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Changes in the Operation of "Discovery Ibusuki" - Ibusuki Tourism Bonnet Bus

Changes in the Operation of "Discovery Ibusuki" 
 Ibusuki Tourism Bonnet Bus


Here are some changes to the Discovery Ibusuki Tourism Bonnet Bus which operates between JR Nishioyama station in Ibusuki, the southernmost JR train station, and the area around Nagasakibana.


1.       Day of Operation

Only available on Sundays from 23 Oct 2011 onwards (*Rental is available on Saturdays and Public Holidays; please kindly check with the operator)


2.       Bus Terminal   : JR Ibusuki Station


3.       Course

Depart JR Ibusuki Station (13:00 hrs) → Nishioyama Station → Nagasakibana Parking Garden / Ryugu Shrine / Flowerbeds (entrance fees included) → Yamakawa Sand Steam Bath (entrance fees included) → Arrive at JR Ibusuki Station (17:00 hrs)


4.       Fees:

                    Adult = 2800 yen

                    Child = 1700 yen (no changes in price / includes entrance fees)


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For further enquiries, contact the following:

JR Ibusuki Station Tour Information Desk                      

Tel: +81-993-24-4114

Nagasakibana Parking Garden                                        

Tel: +81-993-35-0111

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