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Kagoshima Fish Market Tour 2017

Dates: Every Saturday between March to November, 2017
Meeting time: 6:45am 
Meeting place: Entrance of Kagoshima Fish Market, near Kagoshima Port
Tour time: 7am - 8am (about 1 hour)
Tour cost: 
Adults 2,000 yen / Children 1,000 yen
* If you stay at a member hotel
Adults 1,000 yen / Children Free
(includes tour guide, sashimi tasting, rubber boots, insurance)

Please wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes. 

< Tour Schedule >
6:45 Meet at the entrance of Kagoshima Fish Market
7:00 Tour starts! Walk around the fish market
8:00 End of tour

< Option after the tour >
Breakfast at fish market restaurant!
You can taste the freshest sushi and seafood breakfast at restaurants after the tour.
Cost: Please pay for your own breakfast (approx. 1,000 yen).

< How to Apply >
Visit our Facebook page "Kagoshima Fish Market Tour" and send us a message with the following information.
○ Name and Nationality
○ E-mail address 
○ Requested tour date
○ Number of people
○ Hotel you'll stay on the day of the tour

< Access >
By Taxi: 
About 5 min from Tenmonkan area 
About 10 min from Kagoshima Chuo station area

On Foot:
About 15-20 min from Tenmonkan area

* February, 2017

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour >>

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Experience Katsuo Warayaki (Smoked Bonito) and Fisherman's Lunch

Try Katsuo Warayaki hands-on at Makurazaki - home of katsuo(^o^)


 At the Makurazaki Wharf (next to Makurazaki Fish Center), ocean-fresh katsuo (bonito) are skillfully cut up and heartily roasted over a strong fire to make tataki (a Japanese way of preparing smoked katsuo in which only the outer surface is seared while the inner portions remain raw).


 Roasting the katsuo over fire made by burning highly flammable straw, the external surface of the fish is quickly cooked while the inner portions remain raw. Furthermore, the flavor of smoked straw is sealed in the flesh of the katsuo, giving the end product a tangy barbeque flavor.


 Experience this only at Makurazaki - home of katsuo!

 Have fun roasting your very own katsuo-tataki, savor the flavors of the seasonal harvests and enjoy the view of Makurazaki Port.



Participants                   : Minimum of 10 people

Application deadline     : 1 day in advance

Fee                             : 1,620 Yen 

       (includes Katsuo Warayaki and Fisherman's Lunch)

[Experiencing Katsuo Warayaki]

1. Filleting fresh katsuo (bonito)!



 Upon arrival, you can view the fillet performance of fresh katsuo (for Warayaki Tataki) at the wholesaler's stall. For visitors who have never filleted fish, you may let the shop staff do it. For visitors who wish to cut the fish on their own, the staff will be around to provide guidance and tips when necessary.

2. Roasting the fish over fire made by burning straw


 Warayaki - Form a 10 member group and decide who to start the fire using straw and who to handle the barbeque wire netting and the katsuo.

3. Immersing in ice water!


 Tataki - After roasting the katsuo over burning straw, immerse it in ice water to seal the flavor. You may do this on your own or request for the staff to do it for you.


4. Last but not least, enjoy the finished Katsuo Tataki!



Proceed to the restaurant to savor the freshly made Katsuo Tataki.

Fisherman's Lunch Set


Warayaki Katsuo Tataki


Roasted Katsuo Belly


Fisherman's Hotpot


Onigiri Rice Balls


Deep Fried Fish Cake

                      Unmakado~!!!(It's delicious!!!)

Makurazaki Fish Center

33-1 Matsunoo-cho, Makurazaki City

Phone  : 0993-73-2311

FAX     : 0993-73-2359


On days with good weather, you may enjoy lunch on the outdoor wood terrace on the 2nd floor.

Sakurajima Summer Night Cruise

The Summer Night Cruise around Kinko Bay is an annual tradition. 

From 7 to 9 pm you can enjoy a floating beer garden and 50 fireworks bursting over the surface of the water.



PLACE: Kagoshima City, Kinko Bay

DAYS: August 1 - 31*excluding August 13 - 15


CONTACT: Kagoshima City Ship Operation Division TEL:+81-99-293-4785

Izumi Rural Life Experience - Farmstay in Izumi -


Please follow the link below for more details.

Area guide : Hokusatsu area >>

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Dolphin Waterway

In front of Kagoshima City Aquarium is a Dolphin Waterway, 275m in length and a part of the open sea. 

Dolphins can swim out from their pool to the waterway freely.


This channel is divided into 3 parts by a road and two footbridges: north, central, and south.

