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Fukiage-hama Beach Sand Sculpture and Flower Festival 2017

The Golden Week is coming soon with this big event in Kagoshima!

This is the biggets sand festival in the world at Fukiage sandhill which is one of the Japanese big 3 sandhills.


This festival will be held only one month from 3rd ~31th May this year!

We entertain you with many events and foods during the golden stage period (3rd ~7th May)


There is the show "fantasy of sound and light" by the all sand statues lightend up.

This artistic world at the beautiful beach satisfys you!


[ The period ] 
2016/05/03~2016/05/31 ※8th May is closed

[ The main stage ]
the site specialy prepared flooe in Sakyu no Mori Kinpo

## The golden stage period
2016/05/03~2015/05/07  9:00~21:00
Adult Fee; 1000 JPY  Junior high students and under;500JPY

## The second stage period
2016/05/09~2016/05/31  9:00~17:00
Adult Fee; 500 JPY  Junior high students and under;300JPY

[ Official site ] 

[ Access ] 
the direct service bus will run during 3rd ~7th May!

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Cherry blossom viewing : Kagoshima-city

Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of cherry blossoms ("sakura").


People go to parks, gardens, or mountain to see a view of cherry blossoms with their co-workers, family members, and friends.


Cherry trees come into full bloom from the end of February to early April, and many Ohanami place will get crowded everywhere in Kagoshima!

【 Yoshino Park 】 
Scale : Approx 630 trees
Normal blooming season : Late February~ Mid-April


The site boasts 12 varieties of sakura,including three trees of the Kawazuzakura and Izuno Odoriko varieties which are rarely seen in Kagsohima. 

The best time to see them is late February, although other varieties of sakura bloom in turn until early April.

Access : Board the Yoshino Park bus at JR Kagoshima Chuo Station (25 min)

Inquiries : Yoshino Park +81-99-243-0155

【 Isoyama Park 】 
Scale : Approx 250 trees
Normal blooming season : Late March~ Early April


Access : Board the Kagoshima City View bus and get off at "Sengan-en-mae" stop.

Inquiries : Senganen +81-99-247-1551

【 Kotsuki Riverside 】 
Scale : Approx 500 trees
Normal blooming season : Late March~ Early April


Access : Approx. 20 minutes from Kagoshima-chuou sta by walk. 

Inquiries : City of Kagoshima Parks and Greenery Division +81-99-216-1368

* February 13, 2014
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Illumination spot in Kagoshima Downtown area

A day shortens in winter in Japan and get dark at around 6 pm in Kagoshima of December.

There are many place that you enjoy the illumination all over the Kagoshima prefecture.


We would like to introduce the illumination spots in Kagoshima downtown area!
■ Minato Odori Park
  Event Period  :Dec. 1st ~ Jan. 31st
  Event Hours   :6pm~10pm


■ Dolphin Port
  Event Period: ~ Feb. 28st
  Event Hours: 5pm~0am


■ Kagoshima City Aquarium


■ Tenmonkan illumination
 Event Period: Jan. 6 st ~ Jan. 31st
 Event Hours: 18:00~22:00


■ The main arcade in Tenmonkan


■ Yamakataya Department Store


■ Miami st.


■ Rinkai st.


Night city view tour is available!!
It is one of tour of Kagoshima city view bus.
Even if you feel lazy to go out, you can see illuminating lights from the window!

It operates every Friday and Saturday. 

【 Time schedule 】 * December only 
Kagoshima Chuo sta.: 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00
Tenmonkan  : 18:35, 19:05, 19:35, 20:05
Dolphin Port  : 18:39, 19:09, 19:39, 20:09
Shiyakusyo-mae  : 18:43, 19:13, 19:43, 20:13

【 Bus route 】
Kagoshima Chuo sta. ⇒ Tenmonkan ⇒ Dolphin Port ⇒ Shiyakusyo-mae(City Hall) ⇒ Shiroyama(staying 15min) ⇒ Saigo-douzoumae(Statute of Mr.Saigo) ⇒ Tenmonkan ⇒ Kagoshima Chuo sta. 

