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Kirishima Grand Shrine

Kirishima is referred to as "the land where gods once descended", and the Kirishima Grand Shrine is a prestigious shrine enshrining these deities. 



Kirishima Grand Shrine is designated as a nationally significant cultural property, and many throughout the nation and from overseas make their way to visit the grand shrine.  



Also, when visitors pass the path wrapped in deep green, visitors can see on their right a sacred tree said to be the ancestor of all pine trees throughout southern Kyushu.  

It is said the pine tree of 35 meters is 800 years old and exhibits a powerful watch over the precincts. 


At large, it is said Kirishima Grand Shrine is a famous "power spot" showing divine favor in granting "family safety" and "career prosperity". 


Would you like to visit Kirishima Grand Shrine and experience the extensive sacred atmosphere in Kirishima?

You will surely wish to return for multiple visits to the shrine, not simply settling for one visit.


According to experts, Kirishima has demonstrated enhanced relaxation effects and has been designated as a "forest therapy base". 

[ Getting There ]
- From Kagoshima Chuo Station
   JR train (80 min.) + Local scheduled bus (10 min.)
   Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇒ JR Nippo Main Line "Kirishima Jingu Station" ⇒ Get off at "Kirishima Jingu" bus stop (Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel-bound) 

- From Kagoshima Airport
   Airport Shuttle bus (35 min.) + Local scheduled bus (10 min.) 
   From Kagoshima Airport ⇒ Change at "Maruo" bus stop (Kirishima-bound) ⇒ Get off at "Kirishima-Jingu" bus stop (Kokubu-bound) 

[ Parking ] 300 parking spaces

[ Website ] Kirishima Grand Shrine >>

* February 13, 2015
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