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Sakurajima Ferry Terminal "Kagoshima Port" (Kagoshima Honkou Port)

The Kagoshima Port for Sakurajima Ferry is in 15~20 minutes walk distance from Tenmonkan.


When you are at "Kagoshima Chuou Station", you had better to take a city tram to "Suizokukanguchi (Aquarium)".


Both passenger and automobile pay the fare at Sakurajima Port for the legular ferry line.

At the Kagoshima Port for Sakurajima ferry, you just go through to get on a ferry and pay a fare when you arrive at the Sakurajima Port.


You may pay only by cash (Japanese yen), IC card (IWASAKI Card, RAPICA) .

IC card of JR (e.g. SUIKA) and other currency (e.g. US$) are not acceptable.

We also have no monery exchange service on Sakurajima island.


We recommend you to purchase the "Welcome Cute" , which is the public transportation pass including ferry, bus, and tram running by Kagoshima city.


You can buy at the service counter on 2nd floor of Sakurajima Port (7:00~9:00) in advance your bording and show it crews in ferry.

Sakurajima Ferry in on 24 hour operation system! It means you can enjoy a various scenary from at late naight to eary in the morning!


* You are not allowded to keep staying on a ferry for round trip, so please get off once at a port.

■ Kagoshima Port for Sakurajima Ferry

【 Access 】
Kagoshima City tram: gett off at「Suizokukanguchi( Aquarium)」and 5minutes walk
JR train: get off at 「JR Kagoshima station」and minutes walk
Kagoshima city tram: get off at 「Tenmonkan」and 15 minutes walk

Terminal open time 】
24 hours

【 Teminal business hour 】 
7:00~19:00 ※ The staff will care you about the fare 24hour.

【 Timetable 】

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* September, 2016
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