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Power Spot Kagoshima: Kirishima Shrine

"power spot" is a place which gives energy to rejuvenate our hearts and bodies, and is very popular among women these days. There are several leading "power spots" in Kagoshima so let us check out some of them!


【 Kirishima Shrine 

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Speaking of the power spots of Kagoshima, one would first think of Kirishima Shrine. With Mount Takachiho behind it, the Kirishima Shrine worships Niniginomikoto, grandchild of the goddess Amaterasu, and it was written about in the ancient legend of Tenson Kourin (Descent of the Heavenly Grandchild). Built in the 6th century, this shrine has a very long history. The shrine has great beauty and dignity, and a mysterious atmosphere that awes all its visitors.

Walking down the pilgrimage path covered in lush greenery and ancient cedar trees, the sophisticated vermilion structure of the shrine appears before you. Just by being there, one can feel his/her heart being cleansed.







* November 2016
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