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Fish Market Excursion Trip!!!


Fish Market Excursion Trip


The fish market excursion trip to Kagoshima Shinkō (Kagoshima New Port) in Kagoshima City in August has finally begun! This excursion trip to witness the rich diversity of the fishes of Kagoshima has been planned by a combined hotel group in Kagoshima city. Excursion buses will depart at 6:30 a.m. from each of the participating hotels, and arrive at the fish market at 7:00 a.m. The whole excursion will take about 60 minutes, starting with the witnessing of the fish auction, followed by the introduction to the types of the freshly caught fishes of the day, the dissection of tuna, and finally ending with the tucking in to a delicious fish cuisine at the fish market canteen.


Upon entering the market, we heard the ringing of bells, signalling the commencement of the fish auction. Once the final bids have been made, name tags bearing the name of the winning bidders were placed on the fishes.



Leaving the auction ground, we proceeded to a nearby fish pond filled with Bonito. While listening intently to the explanation of the differences between the "Hatsu-Gatsuo" (North-heading, lean Bonito) and the "Modori-Gatsuo" (South-heading, fatty Bonito), everyone was overwhelmed with the huge size and freshness of the Bonito, and busily snapped pictures of the fish.




After seeing the Bonito, we proceeded to a nearby open area to witness the dissection of a tuna! The tuna to be dissected weighed a hefty 40 kg!




Amidst all the bustling, the staff began the dissection. We held our breaths as we witnessed the process. After the dissection, we had a question and answer session. "If we dissect the tuna into the 'nimai-oroshi' state, a tuna of this size will fetch about 100,000. In the case of the Hon-Maguro (Pacific Bluefin Tuna), the Chu-Toro section (fatty flesh near the belly area) is thick and..." while explaining the Chu-Toro, the staff pointed his finger at the belly of a plump gentlemen who happened to be standing beside him and said, "Chu-Toro is something like this," drawing laughter from the crowd. The victim of the joke also laughed heartily, not seeming to have taken any offence. Over here, we could also lift a tuna up by its gills for a photo shot!




After that, we had about 10 minutes of free time for everyone to explore the market. Brightly coloured fishes and other seafood, freshly caught from the Kagoshima Bay (Kinko Bay) were on sale at the various stalls. Sea bream, mackerel, horse mackerel, squid, and yellowtail are just some examples of the large selection of seafood available.





Last but not least, we ended our excursion by enjoying a savoury treat of fish cuisine in the fish market canteen. The photo below features the Salt Mackerel set meal, which consists of a slice of lightly-salted Mackerel sautéed to perfection, served with rice and fish flavoured Miso soup.





The [Fish Market Excursion Trip] normally operates on every Saturday, but we can also operate on other days (except on Sundays) if the intended group size is larger than 10 people (please kindly approach the inquiry desk for more information).


So hurry and sign up with us! It will be an unforgettable experience for you in Kagoshima!


Please kindly refer below for the application procedure.


Application Procedure
Kindly submit your application form to the front desk of any of the participating hotels (listed below), latest by Friday, 8:00 p.m. (excursion trip will be on Saturday).

Transportation will be provided at all the participating hotels (listed below), departing by 6:30 a.m., and arriving at the fish market at 7:00 a.m.

Please kindly prepare waterproof footwear.



List of Participating Hotels

Furusato Kanko Hotel                        099-221-3111

Hotel & Residence Nanshukan           099-226-8188

Hotel New Nishino                             099-224-3232

Harumoto Inn                                    099-254-0195

Sakurajima Seaside Hotel                  099-221-2121

Aqua Garden Hotel Fukumaru            099-226-3211

Business Hotel Tenmonkan                099-224-3371

Business Hotel Gatein Kagoshima      099-223-9100

Hotel Kamoike Plaza                         099-251-7000


Fees - Transportation included

Adult (Junior High School students and above) : 500

Elementary School students                                          : 250

  This special price applies only until the end of September!!


Inquiry Desk

Nanshukan: 099 (226) 8188

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