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Autumn in Kagoshima

Recommended Spot No. 1 [A Thousand Ginkgo Trees] (Tarumizu City)

A couple who moved here from an urban area about 30 years ago had continually planted ginkgo trees every year. Today, visitors can enjoy this beautiful forest of more than a thousand ginkgo trees. When the sun rays shine through, the whole forest is lit up in gold, just like a beautiful scene from a movie. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through this romantic and alluring forest. There is also a lookout point where visitors can catch a glimpse of Mount Sakurajima and Mount Kaimon in the distance.


- Recommended period: late November - mid December

- Directions:

        about 10 min. drive eastwards from Tarumizu City Hall on Route 71

Recommended Spot No. 2 [Kirishima Shrine] (Kirishima City)



The legend of Tenson Korin (Descent of the Heavenly Grandchild) originated from this shrine, and its protagonist "Ninigi-no-mikoto" is enshrined here. The premises of the shrine are filled with brilliant red maple leaves and many of the small paths in the vicinity are also famous maple leaf-watching spots among the locals!


- Recommended period: mid November - early December

- Further inquiries: Kirishima Shrine [+81-995-57-0001]

Recommended Spot No. 3 

[Husband-and-Wife Ginkgo Tree] (Fukuyama Town, Kirishima City)


This "Husband-and-Wife Ginkgo Tree" is located near Miyaura Shrine in Fukuyama Town, close to the black vinegar production grounds. It is rumored that the trees are more than a thousand years old and both their heights are about 38m. It is a pleasure to take a leisurely stroll under the bright yellow leaves of the trees.


- Recommended period: late November - mid December

- Parking lots for buses are not available

Various beautiful flowers in bloom mark the arrival of AUTUMN!

[Ikoma Highland / Cosmos] (Kirishima City): late September - late October


At an altitude of 490m, the Ikoma Highland is located on the gently sloping plains of the Kirishima mountain range. Over here, more than 18 types and a million stalks of cosmos flowers are spread across a large field of 16 square kilometers.

- Inquiries             : Hana-no-Chaya

- TEL                   : +81-984-27-1919

- Entrance fee       : 400 Yen (320 Yen for groups with over 15 people)


[Kinkowan Park / Cosmos and Rose] (Kagoshima City):

 late October - early November


About 50,000 stalks of cosmos grow over a 0.4 hectare flowerbed, and the fragrant scent of rose fills the rose garden. The view of the sapphire water of Kinko Bay from a nearby lookout point blends nicely with the red, pink and green of the flowerbeds.

- Enquiries           : Kagoshima-shi Koen Ryokka-ka

                            (Kagoshima City Park Greening Division)

- TEL                   : +81-99-216-1368

- Address             : Kinkowan Koen, Hirakawa-cho, Kagoshima

[Uwaba Highland / Cosmos] (Izumi City): Late September ~ Mid October


The 250,000 stalks of cosmos flowers in Uwaba highland is a sight to behold! Seeing the beautiful cosmos flowers in full bloom brings a refreshing feeling.

- Inquiries             : Norinsuisan-ka, Izumi City Hall

                             (Agriculture, Forestry and Marine Division)

- TEL                   : +81-996-63-2111

- Address             : Uwaba, Kamiokawauchi, Izumi City

[Kanoya Rose Garden] (Kanoya City): mid October - end December


About 3,000 types and 40,000 stalks of roses bloom in this 8 hectare garden. The beautiful, brightly colored roses come into full bloom in autumn. Visitors can also try their hand at flower-cutting at the greenhouse, where roses bloom all year.

- Inquiries             : Kanoya Rose Garden

- TEL                   : +81-994-40-2170

- Address             : 1250 Hamada-cho, Kanoya City

- Entrance fee       : 620 Yen (500 Yen for groups with over 20 people)

Senbon Icho "A Thousand Ginkgo Trees"

There are some plants that give you a sense of the four seasons, such as cherry blossoms in spring and hydrangea in summer.