The south area is within a few minutes walk from the commercial complex Dolphin Port.


We can see the dolphins' performance at the waterway 3 times daily for 10 minutes.


* Events are subject to change or cancellation depending on the conditions of the dolphins and sea

Do stop by at this free zone on your stroll around Kagoshima.

【 Monday to Friday 】  10:30 /12:30 /14:30

【 Saturdays / Sundays / Holidays 】  11:30 /13:30 /15:00

Video clip of the dolphins' performance >>

Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

【 Access 】  
*The Dolphin Waterway is just by the Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

Kagoshima city tram: take line 2 bound for Kagoshima-eki-mae, 8 minutes walk from Suizokukan-guchi tram stop

Kagoshima city bus: take routes 16-2, 25, 26 at the bus stops East 4 to 6 outside Kagoshima Chuo Station, alight at Kagoshima-suizokukan-mae bus stop
* June, 2016
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Experience Sushi-making at a "Sushi School"

At "Sushi Sayaka" in Kagoshima City, you can experience sushi-making at an actual restaurant using fresh local fish.

* Reservations required for groups of more than 10 people. Cost: 3,000 yen per person.
[ TEL ] +81 99-255-0381 ( Kosei Sushi School )













See Details >>


* January, 2017
Sushi Madoka 寿し まどか >>

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Yakusugi Land

Yakusugi Land is a cedar tree paradise where visitors may observe the ecology of the trees including the fallen trees, the newly reborn trees, the epiphytes which grow on these trees, etc.

The mountain-walking course is a relatively flat trail reaching an elevation of 1,000m and is recommended to beginner hikers. 


There is a wide range of trails visitors may access ranging from 30 - 150 minutes long, depending on interest and stamina. 

① 30 - 50 min. Trail: Easy - Wooden path

② 80 - 150 min. Trail: Difficult - Steep mountain path


[ Getting There ]
Local scheduled bus runs twice a day *Not in operation between December - February

[ Parking ]
40 Parking spots

* July 24, 2015
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Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen (Hirauchi Seaside Hot Spring)

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen is mysterious in that the natural bathtub appears only at low tide (twice a day, 2 hours each time).

You can see the waves crashing upon the rocks while bathing in the hot spring and feel like you are at one with nature.



* Mixed bathing
* Swimsuits are not allowed

** Video of Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen from Kagoshima Energetic Japan website >>

[ Times of Low Tide ]
Japan Meteorological Agency >>

[ Access ]
5 min. walk from "Hirouchi-kaichu-onsen" bus stop. *Please keep in mind there are only a few buses running per day.

[ Parking ]
4 cars

* October 20, 2014
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Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine

The Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine spans 424 hectares across the forest and is around 600 - 1,300m above sea level. 


The forest is covered in green, unique ground plants like ferns and mosses, and travelers can experience the superb world where Yakusugi cedar trees and laurel trees grow together.  


Within the Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine are three maintained courses with differing required course times, and the most popular of the courses is the "Taiko-iwa Rock Course" which requires approximately four hours of hiking time.


Weather permitting, the Taiko-iwa Rock is a great place for visitors to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding massive granite rocks and Yakushima Island's forests.


Also, near the Taiko-iwa Rock is the "moss-covered forest" (kokemusu-mori) where director Hayao Miyazaki visited several times for inspiration for the Studio Ghibli film "Princess Mononoke" (Mononoke Hime). 


Furthermore, it is said that in order to accurately portray the forest's natural deep green shade in the film, staff had to incorporate at least 200 different shades of green.

Come visit and experience firsthand how "green" Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine truly is! 

[ Open Season ]
Open all year *Closed during the winter season due to snow

[ Fee (By donation) ]
300 yen - High school student or older

[ Access ]
Shiratani Unsuikyo bus stop

[ Parking ]
40 parking spots

[ Website ]
Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine >>
*Japanese only

* September 24, 2014
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The Only Place in the World! Natural Steam Sand Baths

Kagoshima is the only place in the world where you can experience natural steam sand baths.

With a history dating back at least 300 years, the natural conditions of the steam sand baths have long been used to treat various illnesses.


Furthermore, according to the research conducted by Kagoshima University professors, the effect of steam sand baths is 3-4 times greater than that of an ordinary hot spring bath.


It's been said that the sand baths have great effects on the skin, joints, and heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and body weight.

Try the sand baths and re-energize your body for more traveling!




Sand Bath has the following positive benefits...

1) Lying down in the sand bath allows the blood to return more easily to the heart.

2) The amount of blood from the heart greatly increases due to pressure created by the weight of the sand.

3) The heat from the sand allows the blood vessels to expand, resulting in greater blood circulation.