【 Fare 】 

■ Hotel Shiroyama
  This Hotel Shiroyama's illumination is popular with the local people.
  Event Period:  ~ Feb. 16st
  Event Hours: 5:30pm~11pm

* November, 2016
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Senbon Ichou "Thousand Ginkgo"

There are some plants giving you the comfort of the four seasons such as cherry blossoms in the spring and hydrangea in the summer.


At the end of the summer, you will find "Japanese maples", "Japanese pampas grass" and "Ginkgo Biloba" which make you feel the closer to the autumn.


In past few years, the lined gingko biloba trees in Tarumizu-city, Kagoshima is  known as the great tourist attraction to enjoy "autumn".

These lined gingko biloba trees are called "Senbon ichou", as it is named, there are over 1,000 ginkgo biloba on the site of 45 hectares.



This is private land of "Cyuuman Yoshiaki" , he had made this lined gingko biloba trees with his wife spent 35 years.

When he had worked for a company for 22 years, he went to the mountain to cultivate the land and opened to the public for free in 2008.

Please visit this vast lined gingko biloba trees and enjoy the autumn!


The best season is at the beginning of December.

It is a private land, please strictly observe rules and etiquette when you are here.

Please visit this vast lined gingko biloba trees and enjoy the autumn!


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* October, 2016
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Ohara Matsuri - A Dance Festival will be held on November 3rd!

Ohara Matsuri, a dance festival held at Tenmonkan in downtown Kagoshima, is attended by about 20,000 people. 

It is also the largest festival of its kind in southern Kyushu. 


Dancing in unison to traditional music such as the Ohara-bushi (a popular tune of Kagoshima)and the likes.

The participants come dressed in traditional Yukata (summer style Kimono), Happi (festive overcoat), and some even wear home-made costumes.



Spontaneous participation is also greatly encouraged! 

So what are you waiting for? Come join in the Ohara Matsuri!

2 Nov (Sat); 18:45~21:00 (Pre-Festival) 
3 Nov (Sun); 10:20~17:00 (Main Festival)

Along the tram line in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City

15 minute walk (towards Tenmonkan) from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station 
Take the city tram and alight at Takamibaba station


Area guide >> Kagoshima-city

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"Nejime Dragon boat Festival" is held in MinamiOsumi-cho.

The Dragonboat festival is a game which rows the boat form of the dragon and competes for speed. 
1 team made up by 10 people according to sex, 8 people of them rows the boat, and other two persons take charge of guide and drums is held at eight courses prepared in the about 380-meter section.



It not only competition, but also you can enjoy to see the boat flows through the river with nice rhythm of drams.  

This year also, the dragonboat team of Hong Kong is plan to participation, it will be the 22nd of it.


On the event day, market is also held a specialty in the neighborhood etc. will be sold.  

Date:       Sunday, 23th October 2016

Address:  Minamiosumi-cho, Kimotsuki-gun Kagoshima :at Nejime-Ogawa river

Access:    40 min from Kanoya-city by car (Route 269)

Contact: Minamiosumi-cho Society of Commerce and Industry

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Tour de MINAMI SATSUMA ~Go cycling through the city of MINAMI SATSUMA~

The road rave cycling competition will be held on September 22th 2016.

Would you like to run through on the fantastic sea view road?

Click here to apply >>


* July, 2016
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Kagoshima's "Rokugatsudo" Summer Lantern Festival

Rokugatsudo encompasses a series of summer festivals held at various shrines and temples throughout the prefecture in July (June in the old calendar), each taking place on days designated by the shrines and temples themselves. 


The Rokugatsudo festivals have long history and continue to succeed as seasonal Kagoshima summer events.

At the shrine and temple grounds, lanterns made from wooden sticks and Japanese paper are strung along a network of ropes and feature a variety of illustrations and messages.


There are many shops lining the roadsides as well. These shops, the shrine-temple atmospheres and lanterns altogether give off a very fantastic, whimsical air. 

Within Kagoshima City these festivals will be put on almost every night in July and will continue through to the end of the month.


