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It is the time to plan your travels to Amami-Oshima Island !


Specialty Products

Oshima Tsumugi

The weaving of Oshima Tsumugi silk has been carried out for centuries on Amami-Oshima Island.

It is considered casual wear that feels comfortable even in the hot summer.

Different from regular kimono silk, it is light and has become a luxury kimono style.



Visitors can see the process and products not only at the Oshima Tsumugi Mura on Amami-Oshima island, but also at the Oshima Tsumugi no Sato in Kagoshima City.


Satsuma-yaki Pottery

Satsuma-yaki pottery has been produced in Miyama, about 20km northwest of Kagoshima City, for roughly 400 years. 

Satsuma-yaki pottery can be broadly categorized into white and black Satsuma-yaki. 


The white, or "Shiro Satsuma-yaki" is the color of ivory, and has hairline cracks and brilliant paintings. It is delicate and elegant and was originally fired for the lords of the Satsuma Han clan.


"Sukashibori" is a traditional technique for making Satsuma-yaki pottery. It is an elegant handicraft produced with a delicate technique.


In contrast, the black, or "Kuro Satsuma-yaki" style, which was fired for use by ordinary citizens, conveys a simple warmth.


One of the Kuro Satsuma-yaki items called a "kurojyoka" is a little black round-shaped kettle for drinking warm shochu, the local distilled spirit in Kagoshima.


And the "sorakyuu" has a conic body, which prevents it from sitting upright on a table.

When you drink with this cup, everyone will say "sora, kyuu! (OK, drink up!)", hence its name.

Which Satsuma-yaki pottery do you like, white? or black?

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"Amami Oshima"which has rare nature and its own culture

Japan is an island country, and it consists of four main islands and the other countless islands.

There are 28 manned isolated islands in Kagoshima, the biggest one is Amami Oshima island.

Amami-Oshima is located 380km from mainland of Kagoshima, it takes 1 hour by plane and 11 hours by ferry.

There are some direct flights from Tokyo or Osaka, you can enjoy the different sence of Japan in only few hours!


The feauture of Amami is of course the nature with endemic species and its own culture.

"Amami and Ryukyu" is known as tantative list of World natural heritage site, there you can see  endangered animals and plants.
The first one will be Pentalagus furnessi.

Pentalagus furnessi is a black rare which is considered as endeimic speices known as natural monument from Amami-Oshima island.


The size is about 40~50 cm, it is bigger than general rabits.
The most distinctive feature is thick body hair. The back is dark brown, and the belly is brilliant color.
In only 3 hours I happened to see about 10 rabbits during "Amami night tours" held on July .

Kinsakubaru wildwood" is also one of the most famous place in Amami-Oshima.

The forest resorbs a lot of water, trees pursue thelimer.ghts. 

Inside the forest you feel cool even in hot summer.


Those grown trees  are cleared by Typhoon, that is why they are same in tall.
The surface of mountain look alike broccoli! 


Some interesting things can be found that you can feel the climate and the nature features.

The houses protect the food from hub ( Which is one of the snakes)


"Oshima Tsumugi" is known as casual wear you feel comfortable even in hot summer.

Different from regular Kimono, it is light and it has become one of the most luxury Kimono.


The food in Amami is also enjoynable.

Brown suger Shochu made by sugercane is smooth to drink, tastewill vary the procedure of making.


For lunch, you are recommended to have "Keihan".

Keihan is a soul food of Amami Oshima, you pour very tasty chicken soup over rice.


Forest of  mangrove traveled by canoue,


Beautiful ocean where you can enjoy variouswater sports, Amami Oshima is very attractive.


They have grown own nature cycle to protect their eco system, that is how they save abundant nature and eco system.

Please visit Amami Oshima island where you can find the nature!



* August 20, 2013
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