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The 6th Tenson-Korin-Kirishima Festival

The 6th Tenson-Korin-Kirishima Festival

It's an local traditional performing art event which is consisted of 2 main festivals, "Minami Kyushu Kagura Festival" and "Kirishima Kogen Taiko Festival" in Kirishima-jingu and Miyama Concert Hall.  

Interpreter service of English, Korean and Chinese, also 3 languages version of brochures are available on that day.
The 14th Minami Kyushu Kagura Festival
Date: 2011. August 27 (Sat)
Time: 17:30 ~ 21:30
Place: Kirishima-jingu
Entrance Fee: 300 yen

Kirishima-jingu Ho-no Festival
Date: 2011. August 28 (Sun)
Place: Kirishima-jingu
Entrance Fee: No charge

The 26th Kirishima Kogen Taiko Festival
Date: 2011. August 28 (Sun)
Place: Miyama Concert Hall
Engrance Fee: No charge (* Front Seats are charged. 
                                                 Pre-sale tickets:  800yen
                                                 Current tickets: 1000yen )
Other: There would be spectacular 1500 fireworks adorn the night sky. 
            (21:15 ~ 21:30)

Contact Information: 0995-78-2115 (Kirishima City Tourism Association)
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