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2012 Kagoshima◎Sakura◎Information


Yoshino Park

Address: Kagoshima-shi, Yoshino-cho 795

Scale: Approx 630 trees

Normal blooming season: late Februarymid-April

yoshino park.jpg

Located in the northern part of Kagoshima City"Yoshino Koen" is a 30 hectacre nature park whose spacious grounds are covered in a smooth carpet of grass.

During early April the park is encircled by over 50,000 rhododendrons and other flowers. The site boasts 12 varieties of sakuraincluding three trees of the Kawazuzakura and Izuno Odoriko varieties which are rarely seen in Kagsohima. The best time to see them is late February, although other varieties of sakura bloom in turn until early April.


AccessBoard the Yoshino Park bus at JR Kagoshima Chuo Station (25 min)

InquiriesYoshino Park +81-99-243-0155


Isoyama Park

Address: Kagoshima-shi, Yoshino-cho, Nanayashiro 8350-2

Scale: 250 trees

Normal blooming season: late Marchearly April

isoyama park.jpg

InquiriesSenganen +81-99-247-1551

Kotsuki Riverside

Address: Kagoshima-shi, Kotsuki-cho

Scale: about 500 trees

Normal blooming season: late Marchearly April


InquiriesCity of Kagoshima Parks and Greenery Division +81-99-216-1368

Chiran Peace Park (Heiwa Koen)

Address: Minamikyushu-shi, Chiran-cho, Kori 17880

Scale: 850 trees

Normal blooming season: late Marchearly April


InquiriesMinamikyushu Chiran Culture Center (Bunka Kaikan) +81-993-83-2111

Mt. Uomi

Address: Ibusuki-shi, Higashikata 117481

Scale: about 1,000 trees

Normal blooming season: late Marchearly April


Mt. Uomi is a small mountain (maybe a large hill, depending on your perspective) on the eastern coast of Ibusuki City with an elevation of 215m. The peak is a popular tourist spot where you can look out over Ibusuki City stretched below, spy Chiringashima and Sakurajima floating in Kinko Bayand even catch a glimpse of Osumi Peninsula. During peak season, flower viewing visitors will be greeted by 1,000 Someiyoshino cherry trees in full bloom.


Access Approx. 20 minutes by car from JR Ibusuki Station to the summit

InquiriesIbusuki City Hall Tourism Division +81-993-22-2111

Maruoka Park

Address: Kirishima-shi, Yokogawa-cho, Kamino 3201

Scale: about 6,000 azaleas and cherry trees

Normal blooming season: late Marchearly April


Maruoka Park, located in an area known for its picturesque scenery, provides an unbroken view of the Kirishima Mountain Range and is famous around Kagoshima for its brilliant sakura and azalea blossoms. During peak season, many visitors come from inside and outside the prefecture to picnic here and enjoy the view.


AccessAbout 10 minutes by car from Osumiyokogawa Station on the JR Hisatsu Line

InquiriesMaruoka Sakuraen +81-995-72-1362

Kirishima Shrine

Address: Kirishima-shi, Kirishimataguchi 2608-5

Scale: about 200 trees

Normal blooming season: late Marchearly April

kirishima shrine1.jpg

InquiriesKirishima Shrine +81-995-57-0001

Tourism info page for Kirishima Shrine à

Tadamoto Park

Address: Isa-shi, Okuchiharada 2484-193

Scale: about 1,000 trees

Normal blooming season: late March early April

縮小tadamoto park.jpg

Situated atop a tall hill overlooking the townthis park is famous for its sakura. Rows of cherry trees stretch 2 kilometers across the park, their branches illuminated at the height of their bloom by 1,000 paper lanterns. At Tadamoto Park, once selected as one of Japan's top 100 sakura-viewing locations, you can enjoy the various forms of sakura blossoms in the daytime and nighttime. This year the annual Sakura Matsuri is planned for April 1st.


AccessAbout 1 hour by car from Izumi Station; about 40 minutes from the Kyushu Expressway Hitoyoshi IC; about 15 minutes by bus from the Okuchi Bus Center

InquiriesIsa City Hall Regional Promotion Division +81-995-23-1311

Michi no Eki Osumi Yagoro Densetsu no Sato (Legend of Yagoro Roadside Station)

Address: Soo-shi, Osumi-cho, Iwagawa 6134-1

Scale: about 1,200 trees

Normal blooming season: late Marchearly April 


"Michi no Eki Osumi Yagoro Densetsu no Sato" sits on a spacious 20 hectacre plot just off Route 269. On site, you can find approximately 1,200 Someiyoshino cherry trees which attract quite the crowd from inside and outside the prefecture during peak blooming season. The grounds also include a souvenir shop, the "Yagoro Pavilion" kurobuta pork restauranta giant Yagorodon statue standing 15 meters tall and weighing in at 39 tonsa playground, and a grassy open area. Each year a Sakura Matsuri is held to celebrate the colorful flowers as they reach full bloom.


AccessAbout 90 minutes by car from Kagoshima City; about 30 minutes from Shibushi City;  about 40 minutes from Miyakojo City, Miyaki Prefecture

InquiriesSoo Municipal Council of Social Welfare Osumi Branch Office


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