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Izumi Rural Life Experience  ― Farmstay in Izumi ―

Cranes come!  Also children! Everyone's favorite city.....That is IZUMI!!!!!!


"Throwing oneself into a new experience and learning about new things is an invaluable experience for children. And the deep experience gained from it will give children spiritual enrichment, help them grow and acquire the so called "The power for living" in their life.

The Shiranui Sea area hands-on learning program helps foster children's "living ability".
The farmstay programs of Izumi City and programs associated with Minamata disease in Minamata City have taken in many children so far as they are a unique and original hands-on educational tool which cannot be found anywhere else.

We, the program organizers, hope that children can obtain the "power for living" throughout these programs and that the experiences they have become a great memory that will last a lifetime."

                                                                         Messages from the program organizers

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