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Kirishima Traditional Cultural Performance Night

Kirishima Traditional Cultural Performance Night



For visitors who are staying overnight in Kirishima, be sure not to miss the traditional Japanese cultural performance "Kirishima Kumendaiko" and "Kirishima Kagura"!


Kirishima is well-known for the legend of "Tenson Korin", and the myth is based at Takachiho peak of the Kirishima mountain range. The "Tenson Korin" myth showcases the glory and valiance of the beginnings of a country. (Kirishima Kumendaiko Preservation Association)


The Miyama Conseru, where the performance is held, is located amidst the lush nature of a national park. It is a fascinating facility where the Kirishima International Music Festival is held.


·   Venue         : Miyama Conseru (Kirishima International Music Hall)

·  Time            : 20:00 (Admission starts); 20:30 (Show starts); 21:30 (Show  

                          ends; tentative)

·   Price            : Free of charge

** Some of the hotels in Kirishima provide ferry services to Miyama Conseru

Upcoming Performance Schedule

2011:   9th Dec (Fri)

2012:   13th Jan (Fri),    24th Feb (Fri),    23rd Mar (Fri),    7th Apr (Sat),       

             26th May (Sat),    9th Jun (Sat),     22nd Sep (Sat),  6th Oct (Sat),

17th Nov (Sat),   8th Dec (Sat)

2013:    12th Jan (Sat), 9th Feb (Sat),    23rd Mar (Sat)



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