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Kamimura Gakuen Vocational College Japanese Language Course ~Starting in October~


学校全景.jpgKamimura Gakuen Vocational College's Japanese Language Course begins October of this year. The Japanese Language Course was established to provide a productive learning environment for those whose first language is not Japanese, but who are interested in learning Japanese and about Japanese culture. The Japanese Language Course is also a good introduction for those interested in pursuing vocational, college or university education in Japan.


1 1/2 year course (Begins October): Class capacity 20 students

2 year course (Begins April): Class capacity 20 students



  PT3 切り抜き.jpgEach class has a designated class adviser who provides periodic individual career counseling. By working with follow classmates, students from different countries are able to help each other attain their personal goals. Class advisers are also available to provide support in matters of learning and life in Japan, and are always ready to help.



Also, in getting ready for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), we offer special preparatory lessons in math, science and Japan and World studies. Our instructors are look forward to helping you in your education and in preparing for your exchange student experience.



Aside from your usual Japanese studies, you will be able to experience Japanese culture and history via various school excursions, thus provided a richer learning experience. With Japan's numerous seasonal events, students will have an opportunity to interact and exchange with Japanese locals and each other providing a deeper overall experience while in here Japan.


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Kamimura Gakuen Vocational College Japanese Language Course

TEL: +81-996-21-2070
FAX: +81-0996-21-2112




Makurazaki City and Minamisatsuma City Vol. 1

Thank you very much for visiting our website today!  
We are all welcoming you to join our little getaway tirp!
Today, we would like to take you to the cities called "Makurazaki" and "Minamisatsuma".
Have you heard of these cities name?
Where are these cities anyway? 
We'll found out soon!
At the end of this little getaway trip with us, I hope you are absolute ready for
the actual trip to there...

First of all, do you know where is Kagoshima?

 Kagoshima prefecture is located at the south end of Kyushu, which is the southernmost of the four main islands in Japan.  Sine ancient times, it has created a unique history and culture while touching the cultures of countries around the world including China, South Korea and Southeast Asia, by utilizing its geographical characteristics of being located in the south.


 Kagoshima prefecture is one of Japan's leading tourist destination blessed with tourist resources such as the islands including a registered world natural heritage Yakushima Island, active volcanoes such as Sakurajima, lush forests, abundant hot springs, rich nature and unique history and culture in an expansive land that spans 600 kilometers from north to south with a mild climate.
sakurajima yuki.jpg
(snow-covered Sakurajima)

 It also served as Japan's food supply base, producing a wealth of quality agricultural and marine products.  On the other hand, it has a concentration of sophisticated electronics-related industrial technologies and is the only prefecture in Japan that has a rocket launching facility(in Tanegashima, island), which assembles the cream of modern science.

 In the 12th March of 2011, all Shinkansen bullet train lines are due to open between Kagoshima Chuo, Hakata and Osaka, connecting the 2 cities(Kagoshima - Fukuoka) in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, 3 cities(Kagoshima - Fukuoka - Osaka) in approximately 4 hrs.  Moreover, South Kyushu's hub airport, Kagoshima Airport, has 2 regular international airline routes; Shanghai and Seoul as well as many routes that connect it with major cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka, and various islands within the prefecture.

 The people of Kagoshima have an open and cheerful disposition characteristic of a southern land, and they bear a kind and amiable human nature.  In this way, Kagoshima is filled with a wealth of possibilities for its rich and varied natural environment, geographical characteristics of being open to the south, unique history and culture, diverse industries and technologies and well-qualified human resources.  

It was such a long introduction, wasn't it LOL

Finally!!!! Here is the little getaway trip in Makurazaki and Minamisatsuma.
It's about 2hrs drive from Kagoshima city to get there.
I would like to show you some nice local places.

Meijigura(明治蔵) in Makurazaki city
(a factory of  the traditional distilled alcohol drink which is called "Shochu")
2010.9 364.JPG

Meijigura is not only a factory, but you can also see the behind-the-scenes at how the traditional "Shochu" is made.

2010.9 356.JPG

2010.9 358.JPG
The place still have a atmosphere of the good old days...
They have a nice restaurant and little shop as well.
You can enjoy tasty meals and buy some rare "Shochu"

(The Fish Center in Makurazaki)

2010.9 367.JPG
Makurazaki is known as bonito town.
The market has the real local countryside atmosphere.
You can get vegetables from 100 yen!!!!!

2010.9 368.JPG
This green machine is the Dried Bonito(Katsuobushi) Shaver.

They also have a restaurant on the 2F.
You can taste the local fish dishes ♪

Well, how was the local places in Makurazaki? 
We hope you have found some interests through this little trip ♪

Now, we are heading to Minamisatsuma area!

To be continued...

Vol. 2 is coming soon!!!!!

Don't miss it!!!!!

Pick-Your-Own Farm


Kagoshima Sightseeing Vol.3!!!!!



1. Enjoy the [Autumn] of Kagoshima(^o^)

2. New! Fish Market Excursion Trip

3. Let's Dance at the Ohara Matsuri




1. Enjoy the [Autumn] of Kagoshima(^o^)


The Autumn Leaves of Kirishima

Kirishima has the most beautiful autumn leaves within Kagoshima Prefecture. The enticing Kirishima-Yaku National Park is the very first designated national park in Japan; the majestic Kirishima mountain range and the natural hot springs that well from its foot can all be found in Kirishima.

