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Kanoya Athlete Restaurant

The Kanoya Athlete Restaurant of the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (NIFS), the only national sports university in Japan, is committed to supporting its undergraduates from the nutrition aspect.


The restaurant is open to public, while the undergraduates of NIFS get a discount on some of the menu items.

The set meal, which is specially planned to provide optimum nutritional balance, includes rice, soup and three main dishes (entrée).


The menu items are based on sports nutrition and are supervised by the lecturers of NIFS. The receipt that comes with the menu shows the nutritional information of the food items.

Kanoya Marche, a parallel establishment to the restaurant, sells fresh produce from the local farming community and food ingredients used at the Kanoya Athlete Restaurant.


[ Opening Hours ] 
Lunch: 11:30 - 14:30 HRS (Last order: 14:00 HRS); Dinner: 17:30 - 23:00 HRS (Last order: 22:00 HRS)

[ Closed On ] Monday

[ Website ] Kanoya Athlete Restaurant >>
** Japanese language only

[ Getting There ] 5 minute walk from the "Kanoya Tai-iku Daigaku-mae / Hakusui" Bus stop (Sanshu Jidosha Bus)

[ Address ] 594-1 Furusato-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima-ken

* August 26, 2014

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A sister city of Kagoshima-shi "Napoli" Italy.

The scenery of Kagoshima-city was called "Oriental Naples".

The volcanic island Sakurajima float on Kinkou bay are very similar with a scenery of Naples which has Mt. Vesuvio float on Naples bay.
Naples, Italia
Mt. Vesuvio and Naples bay


Kagoshima, Japan
Sakurajima island and Kinkou bay


After a pact of Sister's city, it been having exchange of goodwill mission, present of Japanese books and dispatched youth.

[ Naples Avenue in Kagoshima city ]



[ City tram, model name : Napoli ]


Please compare both of wonderful city Kagoshima-shi and Naples by your own opinion! 

* August 26, 2014

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"Tamatebako" Open-air Onsen

Tamatebako Onsen is an open-air hotspring with a bird's eye view of Mt. Kaimondake and the East China Sea. 

Not only does the interior design of the onsen tubs used by men and women on a daily basis vary but there are different views of the surrounding lanscape as well. 


Enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding area while soaking in this hotspring! 

Visitors will even experience a unique and wonderful feeling of enjoying the hotspring, ocean and sky integrated all together.


[ Hours ] 
9:30 - 19:30
* Mt. Kaimondake Open-air Onsen Schedule: Men --- Odd-numbered days (ex. 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) | Women --- Even-numbered days (ex. 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.)

[ Holidays ]
Every Thursday, and the day after National Holidays

[ Admission Fee ]
500 yen

[ Access ]
JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line + 25 "Nottari Oritari" Bus ride from "Ibusuki Station"

[ Official Website ]
Healthy Land Open-air Onsen Tamatebako Onsen >>

[ Address ]
Fukumoto 3340, Yamagawa, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

* August 18, 2014
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Sakurajima Ferry

The Sakurajima Ferry is a regular ferry operating between Kagoshima-honkou port and Sakurajima port.



The Sakurajma port is only approx. 4 km far from Kagoshima Port across through the sea.

It runs every 10-15 min during daytime, operates 24hours.


Visitors can enjoy the charm of Sakurajima and Kinko Bay from the ferry.

Local people enjoy cruise with Udon noodle sold on ferry as well.


◆ Sakurajima Ferry

[ Ticket Price ]
[Ticket Price] Adult: 160 Yen / Child: 80 Yen / Bicycle: 100 Yen / Motorbike: 200 Yen ~ / Vehicle (including driver): 880 Yen ~

[ Ticket counter ]
Kagoshima Port Ticket Counter


 YORIMICHI Cruise (Excursion Cruise)

Excursion Cruise goes off the regular Sakurajima ferry cource and cruises near Sakurajima for approximately 50 minutes.

The Cruise leaves Kagoshima port at 11:05 am every day(except 29 Dec to 3 Jan).


[ Ticket Price ]
・ Adults ¥500 Chidlren ¥250

[ Ticket counter ]
Kagoshima Port Ticket Counter
Kagoshima Port Ticket Counter, Kagoshima Chuo Station, Tourist Information Center
* Groups and guests with cars reserve one day in advance

[ Contact ]
Kagoshima city Ship Bureau
TEL: 099-293-2525

 Access to Sakurajima Ferry Terminal (Kagoshima port)

● From Kagoshima Chuo Sta.
   >>  1 min walk from "Suizokukan-mae" bus stop either "City view bus" or "City bus"
   >>  5 min walk from "Suizoku-kan-guchi" tram stop
   >> 15 min Taxi drive

● From Kagoshima Sta.
   >>  7 min walk

● From Kagoshima Airport
   >>  50 minutes by airport shuttle bus. Get off at Kinsei-cho bus stop and 15 min walk

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Free Wi-Fi : Kagoshima City free Wi-Fi

Kagoshima City free Wi-Fi is the new Wi-Fi service offered by Kagoshima city.

It gives you 15 minutes of FREE Wi-Fi access for up to an hour per day at specific locations in Kagoshima-city.


[ Locations ]
1) Tourism Exchange Center (Kankou Kouryu Center)
2) Tenmachi Salon
3) Museum of the Meiji Restration
4) Sakurajima Port of Sakurajima Ferry
5) Yunohira Observatory

Below is a map of the 'Kagoshima City free Wi-Fi' coverage hotspots.

View Kagoshima City free Wi-Fi in a larger map

* Kagoshima City free Wi-Fi is available at place where the below sticker is displayed.


* August 6, 2014
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