It has effects on skin, joints, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and body weight.

1) Increased heat rate
2) Improved circulation
3) Excretion of waste products
4) Excretion of inflammatory and algesic material

This photo below shows blood "before" and "after" a sand bath. In ten minutes the black blood has changed to bright red.  


Ibusuki is known for its steam sand baths, which can be enjoyed at a number of hotels in the Ibusuki area.

"SARAKU (砂楽) " within 15 minutes of Ibusuki Station by foot is recommended for day-trippers >>

"SAYURI (砂湯里)" is the best spot to see Mt. Kaimon over the East China Sea >>

Area guide : Ibusuki / Chiran >>

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Chirin Island (Chiringashima)

Chirin Island (Chiringashima) is an uninhabited island in Kinko Bay roughly 3km around and 90m high.


Known as "the island of mystery" since ancient times, it is connected to the mainland by sand bar when the spring tide is at low tide. 


The sandbar appears for one to four hours a day(depends on the weather) only during October from March.


It takes about 800m at low tide enabling you to walk across to the island in about 20 minutes. 


This island is also known as a matchmaking spot for couples because the sandbar is reminiscent of a bridge or bond.


Be sure to visit to Chirin Island and be a happier couple!


* April 17, 2014

Sandbar calendar >> 
*Japanese only
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A Tour of Japanese Dashi Stock: The "Taste" of Japan is the Taste of Dashi

In December 2013 "Washoku" (Japanese cuisine) was added to UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

From cookware and tableware to dietary habits, the Japanese food culture has been attracting worldwide attention. 


In Japan It goes without saying that "taste" outlines the food culture, and experiencing it is one of the best ways to enjoy and familiarize oneself with the culture. 


Flavored dashi stock is said to be among the most basic of elements constituting the taste of Japanese dishes in addition to salt, shoyu soy sauce, and miso paste.

Dashi stock has been called "The Fastest Soup in the World", taking little time and effort to make this delicious flavored soup stock.


It is made from natural ingredients like dried bonito (tuna) and kombu kelp, and receives great praise for its health benefits.



Makurazaki City offers a tour of the "Specially Flavored Dashi Stock of Makurazaki" in the main production area of dried bonito used in the dashi stock.

The tour includes a tour of a dried bonito factory, a class on how to make the delicious dashi stock, and a lunch incorporating the dashi stock.


■ Tour of a Dried Bonito Factory
Processing dried bonito by hand.



■ Explanation of the Differences of Dried Bonito
Explaination on the differences in dried bonito and how they are used to produce various flavors.


■ Experience Shaving Dried Bonito
Demonstration on how to avoid losing the natural fragrance and taste when shaving dried bonito.



■ How to Make Dashi Stock
The secret techniques for cooking delicious flavored stock at home.


■Dashi Stock Tasting
Among the four basic flavors: acidity, sweetness, saltiness, and bitterness, dashi stock is known to be the fifth. 


■ Cooking "Funado-Meshi" - A Fisherman's Meal
"Makurazaki-Funado-Meshi" is enjoyed as a chazuke dish with dashi broth poured over chopped and sliced dried bonito served over Makurazaki green tea-steamed rice, and a bonito rice cracker.


■ Enjoy "Funado-Meshi"
"Makurazaki Funado-Meshi" became famous after winning first place in the "Gourmet Grandprix" (competition of local favorites) for two years.


** The tour itinerary may be customised, depending on the request and available scheduling times.

Capacity : 10-40 visitors (maximum)
*For groups exceeding 40 visitors, please contact Satsuma Seafood KATSU ICHI. 

Reservations : Reservations are required 7 days in advance


* March 24, 2014

Area guide : Nansatsu area >>

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Farm Stay Experience in Isa City

Located in the north of Kagoshima Prefecture, the Isa basin experiences a large annual temperature gap and is thus famous for its delicious rice.


Mr. Yamanokuchi, a local farm owner and representative of the "Inaka-no-Ohyakusho-san", grows rice and many types of vegetables. His farm also offers a farm stay experience.


Once we got to the field, we had a quick lesson on harvesting techniques and recognising the correct sized vegetables (ready for harvesting) before getting started.


The contents of the farm experience varies according to season. When we visited the farm in late October we harvested Jumbo Ingen (beans) and Kinzan Negi (leek).


Harvesting the crops which were painstakingly cultivated by the farmer was definitely a great experience!


Lunch prepared using the freshly harvested vegetables is also available for ¥1,000, and requires an advanced reservation.

