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Hotels and Japanese-style inns in the Kirishima area are in business as usual! (As of February 3, 2011)



Information concerning the eruption of Kirishima Mountain (Shinmoe-dake)

Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau


Shinmoe-dake, Kirishima Mountain, has been erupting continuously since January 26, 2011, and the volcanic activity has intensified. Because of this, an area of approximately 4 km around the Shinmoe-dake crater has been off-limits since February 1st, 11:50 am.

Accordingly, access to Shinmoe-dake, Naka-dake, Karakuni-dake, Shishiko-dake, Mount Ohata, Ohata Lake, Onami Lake, Mount Takachiho, and Ohachi has also been restricted.

  Hotels and Japanese-style inns in the Kirishima area outside of the restricted zone are all in business and operating as usual.



1      In business as usual


Tourist Sites


Maruo Hot Spring


Kirishima Hot Spring


Kirishima Shrine, Takachiho Ranch, etc.


Major hotels and golf courses in the Kirishima area


Hotels, golf courses, tourist facilities in Kagoshima City


Hotels, golf courses, tourist facilities in the Ibusuki area


2            Concerning Kagoshima Airport

There has been no effect on take-off and landing procedures at Kagoshima Airport, which is 24 km southwest of Shinmoe-dake.

Kagoshima Airport is up-wind of the Kirishima Mountain Range (including Shinmoe-dake, etc.) year-round, and it is extremely unlikely that flights at the airport would be cancelled due to falling ash. 


3            Road Closures




Prefectural Road #1 Kobayashi-Ebino Highlands-Makizono

 (Kirishima Iwasaki HotelPrefectural Border) CLOSED


Prefectural Road #480

 (2 km from the intersection with National Road 223Takachihogawara) CLOSED


Prefectural Road #104

 (Shinyu intersectionTakachihogawara) CLOSED


Municipal Road NagaikeYunono

(intersection with Prefectural Road #104intersection at Kirishimajingudai entrance) CLOSED



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