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Power Spot Kagoshima: Yakushima

"power spot" is a place which gives energy to rejuvenate our hearts and bodies, and is very popular among women these days. There are several leading "power spots" in Kagoshima so let us check out some of them!


【 Yakushima 】 ~ World Natural Heritage - the Mystery of Nature 

Yakushima Island is the first Japanese site to be registered as a World Natural Heritage in 1993. With nature retained in its original primitive state while humans reside alongside it, Yakushima Island receives good appraisal as a role model in showcasing how human and nature can live in harmony. The circumference of the island is 132km. Located right in the middle of the island is Mount Miyanoura. Standing tall at 1,936m it is the highest peak in Kyushu and is also recognized as one of the "100 Famous Mountains of Japan".



A well-known nature spot, Yakushima Island receives many visitors from within and abroad Japan daily, and it can be said that the whole island is in itself a power spot, with endless charms to offer.


We recommend these three power spots on Yakushima island.

First, Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine - this is the place which the forest in which Shishigami (a character in the animated movie "Princess Mononoke") resides is modelled after. After walking for about two hours, we arrive at a mysterious area covered by lush greenery, informally known as "the Forest of Princess Mononoke". The mysterious feeling of the place cannot be described in words. The forest is fully covered in moss and surrounded by Yakusugi (Japanese cedar trees more than a thousand years old), and one can enjoy seeing the different varieties of Yakusugi. Stopping once in a while to check out the mosses, one will be fascinated by their loveliness. Especially after a rain, the beauty of Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine is simply fascinating and will capture one's heart.

D-06.jpgSecond, the Jomonsugi Cedar. It takes 11 hours to travel to and fro the Jomonsugi cedar, which is said to be as old as 7,200 years old. It is a cedar tree worth a once a lifetime
visit. Some have said that seeing the Jomonsugi Cedar may change his or her perspective on life. Occasionally shrouded in mists, the majestic Jomonsugi Cedar has a commanding presence. There is much to learn from this Jomonsugi Cedar, which has protected and watched over the forest since ancient times. We recommend visiting the Yakusugi Museum, where you can see the "Branch of Life" - a branch which broke off after enduring the heavy weight of piled snow.

Yakusugi Museum

2739-343, Anbo, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, 891-4311

TEL: 0997-46-3113  FAX: 0997-46-3168


The last recommendation is the Ohko-no-Taki Waterfall. To be able to view the powerful waterfall in close proximity is simply wonderful. Standing just 50m away, one can feel the speed and flow of the waterfall through the water spray. This is due to Yakushima Island being blessed with abundant rainfall. Showered in rich negative ions, one can immerse oneself in nature by stretching out on the rocky plain, enjoying the water spray and listening to the sound of the waterfall.


Yakushima Tourism Association

TEL: 0997-49-4010  FAX: 0997-49-4011


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