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The Yellow Mailbox That Sends Happiness (Ibusuki City)


A special yellow mailbox has been installed at Nishi-Ōyama Station, the southernmost JR rail station in all of Japan!


The yellow mailbox incorporates the cheerfulness of the color yellow with Ibusuki's famous yellow Nanohana flowers.


Won't you send your love to that special person from this southern railway station?

post01.jpgYou can send letters to your friends, family, sweetheart, or to yourself using this happy little mailbox!

This yellow mailbox sends your important feelings with lots of joy and happiness.



Ibusuki City, at the southern tip of the Japanese mainland, is a tourist destination famous for its steam sandbaths.

From "Nishi-Ōyama Station" you can see Mount Kaimon, the pyramid shaped volcano which has recently gained popularity as a "power spot". Every January the Nanohana Marathon takes place in this area while


the Nanohana flowers are in full bloom.

At the JR Nishi-Ōyama Station Tourist Info Center, in addition to purchasing postcards and stamps, you can also get the original Ibusuki commemorative stamp. 

◆1 postcard ¥100; 8 postcard set  ¥800with case


"JR Japan Southernmost Station Arrival Certificates" will also be issued.

How about getting a certificate to commemorate your journey?

Arrival Certificate ¥100tax included


Nishi-Ōyama Station Tourist Info Center

○Open 8001700 every day

○Telephone: 0993-34-0132 


JR Nishi-Ōyama Station Time Table(as of January 2011)

   JR Nishi-Ōyama Station (to Kagoshima Chuo Station) :

     5:45 / 7:06 / 8:30 / 9:03 / 14:18 / 16:39 / 19:20 / 20:52

   JR Nishi-Ōyama Station (to Makurazaki Station) :

     6:26 / 7:33 / 11:56 / 13:37 / 17:16 / 18:41 / 20:08 / 21:36

 Ryūgū Cape Bicycle Rental 

JR Nishi-Ōyama Station is surrounded by wide open spaces and an expensive sky that stretches to the horizon as far as the eye can see. Nearby, the beautiful Mount Kaimon, often called "the Mount Fuji of Satsuma", can be seen facing the East China Sea.

At Nishi-Ōyama Station, you can rent a motor-assisted cycle to enjoy the surrounding area.

◆Fee: 2 hrs ¥5004 hrs ¥1,000more than 4 hrs ¥1,500 
post03.jpgA cycling map has also been provided.

MAP PDF①:nishioyama_map_omote_4kou.pdf

MAP PDF②:nishioyama_map_ura_4kou.pdf 

Next up: an introduction to the nearby sightseeing spots you can visit by bicycle.

● Nagasakibana

Nagasakibana is a cape which protrudes into the ocean from the southernmost coast of Satsuma Peninsula.

There is an old Japanese folktale about Urashima Tarō travelling on the back of a sea turtle from this cape to the Dragon King's Palace (Ryūgū Palace) at the bottom of the ocean. Ryūgū Shrine, also in the Ibusuki area, honors the Prince and Princess of the Sea. Considering the legend surrounding this place, it's appropriate that sea turtles also come to lay their eggs here in the summer. Blue sea and sky, ocean spray, a white lighthouse and the majestic peak of Mount Kaimon: the scenery here is truly picturesque.

about 4km from JR Nishi-Ōyama Station, about 30 minutes by bicycle


TEL: 0993-22-2111Ibusuki City Tourism Division

FAX: 0993-23-4987Ibusuki City Tourism Division

Location: Ibusuki City Yamakwa-Okachogamizu-Nagasaki

Nagasakibana Parking Garden

Adjacent to Nagasakibana is the Nagasakibana Parking Garden, a nature park where subtropical plants are grown and rare animals are allowed to roam freely. You can see a flamingo and parrot show and pet the grazing animals while enjoying a fun family outing.

about 4km from JR Nishi-Ōyama Station, about 30 minutes by bicycle



TEL: 0993-35-0111  

FAX: 0993-35-0112

Location@: Ibusuki City Yamakawa-Okachogamizu 1571-1

○FeeAdult (16 or older) ¥1,200; Child (4 years of age or older) ¥600;

 3 years of age or younger free

Flower Park Kagoshima

Flower Park Kagoshima is Japan's largest flower theme park with a total area of 36.5 hectares. This flower park, featuring over 2,400 varieties of subtropical and tropical flowers and plants, is the perfect place to surround yourself with flowers and greenery. Bathed in sunlight and warm climate, enjoy the pleasant sea breeze of this natural paradise.

about 3.5km from Nishi-Ōyama Station, about 25 minutes by bicycle


TEL:  0993-35-3333  

FAX: 0993-35-5555

Location : Ibusuki City Yamakawa-Okachogamizu 1611

○Admission Adult ¥600; Child15 years or younger¥300

Group rate20 people or more: Adult¥480; Child¥240

Healthy Land Open Air Bath

Although there are many ocean-view open air baths in Kagoshima Prefecture, the Healthy Land Open Air Bath is especially close to the ocean and thus particularly popular. Once you slip into the bath, the bath and the ocean appear to merge into one and you can even enjoy a breathtaking view of Mount Kaimon. It's the ideal location to refresh and recharge your mind and body. Yamakawa steam sandbath is also nearby.  

about 5.4km from Nishi-Ōyama Station, about 40 minutes by bicycle


○TEL: 0993-27-6966

FAX: 0993-27-6966

Location : Ibusuki City Yamakawa-Fukumoto 3292 (Kyūyamakawa Town)

○Closed on TuesdaysIf Tuesday is a national holiday, the bath will be closed Wednesday instead

○Admission : Adult ¥330; Child12 years of age or younger¥200

● Yamakawa Steam Sandbath (Sayuri)

Yamakawa Steam Sandbath is a seaside steam sandbath with a view of Mount Kaimon. To enjoy this sandbath, first lay down in the spot where beach sand has been scooped out. An assistant will then pile the sand on top of you, and you can bathe your entire body in the steamy sand as the warmth of the hot spring bubbles out. After 1015 minutes in this "natural sauna", the sand temperature and pressure will cause sweat to seep out from within your body. The sandbath is good for arthritis, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, sensitivity to cold, etc. Rising from the sand after your "bath", you will experience the refreshing feeling of your body becoming lighter. There's nothing quite like this sandbath where you can lay on this beautiful natural beach, listen to nothing but the sound of the waves and experience the exhilarating feeling after emerging from the warm sand.

about 5.4km from Nishi-Ōyama Station, about 40 minutes by bicycle


TEL: 0993-35-2669

FAX: 0993-35-2669

Location : Ibusuki City Yamakawa-Fukumoto 3339-3 (Kyūyamakawa Town)

○Business hours : 9:00 17:30 OctoberJune  9:00 19:00 JulySeptember

○Entrance fee (yukata included: Adult ¥800; Child (12 years or younger) ¥400; towel rental ¥100

 Tosenkyo Flowing Noodles

Tosenkyo is the birthplace of circular-type flowing noodles. It was chosen as one of "100 Famous Water Hamlets" so scooping the flowing soumen noodles out of the refreshing spring water is a real treat at any time of the year. This special meal wrapped in the fragrance of the trees and the trickling sound of the water will fill your heart and your stomach.

about 6km from Nishi-Ōyama Station, about 45 minutes by bicycle


○TEL: 0993-32-2143

○FAX: 0993-32-3364

Location : Ibusuki City Kaimon-Tocho 5967

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