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Make Full Use of "Welcome Cute Pass" !

The new travel course is introduced on our website now, and will help you in planning your Kagoshima journey!

The new travel course "Make Full Use of Welcome Cute Pass!" shows you how to use this transportation pass conveniently and efficiently. >>

The Welcome Cute Pass is available at the following sites listed below.
Caution: there are only a few transaction counters issuing Welcome Cute passes. 

[ Kagoshima Chuo Station Area ] 
Kagoshima Chuo Station Tourism Information Center, Tourism Exchange Center (Kanko Koryu Center), Museum of the Meiji Restoration

[ Tenmonkan Area ] 
Tenmachi Salon, Kagoshima Sightseeing Guide Station 

[ Others ] 
Ticket counter in Ferry Terminal of "Kagoshima Port" and "Sakurajima Port".

* January, 2017

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