Please enjoy a "Kagoshima Summer" at a Rokugatsudo lantern festival! 



The "Terukuni Shrine Rokugatsudo" held on the 15th and 16th of July each year is one of biggest Rokugatsudo festivals in all of Kagoshima Prefecture. 


The movie, "Rokugatsudo no san-shimai (The Three Sisters of Rokugatsudo)" is a story about the Rokugatsudo festivals and is currently in theaters nationwide. >> *Japanese Language Only

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* July, 2016

Sakurajima Summer Night Cruise

The Summer Night Cruise around Kinko Bay is an annual tradition. 

From 7 to 9 pm you can enjoy a floating beer garden and 50 fireworks fanning over the surface of the water.



PLACE: Kagoshima City, Kinko Bay

DAYSAugust 1 - 31※excluding August 13 - 15


CONTACT: Kagoshima City Ship Operation Division TEL:+81-99-293-4785

Kagoshima Fireworks festival 2016 (Shoot off over 5,000)


[ 24 July ] 8pm~
Shibushi Minato festival
@ Shibushi Port
10,000 fireworks

[ 30 July ] 8pm~
Sakurajima Hinoshima festival
@Sakurajima Multi purpose Park
6,000 fireworks

[ 6 August ] 8pm~
Isa-shi summer festival
@Hishikari, Isa-shi
5,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] 8pm~
Makurazaki Minato festival
@Makurazaki Port 
10,000 fireworks

[ 7 August ] 8pm~
Kanoya Summer festival
@(Scheduled)Furue port 
8,000 fireworks

[ 13 August ] 8pm~
Tarumizu Fureai summer festival
@Tarumizu port
8,000 fireworks

[ 16 August ] 7:40pm~
Sendaigawa summer festival
@Sendaigawa river side
10,000 fireworks

[ 20 August ] 7:30pm~
Kagoshima Kinkowan Summer night festival
@Kagoshima Port -Honkou- 
15,000 fireworks

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Dolphin Waterway

There is the Dolphin Waterway maintained of 275m in total length, a part of ocean, in front of the aquarium. 

Dolphins can swim out from their pool to that waterway freely.


This area is divided into 3 parts; North area , Central area, and South area, by roads and footbridge.

The South area is within few mins walk from the commercial complex "Dolphin Port".


We can see their performance at the waterway 3times in a day for 10mins


※ Events are subject to change or cancel under the conditions of dolphins and sea

Why not stop by at this free zone during a leisurely stroll

【 Monday to Friday 】  10:30 /12:30 /14:30

【 Saturdays/ Sundays/ Holidays日 】  11:30 /13:30 /15:00

The movie of dolphins performance >>

Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

【 Access 】  
※The Dolphin Waterway is running just by the Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

Kagoshima City Tram: 8 mins walk from Suizokukanguchi stop from the platform, take Line 2 bound for Kagoshimaekimae 

Kagoshima City Bus: Get off the Kagoshimasuizokukanmae stop, take Line16-2,25,26 at the bus stop East4~6 fo Kagoshima chuo Station

* June, 2016
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Atsuhime Girls' Day Festival

In Japan, March 3rd is usually called Girls' Day or the Hina Festival. 

It's a day to display Hina dolls and Hina decorations and wish for the healthy development of young girls.

The mascot character for Hina celebrations in Kagoshima is none other than Atsuhime, a princess from the Shimadzu samurai clan.


Kagoshima prefecture organized "Atsuhime Girls' Day Festival" from 1 February until 31 March.

During the "Atsuhime Girls' Day Festival", various facilities around the prefecture will be decked out with beautiful Hina doll displays and springtime decorations. 



Many hotels, restaurants, and tourist facilities are coordinating with this event to provide limited menu which like "Hina-sweets" and a "Hina-Gozen Lunch" to guests who come to see the doll displays. 

Special menu "Hanasaki-gozen" available at restaurant Oukatei of Senganen.

Special menu "Hina-gozen" available at restaurant Suiren of Hotel Shiroyama.

There will also be exclusive offers basically on Weekend.

Please refer to the link below for more information >> 

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