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Let's Dance at the Ohara Festival ♪

Let's Dance at the Ohara Festival


The "Ohara Matsuri", a representative festival of southern Kyushu, will be held from 2 (Wed) to 3 (Thu) Nov 2011. During this festival, close to 22,000 people, both Japanese and foreigners, gather to dance along Tenmonkan, the busiest shopping and entertainment district of southern Kyushu. So why don't you join in the fun as well?


There will be a practice session for the Ohara dance and all participants will receive a Japanese hand towel as a memento!


[Dance Practice Session]

Date / Time         : 2 Nov 2011 (Wed), 15:30~16:30 (Tentative)

Venue                  : Kagoshima City Hall Main Building 2F Hall

                             11-1 Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima-shi


Tour groups staying in Kagoshima city during this period who are interested in this event, kindly check with your hotel regarding the possibility of holding a practice session at your hotel.


[Impromptu Participation Team]

There will be impromptu participation teams departing from the front of Washington Hotel and Kagoshima City Hall on both 2 Nov and 3 Nov. Interested parties, feel free to join in!


Further Enquiries              : Ohara Matsuri Shinkokai Jimukyoku, Kagoshima Kanko Shinkoka                                 (Kagoshima City Hall Tourism Promotion Division)

TEL                                    : 099-216-1327

Email                                 :

Autumn is finally here! We will introduce some great spots to enjoy autumn in Kagoshima!

Recommended Spot No. 1 [A Thousand Gingko Trees] (Tarumizu City)

A couple who had moved here from the urban areas about 30 years ago had continually planted Gingko trees every year. Today, visitors can enjoy this beautiful forest of more than a thousand Gingko trees. As the sunrays shine through, the whole forest is lit up in gold, just like a beautiful scene from a movie. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through this romantic and alluring forest. There is also a lookout point where visitors can catch a glimpse of Mount Sakurajima and Mount Kaimon in the distance.


- Recommended period    : Late November ~ Mid December

- Directions                        :

                 About 10 min drive eastwards from Tarumizu City Hall on Route 71

Recommended Spot No. 2 [Kirishima Shrine] (Kirishima City)



 The legend of Tenson Korin (Descend of the Heavenly Grandchild) originated from this shrine and its protagonist "Niniginomikoto" is enshrined here. The premises of the shrine are filled with brilliant red maple leaves and many of the small paths in the vicinity are also famous maple leave-watching spots among the locals!


- Recommended period    : Mid November ~ Early December

- Further enquiries             : Kirishima Shrine [+81-995-57-0001]

Recommended Spot No. 3 

[Husband-and-Wife Gingko Tree] (Fukuyama-cho, Kirishima)


This "Husband-and-Wife Gingko Tree" is located near the Miyaura Shrine in Fukuyama town, close to the black vinegar production grounds. It is rumoured that the trees are more than a thousand years old and both their heights are about 38m. It is a pleasure to take a leisurely stroll under the bright yellow leaves of the trees.


- Recommended period    : Late November ~ Mid December

- Parking lots for buses are not available

Various beautiful flowers in bloom mark the arrival of AUTUMN!

[Ikoma Highland / Cosmos] (Kirishima City): Late September ~ Late October


At an altitude of 490m, the Ikoma Highland is located along gently sloping plains on the Kirishima mountain range. Over here, more than 18 types and a million stalks of cosmos flowers spread across a large field of 16 square kilometers.

- Enquiries           : Hana-no-Chaya

- TEL                   : +81-984-27-1919

- Entrance fees   : 400 Yen (Group price: 320 Yen for > 15 people)


[Kinko Bay Park / Cosmos and Rose] (Kagoshima City):

 Late October ~ Early November


About 50,000 stalks of cosmos spread over a 0.4 ha flowerbed, and the fragrant scent of rose fills the rose garden. The view of the sapphire Kinko Bay waters from a nearby lookout point blends nicely with the red, pink and green of the flowerbeds.

- Enquiries           : Kagoshima-shi Koen Ryokka-ka

                            (Kagoshima City Park Greening Division)

- TEL                   : +81-99-216-1368

- Address             : Kinkowan Koen, Hirakawa-cho, Kagoshima

[Uwaba Highland / Cosmos] (Izumi City): Late September ~ Mid October


The 250,000 stalks of cosmos in Uwaba highland is a sight to behold! Seeing the beautiful cosmos in full bloom brings a refreshing feel.

- Enquiries           : Norinsuisan-ka, Izumi City Hall

                             (Agriculture, Forestry and Marine Division)

- TEL                   : +81-996-63-2111

- Address             : Uwaba, Kamiokawauchi, Izumi-shi

[Kanoya Rose Garden] (Kanoya City): Mid October ~ End December


About 3,000 types and 40,000 stalks of roses bloom in this 8 ha garden. The beautiful, brightly coloured roses go into full bloom in autumn. Visitors can also try their hands at cut flowers at the greenhouse, where roses bloom all year.

- Enquiries           : Kanoya Rose Garden

- TEL                   : +81-994-40-2170

- Address             : 1250 Hamada-cho, Kanoya-shi

- Entrance fees   : 600 Yen (480 Yen for < 20 people)

Experience Katsuo Warayaki (Smoked Bonito) and Fisherman's Lunch

Try Katsuo Warayaki hands-on at Makurazaki - Home of the Katsuo(^o^)


 At the Makurazaki Wharf (next to Makurazaki Fish Centre), ocean-fresh Katsuo (Bonito) are skillfully cut up and heartily roasted over a strong fire to make Tataki (a Japanese way of preparing smoked Katsuo where only the outer surface is roasted while the inner portions remain raw).


 Roasting the Katsuo over fire made by burning highly flammable straw, the external surface of the fish is quickly cooked while the inner portions remain raw. Furthermore, the flavour of smoked straw is sealed in the flesh of the Katsuo, giving the end product a tangy barbeque flavour.


 Experience this only at Makurazaki - Home of the Katsuo!

 Have fun roasting your very own Katsuo-tataki, savour the flavours of the seasonal harvests and enjoy the view of Makurazaki Port.



Participants                   : Minimum of 10 people

Application deadline     : 2 days in advance

Fees                             : 1,575 Yen 

       (includes Katsuo Warayaki and Fisherman's Lunch)

[Experiencing Katsuo Warayaki]

1. Dissecting a fresh Katsuo (Bonito)!



 Upon arrival, you can view the dissection of a fresh Katsuo (for Warayaki Tataki) at the wholesaler's stall. For visitors who have never dissected a fish, you may let the shop staff do the dissection. For visitors who wish to dissect the fish on their own, the staff will be around to provide guidance and tips when necessary.

2. Roasting the fish over fire made by burning straw


 Warayaki - Form a 10 member group and decide who to start the fire using straw and who to handle the barbeque wire netting with the Katsuo.

3. Immersing in ice water!


 Tataki - After roasting the Katsuo over straw flames, immerse it in ice water to seal the flavour. You may do this on your own or request for the staff to do it for you.


4. Last but not least, enjoy the finished Katsuo Tataki!



Proceed to the restaurant to savour the freshly made Katsuo Tataki.

Fisherman's Lunch Set


Warayaki Katsuo Tataki


Roasted Katsuo Belly


Fisherman's Hotpot


Onigiri Rice Balls


Deep Fired Fish Cake

                      Unmakado~!!!(it's delicious!!!)

Makurazaki Fish Centre

33-1 Matsunoo-cho, Makurazaki-shi

Phone  : 0993-73-2311

FAX     : 0993-73-2359


On days of good weather, you may enjoy lunch on the outdoor wood terrace on the 2nd floor.

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