At the end of summer you will find Japanese maples, Japanese pampas grass and Ginkgo Biloba, which make you feel the approach of autumn.


In past few years, the lined ginkgo biloba trees in Tarumizu City, Kagoshima has become known as a great tourist attraction for enjoying autumn.

These lined ginkgo biloba trees are called "Senbon Icho", as there are over 1,000 ginkgo trees on the 45 hectare large site.



This is the private land of "Cyuuman Yoshiaki", who planted these gingko biloba trees with his wife for over 35 years.

After working for a company for 22 years, he went to the mountain to cultivate the land, and opened it to the public for free in 2008.

Please visit this vast lined gingko biloba trees and enjoy autumn!


The best time to visit is at the beginning of December.

It is a private land, so please strictly observe the rules and etiquette when you are here.


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* October, 2016
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"Nejime Dragon Boat Festival" was held in Minamiosumi Town

The dragon boat festival is a contest in which teams row boats in the form of dragons and compete to be the fastest. 
Each team is made up of 10 people according to sex, with 8 rowers and 2 people to take charge of guiding and drumming. There are eight courses prepared in the 380-meter length.



It is not only a competition, but you can also enjoy seeing the boats glide down the river to the rhythm of drums.  

This year also, a dragon boat team from Hong Kong is planning to participate, and it will be their 22nd participation.


On the day of the event, a market will also be held in the neighborhood selling specialty products.  

Date:       Sunday, 23rd October 2016

Address:  Minamiosumi-cho, Kimotsuki District, Kagoshima. Nejime-Ogawa River

Access:    40 min from Kanoya City by car (Route 269)

Contact: Minamiosumi Town Society of Commerce and Industry

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Kagoshima Fireworks Displays 2016 (over 5,000 fireworks)


[ 24 July ] from 8pm
Shibushi Port Festival
@Shibushi Port
10,000 fireworks

[ 30 July ] from 8pm
Sakurajima Hinoshima Festival
@Sakurajima Multi-purpose Park
6,000 fireworks

[ 6 August ] from 8pm
Isa City Summer Festival
@Hishikari, Isa City
5,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] from 8pm
Makurazaki Port Festival
@Makurazaki Port
10,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] from 8pm
Kanoya Summer Festival
@Furue Port (scheduled)
8,000 fireworks

[ 13 August ] from 8pm
Tarumizu Fureai Festa Summer Festival
@Tarumizu Port
8,000 fireworks

[ 16 August ] from 7:40pm
Sendaigawa River Fireworks Festival
@Sendaigawa riverside
10,000 fireworks

[ 20 August ] from 7:30pm
Kagoshima Kinko Bay Summer Night Fireworks Festival
@Kagoshima Port -Honko Port- 
15,000 fireworks

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Ogawa-no-taki Waterfall

The Ogawa-no-taki Waterfall in Minamiosumi Town is a soothing place with the sounds of water cascading down in the midst of beautiful nature.


You will see a parking lot after walking through a narrow path. Continue another 1200 meters and the mystical scene will reveal itself.

The 60 meters wide waterfall pours down into the plunge pool, which glimmers a beautiful emerald green and contrasts with the surrounding rough rocks.


Although swimming in the pool is prohibited, it is worth a visit to experience the natural, cool atmosphere.


【 Video 】
KAGOSHIMA Energetic Japan (Ogawa-no-taki Waterfall)

【 Business hours 】
Please refrain from entering at night ** Entry may be restricted in bad weather

【 Access 】
** No public transport
Drive 1 km from Minamiosumi Town Hall to Sata area, and turn left at the Ogawa junction.
Follow the signs to Ogawa-no-taki Waterfall along the way.

The way from the parking lot to the waterfall basin is by an uneven road. Comfortable clothes and footwear are advised.

* May, 2016
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Canyoning at Sarugajo Gorge

Canyoning is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that includes ropework, plunging/diving, swimming, etc.