Aflame with red and yellow autumn leaves, the Kirishima autumn leaves season is at its best from late October to late November!



Recommendation No.1 - The Kishishima Shrine


kirishima shrine.jpg

The Kirishima Shrine is where the Ninigi deity, grandchild of the legendary Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu and protagonist of the ancient legend "Descending of the Heavenly Grandchild", is worshipped. Flaming red leaves fill the interior of the Kirishima Shrine, and its surrounding pathways are also favourite autumn leave viewing spots among the locals!

Enquiries            : Kirishima Shrine

Telephone         : +81-995-57-0001



Recommendation No.2 - The Husband and Wife Maidenhair (Gingko) Trees of Fukuyama Town



In the precinct of the Miyaura Shrine near the Black Vinegar Pots of Fukuyama Town stand the loving Husband and Wife Maidenhair Trees. Said to be more than a thousand years old, both trees stand at 38m. Taking a stroll down the "yellow carpet" path (the path in-between the trees is filled with yellow-coloured fallen leaves) is like being in a different world.


Parking lots for buses are not available.



Recommendation No.3 Ōnami Lake


onami lake.jpg

About 30 minutes drive from the Kirishima Shrine in the direction of the Ebino Highlands is the Ōnami Lake, the largest volcano summit crater lake in Japan measuring a diameter of 630m, circumference of 1.9km, and a water depth of 11m. The lake is surrounded by maple trees and Japanese red pine trees, with splendid autumn leaf sceneries. It takes about 90 minutes to go around the lake.



Cosmos Fields

Ikoma Highlands / Kirishima City (late September ~ late October)



The Ikoma Highlands is a gently sloping highland of altitude 490m located at the foot of the Kirishima mountain range.

Spanning across a wide field area of 16m2, it has 18 species of Cosmos totalling about a million stalks,


Enquiries            : Hana-no-Chaya

Telephone         : +81-984-27-1919

Entrance Fee    : \400 (Group Fee of \320 is applicable for a group of more than 15 members)



Kinko Bay Park / Kagoshima City (late October ~ early November)



About 50,000 stalks of Cosmos spread across a flower bed of about 0.4 hectares while the fragrance of roses in full bloom fills the rose garden. From the high pedestal, one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the colourful flowers in blossom against the backdrop of the glittering turquoise blue waters of the Kinko Bay.


Enquiries            : Kagoshima City Park Greening Division

Tel                         : +81-99-216-1368

Address               : Kagoshima-shi, Hirakawa-cho






Yoshino Park / Kagoshima City (mid October ~ early November)



Yoshino Park is a large nature park of 30 hectares featured as a selected city park in the [City Parks 100 Selection]. In autumn, around 3000 stalks of vibrant Cosmos go into full bloom. Yoshino Park is also the designated venue for the [28th National City Green Fair] to be held in March next year.


Enquiries            : Yoshino Park Management Office

Tel                         : +81-99-243-0155

Address               : No. 7955, Yoshino-cho, Kagoshima-shi



Rose Garden

Kanoya Rose Garden / Kanoya City (mid October ~ end December)



The Kanoya Rose Garden boasts 40,000 rose bushes of 3000 different species housed in an 8-hectare enclosure. The autumn rose bloom features bouquets of big, vividly coloured roses. You can also get to try flower-cutting in the greenhouse where the roses bloom all year round.


Enquiries            : Kanoya Rose Garden

Tel                         : +81-994-40-2170

Address               : No. 1250, Hamada-cho, Kanoya-shi

Entrance Fee    : \600 (Group Fee of \480 is applicable for a                                                                                                                        group of more than 20 members)



2. New! Fish Market Excursion Trip


3_tuna.jpg DSC_0463.JPGのサムネール画像


For more information, please visit the following URL



3. Let's Dance at the Ohara Matsuri

14578729.jpg I-02.jpg


Ohara Matsuri, the representative festival of the Southern Kyushu region, will be held on 2nd (Tue) and 3rd (Wed) November 2010. About 22,000 people from within and outside of Japan gather and dance at the busiest street of southern Kyushu - the central Tenmonkan area. So why don't you join us in the festival dance? There will also a practice session available! Each participant will receive a towel as a memento.


[Dance Practice Session]

Date         : 2nd November 2010 (Tue) 15:30 hrs ~ 16:30 hrs

Venue     : Kagoshima City Office Main Building 2F Seminar Hall (11-1 Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima-shi)

** We can also conduct lessons at hotels for tour groups staying over in Kagoshima city, please kindly contact us for more information.


[Gatecrash Participation - Anyone can just join in and dance!]

2nd November 2010 - Night Festival (19:20 ~ )

3rd November 2010 - First Segment (10:40 ~ ), Third Segment (14:00 ~ )


Enquiries            : Ohara Festival Promotion Office (Kagoshima City Tourism Promotion Division)

Tel                         : +81-99-216-1327




Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

Tel: 81-99-223-5771    Fax: 81-99-225-7484

Email :


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Traditional Chinese Website:      

Simplified Chinese Website:      

English Website:           



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