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Yataimura vendors village near Kagoshima Chuo Station now open!


The article of "Kagomma Furusato Yataimura" has been updated! >>


~Food vendors village offers carefully prepared Kagoshima food & shochu liquor~


For visitors who want to enjoy authentic Kagoshima cuisine at reasonable prices we recommend the Yataimura, a miniature gourmet district that features a shochu specialty shop and 25 unique food stands selling fresh seafood, Kurobuta Berkshire pork, ramen, and more. The Yataimura, which opened April 26, invites you in with a distinctly Japanese look reminiscent of the good old days.


Address: 6-4 Chuo-cho, Kagoshima City (near Kagoshima Chuo Station)
Telephone: +81-99-255-1588

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