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Hirakawa Zoo!!

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[Kagoshima Newsletter vol.1] Kagoshima, Green Flower City



1.    Kagoshima, Green Flower City

2.   Kagoshima Update ~ Ishin Furusato no Michi

3.   Kagoshima Souvenir Recommendations ~ Healthy Gourmet! KUROZU



Kagoshima is one of the leading green flower cities in Japan.

The "Urban Green Space Development Fair" (Green Flower Festival) will be held in spring of 2011.

Kagoshima's urban green space development is represented by the eco-tram that runs throughout the city area. Greenery has been placed strategically alongside the track, helping to ease the urban heat-island phenomenon. Why not take a ride on the environmentally friendly eco-tram with this gorgeous urban landscape as a backdrop!





This time around we will be introducing Kagoshima's beautiful flowers that change with the four seasons.

The Kagoshima Prefectural flower "Miyama Kirishima" will start to bloom in the coming season. Growing mainly in the Kirishima mountain ranges from the beginning of May to the beginning of June, these flowers add lustrous color to the mountains in early summer. You can enjoy a popular trekking tour and hot springs all year round.

p02.gif            ********* Flowers of the Four Seasons*********








***Kagoshima Update ~ Ishin Furusato no Michi ~***

Kagoshima holds many places of interest for foreign visitors. The staff here at the Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau will introduce various sight-seeing spots around Kagoshima Prefecture based on their experiences. The first number is entitled"Ishin Furusato no Michi".


History Road "Ishin Furusato no Michi"


***Kagoshima Souvenir Recommendations***

      Healthy Gourmet! KUROZU

Do you know about KUROZU(black vinegar)? In Japan KUROZU is experiencing a boom thanks to its health food properties. KUROZU originally comes from Kagoshima. 

Following the KUROZU boom, many imitation products have appeared on the market but the only authentic KUROZU that uses the tsubo-dzukuri (jar-making) method is in Fukuyama Town of Kirishima, Kagoshima.


This picture shows the KUROZU producing tsubo-batake (field of jars) that you can see in Fukuyama Town of Kirishima. Normally, vinegar is produced in factories with artificial room temperature and humidity management but KUROZU is produced outdoors in rows of jars that take advantage of the natural environment. This natural production method passed down for over 200 years in Fukuyama Town is said to be unique throughout the world. Of course, KUROZU can not be produced by simply leaving it outdoors. Sun, moon, wind, rain, the midst of such varied natural weather conditions, only the presence of a superior master brewer makes production of KUROZU possible.


We will introduce two facilities that are representative of Kagoshima's KUROZU. At these facilities, a master brewer is available to give guidance during a visit. There are various tastings of fruit-based KUROZU drinks that also make great souvenirs! Lunch is also possible. Please enjoy healthy KUROZU.


[Sakamoto Kurozu, Inc.] (English) (Japanese only)




[KAKUIDA]  (Japanese only)

TEL:  099-218-8345

FAX:  099-220-8546







Brand New! Take a stroll down the historic road~"Ishin Furusato no Michi"~

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Here comes our guest !!!!!!

2010 may 6th visitor 001HP.jpg
It's been a while since we had guests from overseas last time!!!!!

It's always happy thing to have them♪

They are from Holland!!!!!

They were going to go to Ebino-kogen in Kirishima for trekking when they visited here, but
they changed their plan because of the bad weather for next 2 days...

They had a friend meeting to decide next plan for about 30mins then decided to go to Nagasaki instead of going Ebino.

This picture is taken just before they left here for heading to Nagasaki by bus.

I don't know why, but when I see this picture,one saying comes up my head

"Boy's be ambitious"

We are looking forward to seeing you guys again someday in the future.
We are always welcoming your back!!!

Have a wonderful trip!!!!!!!
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