Canyoning is available at the Sarugajo Gorge at Tarumizu!



The greatest characteristic of canyoning at Sarugajo Gorge is none other than the crystal clear waters flowing through a valley of granite amid the green forests.


[ Availability Period ] 
July - September (** Kindly make a reservation at least 3 days in advance)

[ Course Time ] 
About 2 hours

[ Price ] 
One person: 7,000 yen 
(Group discount for four people and above - 5,000 yen per person)

[ Inquiries ]
Mori-no-Eki Tarumizu >>

* June 12, 2015
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Kamoike-Tarumizu Ferry

The Kamoike-Tarumizu Ferry is a regular 40-minute ferry operating between Kamoike Port on the Satsuma peninsula and Tarumizu Port on the Osumi peninsula.


The Sakurajima Ferry also connects Kagoshima City to the Osumi peninsula, but it is more convenient to get to Tarumizu City, Kanoya City, and Cape Sata, the southernmost tip of the Osumi peninsula via the Kamoike-Tarumizu Ferry.

The non-stop bus bound for Kanoya City, which departs from Tenmonkan and JR Kagoshima Chuo station, utilizes this ferry too >>

The Nankai udon noodles, available on board the Tarumizu Ferry, also receives good reviews from even outside of Kagoshima Prefecture.

As udon is also available on board the Sakurajima Ferry, one might wish to take the Sakurajima Ferry on the way back, so as to try the udon and find the difference.


[ Ticket Price ]
Adult: 480 Yen / Child: 240 Yen / Bicycle: 180 Yen / Motorbike: 350 Yen onwards / Vehicle (including driver): 1,250 Yen onwards

[ Getting There ] 
To Kamoike Ferry Terminal in Kagoshima City
>> About 30 minutes by bus (Kagoshima Kotsu Bus) from the JR Kagoshima Chuo Station.
>>About 15 minutes by taxi from the JR Minami Kagoshima Station

[ Timetable ] ( Time required : 40-45 min. ) 
Kamoike Ferry Terminal - Tarumizu Ferry Terminal >>

[ Website ] 
Kamoike-Tarumizu Ferry >>

* January 30, 2015
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Kanoya Athlete Restaurant

The Kanoya Athlete Restaurant of the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (NIFS), the only national sports university in Japan, is committed to supporting its undergraduates on the nutrition aspect.


The restaurant is open to the public, while undergraduates of NIFS get a discount on some of the menu items.

The set meal, which is specially planned to provide optimum nutritional balance, includes rice, soup and three side dishes (entrée).


The menu items are based on sports nutrition and are supervised by the lecturers of NIFS. The receipt that comes with the menu shows the nutritional information of the food items.

Kanoya Marche, a parallel establishment to the restaurant, sells fresh produce from the local farming community and food ingredients used at the Kanoya Athlete Restaurant.


[ Opening Hours ] 
Lunch: 11:30 - 14:30 HRS (Last order: 14:00 HRS); Dinner: 17:30 - 23:00 HRS (Last order: 22:00 HRS)

[ Closed ] Monday

[ Website ] Kanoya Athlete Restaurant >>
** Japanese language only

[ Getting There ] 5 minute walk from the "Kanoya Tai-iku Daigaku-mae / Hakusui" Bus stop (Sanshu Jidosha Bus)

[ Address ] 594-1 Furusato-cho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima-ken

* August 26, 2014

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Southernmost point in mainland Japan "Sata-misaki (Cape Sata)"

Kagoshima is located in the southernmost in Japan, except Okinawa.


The southernmost point Sata-misaki is place necessary for those travelers who does journeys across Japan.


The lighthouse in Sata-misaki is a historic one which has lighted the south part of Kagoshima for almost 150 years.

The chalk wall which rebuilt-in 1950 stands out in the blue ocean.


In sunny day, you will be able to see both Tanegashima and Yakushima, you feel like you are in the southernmost point.


* September 1, 2013
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