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Iso area which greatly contributed to the modernization of Japan.

"Shuseikan" located in Iso area of Kagoshima-city is the first modernized industrial factory complex in Japan. 

The Nariakira Shimadzu  who was the Satsuma Domain Lord at the end of Edo period, commanded to establish the industrial factory complex in this Iso-area. 


He thought "Japan can stand with Western nations in an equal level only when Japan succeeds in making the life of the people rich."

So he implemented the modernization policies known as "the Shuseikan Project"in various fields. 


Many other sites which shows the steps to the modernization still remain also in Iso area, besides Shuseikan.

Reminds of a reverberatory furnace where they casted the melted pig iron into cannons.




The house of British engineer who instructed workers at cotton mill was built first time in Japan.


The villa constructed by Mitsuhisa Shimadzu for Shimadzu family.

Nariakira Shimadzu loved "Sengan-en" in Iso area, and Atsuhime who was married to the Tokugawa shogun family also visited here at those days. 

Please enjoy this majestic landscape view making use of Sakurajima as its background mountain and Kinko Bay as inside pond, as they did.




Modern Satsumayaki Porcelain Ware
The technique of making bricks using the reverberatory furnace was applied


Satsuma Kiriko Cut Glass Factory
Started with the manufacturing of glass bottles for medicine


This movement which occured in Iso had a big influence to the modernization of Japan as a whole.

In Kyushu region and also in Yamaguchi, Shizuoka and Iwate, there still remains many industrial sites which testify the accomplishment of Japan's modernization in a short period. 

As these sites have historical relations each other, the related prefectures and cities are advancing preparation towards the World Cultural Heritage inscription as "Sites of Japan Meiji Industrial Revolution (Kyushu, Yamaguchi and related area)". 

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