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Kurozu : black vinegar

In Japan Kurozu is experiencing a boom thanks to its health food properties. 

Kurozu is Black vinegar produced from unpolished rice that uses the tsubo-dzukuri (jar-making) method in Fukuyama Town, where they enjoy long hours of daylight.


Normally, vinegar is produced in temperature and humidity controlled factories, but Fukuyama Kurozu is produced outdoors in rows of jars that take advantage of the natural environment. In this way ideal climates can yield many "oishi!" ("delicious!") products.



Sun, moon, wind, rain, the midst of such varied natural weather conditions, only the attention of a superior master brewer makes production of Kurozu possible.

This natural production method passed down for over 200 years in Fukuyama Town is said to be unique throughout the world. 


You will see the difference between the authentic Kurozu produced by the tsubo-dzukuri (jar-making) method in Fukuyama Town from other imitation products.


Kurozu can be enjoyed in many culinary uses.



【Sakamoto Kurozu, Inc.】
Kurozu Farm Cafe and Market :


TEL:  099-218-8345
FAX:  099-220-8546


【Fukuyama Town, Kirishima City】

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* January 24, 2014
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