The sumptuous lunch we had consisted of onigiri rice balls made using the famous Isa rice, Satsumajiru vegetable and chicken stew, Jumbo Ingen tempura (battered and deep fried), and pumpkin dessert.


This house where we had lunch also offers a farm stay for visitors.

The room layout and the tatami (straw) mat flooring is that of typical old Japanese houses. Children who visit this place on school excursions exclaim happily "its just like my grandpa's house!"


"Inaka-no-Ohyakusho-san" welcomes foreigners and Japanese alike to experience farm life and farm stay. (*enquiries in Japanese only)

The owner is proud of his farm produce and assures visitors that they will be able to experience fun harvesting at any time of the year.


Wouldn't you like to enjoy a relaxing farm stay in Isa city?


■ Enquiries  *Japanese only
Inakano-ohyakusho-san (Mr. Yamanokuchi)
TEL : 0995-26-0490 

■ Web site : *Japanese only

■ Farm Experience
Duration : Approx. 2hour
Capacity : 20(maximum)
Fee : 1,500 yen per person

■ Farm Stay and Farm Experience
Capacity : 5(maximum)
Fee : 5,000 yen per person
Address : 2648-2, Hishikari Arata, Isa-shi, Kagoshima

* February 25, 2014

Area guide : Hokusatsu area >>

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100% Natural Footbath at Sakurajima!

Dig your own hotspring by yourself, then enjoy taking a footbath with a great view of the sea!

You will see and feel the energy of Earth!! 



You can take a private tour organized by the Sakurajima Visitor Center.

Or you can purchase a digging set (a shovel, towel, and guidebook), also available at the Sakurajima Visitor Center.


【Sakurajima Hot Spring digging tour】
  ** Kindly make an advance reservation for the tour.

■ Tour Season:  all year

■ Time required: 2 - 3 hours

■ Fee3500 per person 

■ Capacity: 7  (Please contact us for 8 or more participants) 

■ What you need: Dress easy to move, hat, towel, drink  

■ Contact: +81 99-245-0100

■ Official WebsiteSakurajima Museum



* November 15, 2013
Area guide : Sakurajima >>

Archives : Talk of the Town >> 

Facebook : Kagoshima Travel Guide >>

Green Farm Agriculture Park

The Green Farm Agriculture Park in Kagoshima city is now open! 

Visitors can find out more about food and farming through the many hands-on experiences here. 

A wide array of facilities such as professionally equipped cooking rooms and handicraft rooms, a marketplace selling local produce, restaurants, etc. can be found in this 40 hectare establishment. 

It would be great to spend the whole day here!



The various hands-on experience classes offered here are highly popular among visitors. Class schedule subject to changes every month

■ Farm Tractor Riding


■ Crop Harvesting


■ Soba Making (buckwheat noodles)


■ Relaxing Yoga Class


From the farm restaurant "Dai Dai", visitors can enjoy the great view of Kinko Bay and Osumi Peninsula while tucking in to a sumptuous meal.


The set menu offered here uses fresh vegetables, and the Hoze Soba (a type of buckwheat noodle) is the most popular.




*  Kindly make an advance reservation for the hands-on classes.
TEL: +81 993453337

How to get there: About 10 minutes by taxi from JR Kiire Station.

Would you like to send letters to your precious from "Yellow Post" know as bring happiness?

Red posts are usually used in Japan, there is a unique "Yellow Post" at Japan's southernmost JR station, "Nishi Oyama staion".

This yellow post is located in Ibusuki where you can find rape blossams around between the end of December and Feburary. It is very acclimatized to the place.


Send your feelings from yellow post!

Hope your precious will be happy after receiving letters.


From Nishi-Ōyama Station you can see Mount Kaimon, the pyramid shaped volcano which has recently gained popularity as a "power spot". 

At the Nishi-Ōyama Station Tourist Info Center, in addition to purchasing postcards and stamps, you can also get the original Ibusuki commemorative stamp. 

"JR Japan Southernmost Station Arrival Certificates" will also be issued.
How about getting a certificate to commemorate your journey?

Nishi-Ōyama Station Tourist Infomation Center
Open: 8am~5pm (6pm on Summer season)
Telephone: 0993-34-0132 


【JR Nishi-Ōyama Station Time Table】 as of August 2013
■from JR Nishi-Ōyama Station (to Kagoshima Chuo Station) 
5:45 / 7:06 / 8:29 / 9:00 / 14:17 / 16:56 / 19:25 / 20:52

■from JR Nishi-Ōyama Station (to Makurazaki Station)
6:26 / 7:31 / 11:56 / 13:36 / 17:31 / 18:43 / 20:08 / 21:36

Area guide : Ibusuki >>

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