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Information on Mt. Kirishima (Ohachi Crater ・Mt. Shinmoe) (as of 3.17.2018)

Ohachi Crater
○ Volcano alert level1,Potential for increased activity
○ No-entry zone:0km

Mt. Shinmoe
○ Volcano alert level3,Do not approach the volcano
○ No-entry zone:3km

Tourist information
○ Hiking trail restrictions
   ・refer to the figure

○ Tourist facilities being closed for the time being.
   ・Takachihogawara Visitor Center, Takachihogawara Park Service Center

Lodging facilities and tourism-related facilities located outside the restriction zones are open as usual.

Please continue to pay attention to information published on this website and other sources, and enjoy sightseeing in Kagoshima. 

We look forward to your visit.



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