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Feature of Summer in Kagoshima

☆☆☆Feature of Summer in Kagoshima☆☆☆

Sakurajima Summer Night Cruise

The Summer Night Cruise around Kinko Bay is an annual tradition. From 7 to 9 pm you can enjoy a floating beer garden and 50 fireworks fanning over the surface of the water.



PLACE: Kagoshima City, Kinko Bay

DAYSJuly 16 - August 31※excluding August 13 - 15


CONTACT: Kagoshima City Ship Operation Division TEL:+81-99-293-2525

Sakurajima Yorimichi Cruise

Feel at home amid the majestic views of Sakurajima, Kinko Bay, and Kagoshima City as seen from the ferry. Please enjoy this 50 minute cruise from the port in Kagoshima City to Sakurajima.


COURSE: Depart Kagoshima Port at 11:05 Enter Sakurajima Port at 11:55 

FARE:      adults ¥500, children ¥250 (groups of 15 or more ¥450/person, 

                      student discount ¥350)

TICKET COUNTER: Kagoshima Port Ticket Counter or Kagoshima Chuo Station 

                                     Tourist Information Center

※tickets available one month in advance

※we ask that groups and guests with cars reserve one day in advance

   (Tickets may be available the day of, so please call to confirm.)

CONTACTKagoshima City Ship Operation Division  TEL:+81-99(293)2525

Kagoshima Kinko Bay Summer Night Fireworks

This fireworks display is a popular summer event with the world-famous active volcano Sakurajima and the gentle Kinko Bay as a backdrop. Over 10,000 fireworks are launched over the bay in late summer, colorfully painting the Kagoshima night sky.


DATE: Sunday, August 20, 19:3020:40

○PLACEKagoshima Honko port areaKagoshima City


○TEL +81-99-808-3333 San San Call Kagoshima

Tosenkyo Flowing Noodles

Summer is the perfect time to eat flowing soumen noodles. Ibusuki is the birthplace of the circular-type 'soumen nagashi' and was chosen by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism as one of the top 100 water sources in Japan. You can enjoy the flowing noodles and fresh spring water at any time of the year. You'll feel at peace amidst the sweet smell of the trees and the gentle sound of water.


ACCESS 20 minutes by car from the Ibusuki city center. 

                    10 minutes from Lake Ikeda.

    JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line to Kaimon Station à Kagoshima Kotsu bus

    to Ibusuki Station (about 10 minutes)

ADDRESSIbusuki City, Kaimon Jitcho 5967

PARKINGspace for 500 vehicles

○BUSINESS HOURS9:3017:00extended hours during the summer

MENUSoumen lunch sets start at ¥1,300



              Ibusuki City's Tosenkyo Soumen Nagashi 

'Shirokuma' Shaved Ice

Mujaki, located in the heart of Kagoshima's Tenmonkan shopping district, is

nationally renowned as the birthplace of shirokuma. People line up for a taste of this

sweet summer confection made with shaved ice, fresh fruit, and a milky syrup. 


○PLACEKagoshima City, Sennichi-cho 5-8

○TEL099-222-6904 ○FAX099-222-8379


○Opens at 11:0010:00 on Sundays, holidays and during July, and August)/Closes at 22:00last order at 21:30

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