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Marine Port Kagoshima - known as 'the doorway of cruises'

Many cruises will be calling at Marine Port Kagoshima this year.

Marine Port Kagoshima is one of Japan's foremost ports.


Approaching the port with the view of the magnificent Sakurajima will stir guests' curiosity.


From Marine Port Kagoshima to Tenmonkan in central Kagoshima takes 25-30 min by Taxi and costs approximately 3,000 YEN.

The nearest stations are Wakita Tram Stop, and JR Usuki Staion. It takes 35 minutes on foot or 10 min by Taxi costing approximately ¥1,200.

From the city area it is very easy to access the active volcano Sakurajima, the Japanese gardens at Senganen, the aquarium, and outdoor hot springs from which you can enjoy the view of Sakurajima.


Within 15 minutes by taxi, there are cultural attractions, electronics stores, hot springs, and shopping malls where you can enjoy your stay in Kagoshima without going too far from the port.

Please find the map of the port's surrounding areas using the link below:

With warm, welcoming hearts, the Hospitality Crews wave their flags as they greet arriving visitors, and send off departing visitors.



The orange color flags of the Hospitality Crew reflects the warm heart of hospitality.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kagoshima.


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