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[Kagoshima Sightseeing vol.2] Kagoshima Southern Country Summer

[Kagoshima Sightseeing vol.2] Kagoshima Southern Country Summer




1.    Kagoshima Southern Country Summer

2.    Kagoshima Gift Recommendation ~ Volcanic Ash Facial Wash "Kingo-Kingo"

3.    Latest Kagoshima News ~Hirakawa Zoo~




Kagoshima Southern Country Summer


Sakurajima Noryosen Night Cruise


The Noryosen Night Cruise is a seasonal summer tradition for Kinko Bay that features a two hour cruise starting in the evening at 7pm. You can enjoy a beer garden above the sea as 50 fireworks shoot up above the water into the night sky.

 1_sakurajima-kankousen.jpgのサムネール画像  2_yukata-girls.JPG

u  Daily Operation: July 17~August 31 2010 (* closed Aug. 13-15)

u  Departure Time: 17:00 (boarding from 18:30)

u  Return Time: 21:00

u  Tickets: Adult (junior high +) 1,000 yen            

Child (1 year old ~ elementary school age) 500 yen

              Enquiries: Sales Division, Ship Department, Kagoshima City Tel: 099-293-2525

                   (coming soon)


Taketoro no Yube ~ Flower Park Kagoshima ~


 "Flower Park Kagoshima" is Japan's largest flower theme park that serves as a recreational spot to interact with the many flowers and trees. In fact, there are 2400 varieties of flowers and trees from around the world gathered here. Setting a sub-tropical mood in the midst of Ibusuki's Yamakawa region with its brilliant sunshine, warm weather and soothing sea breeze, the park is like a paradise with its vividly-colored landscape that perfectly fuses the surrounding flowers and trees.  







"Taketoro no Yube" is held during the summer season. Please experience this fantastic world for yourself.


u  Date:                          Aug. 7 ~ 15 (* facilities closed Dec. 30-31)

u  Open Hours:                            9:00 ~ 17:00 (*Taketoro no Yube is open till 22:00)

u  Tel:                             0993-35-3333

u  Admission:                 High School ~ Adult: 600 yen (*480 yen)   

                                          Elementary ~ Junior High: 300 yen (*240)

                                          Infants: Free

* For groups of 20 +


Tosenkyo Somen-nagashi


Ibusuki City's Kaimon Tosenkyo has been selected by "Heisei no Meisui Hyakusen" (100 Famous Water Sources of Heisei).

This is the birthplace of rotation-style somen-nagashi.(flowing noodles). The refreshing and abundant underground water source has been selected by the National Land Agency for "Mizu no Sato Hyakusen" and by the Environment Ministry for "Heisei no Meisui Hyakusen". Somen-nagashi can be enjoyed here all year round. Having a meal surrounded by the scent of trees and the sound of water will fill not only your stomach but also your heart.


Ibusuki City Tosenkyo Somen-nagashi


u  Location: 5967 Kaimon Jucho, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

u  Tel: 0993-32-2143      Fax: 0993-32-3364

u  Open Hours:              9:30 ~ 1700 (later in summer season)

u  Holidays:                    Open all year round

u  Recommended:           B Meal Set/ 1300 yen (somen, salt-fried trout, simmered miso carp, rice ball)


Chojuan - Kaimon Tosenkyo Store


u  Location:                    Kaimon Tosenkyo, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

u  Tel:               0993-32-3155      Fax:      0993-32-3156

u  Open Hours:                            9:00 ~ 17:00 (21:00 during Summer season )

u  Holidays:                    All of February

u  Recommended:          Choju Set Meal (Jo) 1,300 yen



"Tenmonkan Mujaki" - Originator of Shirokuma ~ Kori Shirokuma



Shirokuma is characterized by the secret milk and syrup poured onto a fluffy base of shaved ice that is topped colorfully with adzuki, sweet beans, and a variety of fruit to make it sweet and delicious. 



It was named shirokuma (polar bear) due to its resemblance to the latter when seen from above.






u  Location:                    5-8 Senichi-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

u  Tel:                             099-222-6904                    Fax: 099-222-8379

u  Open Hours:                            11:00 ~ 22:00 (* 10:00 ~ on Sundays, holidays, July, August)

u  Recommended:           Shirokuma, Strawberry Shirokuma, Milk bean (683 yen)



Summer Event Update




Kagoshima Kinko Bay Summer Night Fireworks

This is the largest fireworks display in Kyushu. The breath-taking volley of Odama fireworks and custom-built fireworks elegantly light up the night sky with astounding color on this summer day in Kagoshima.

u  Aug. 21, 2010 (Sat)               Main Port Area of Kagoshima Port

u  Fireworks:                19:30




Very popular!! Volcanic Ash Facial Wash "Kingo-Kingo"


What is "Kingo-Kingo"...? In Kagoshima dialect, it means "beautiful". "Kingo-Kingo" volcanic ash facial wash is a uniquely Kagoshima facial wash that uses the abundance of volcanic ash to create this natural cosmetic product.


"Kingo-Kingo" makes use of precious shirasu volcanic ash that can only be gathered from one area in Kagoshima. This shirasu volcanic ash has the effect of absorbing dirt and skin oxides, which explains why it drew great attention and was developed into the facial wash "Kingo-Kingo".


(Kingo-Kingo 88g\1,890 yen)


Kagoshima Shirasu spongy foam for cleansing pores! This rich luxurious foam will gently cleanse your skin.

"Kingo-Kingo" possesses a thermal quality characteristic of volcanic ash-laden natural hot springs that will gently envelop your skin in mineral-rich foam to absorb dirt and promote beautification through special compounds found in Kingo-Kingo.11_how-to-wash.jpg          12_kitty-kingokingo.jpgのサムネール画像のサムネール画像

                                                                     (Hello Kitty Version\ 987 yen)



Latest Kagoshima News ~ Hirakawa Zoo ~


"Hirakawa Zoo" is located about 40 mins. from Kagoshima City. Passing through the main gate brings you face to face with the Africa Zone that unfolds before your very eyes with animals such as giraffes, zebras, rhinoceros', and ostriches all set to a striking panorama of Sakurajima and Kinko Bay in the background. All in all, there are about 140 varieties of some 1000 animals being raised in the zoo. In particular, the Koala family here is the largest in Japan. There is also an Indian elephant, polar bear, lesser panda, and other popular attractions in addition to "interactive land" where you can get close and personal with rabbits, etc. The attached theme park with Ferris wheel, navigation tower, go-cart, etc., means that you can enjoy both watching and playing to your hearts content at Hirakawa Zoo.

A staff report can be found here...

Hirakawa Zoo

u  Location: 5669-1 Hirakawa-cho, Kagoshima City

u  Tel: 099-261-2326                    Fax: 099-261-2328

u  Open hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00

u  Holidays: Dec. 29 ~ Jan. 1

u  Admission:   General 200 yen (*160 yen)  Elementary~Junior High 50 yen (*40 yen)

(*Groups of over 30)




Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau


Tel: 81-99-223-5771

Fax: 81-99-225-7484

Korean Website:                   

Traditional Chinese Website:

Simplified Chinese Website:

English Website:                  


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