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Information on Mt. Kirishima (Mt. Shinmoe) (as of Oct. 31, 2017)

The volcano alert level for Mt. Shinmoe on the Kirishima mountain range remains at Level 3 (do not approach the volcano), but the no-entry zone is reduced from 3 kilometer to a 2 kilometer radius from the crater of Mt. Shinmoe. 

Also, the volcano alert level for Ebino Highland (Mt. Iwoyama) has been reduced from Level 2 to Level 1 (potential for increased activity).

Lodging facilities and tourism-related facilities located outside the restriction zones are open as usual, with the exception of some that are in the midst of reopening.

Please continue to pay attention to information published on this website and other sources, and enjoy sightseeing in Kagoshima. 

We look forward to your visit.

◇ Major points and their straight-line distances from Mt. Shinmoe
・Shinyu Branch Point 
(junction of Prefectural Road Routes 1 and 104) approx. 3.4 km
・Kirishima Onsen Market approx. 5.9 km
・Kirishima Grand Shrine approx. 5.8 km
・Kirishima City Visitor Center approx. 6.5 km
・Kagoshima Airport approx. 19.9 km
・Kirishima City Hall approx. 22.1 km
◇ Hiking trail restrictions
・Between Takachiho-gawara, Mt. Nakadake and Mt. Shinmoe
・Between Yunono Trail Entrance and Mt. Shinmoe
・Between Mt. Karakuni, Mt. Shishiko and Mt. Shinmoe
・Between Mt. Ohata and Mt. Shishiko



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