specially prepared using local specialty products and fresh local produce.



Another main attraction of Japanese accommodations is the public bath.

Kagoshima prefecture has the second most number of natural hot springs in the 47 Japanese prefectures, and most, if not all, of the public baths are filled with natural hot spring waters.



Hotel guests should also not forget to take the "Asa-buro (morning hot spring bath)" during their stay.

Accommodation in Kagoshima Prefecture >> 

Hot Springs in Kagoshima Prefecture >> 


Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen (Hirauchi Underwater Hot Springs)

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen is mysterious in that the natural bathtub appears only at low tide(twice a day 2hours each) .

One can be feeel that you are part of nature while you see wave from there.



* Mixed bathing
* It not allow swim suits

** The Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen video from Kagoshima Energetic Japan's video clips >>

[ Time of Low tide ]
Japan Meteorological Agency >>

[ Access ]
5min walk from "Hirouchi-kaichu onsen" bus stop *Please keep in mind there are only few buses are working.

[ Park ]

* October 20, 2014
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