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JR Makurazaki station

JR Makurazaki station is the terminus of the Ibusuki-Makurazaki line, the southernmost JR train line on mainland Japan.


From the window, one can see the beautiful Mount Kaimon and idyllic farmlands.


One can witness optical illusion art works from within the JR Makurazaki station.


[ Getting There ]
JR Kagoshima Chuo Station ⇔ JR Makurazaki Station **There are only a few trains operating

[ Website ]
JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki line >> 
** Japanese only

* May 8, 2015
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Hayato-no-Kaze Express

Operating between Kagoshima city (Kagoshima Chuo Stn.) and Yusui town (Yoshimatsu Stn.) through the mountains of Kirishima, the jet black train, with its gold emblem, exudes classic beauty. 



The wooden interior gives warmth and a retro feel, ferrying passengers through lush greenery to the rich hot springs of Kirishima, home of the legend of the founding of Japan



For more details, please follow the link below

* March 15, 2015
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JR Kyushu Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Kyushu's English language website was recently updated.

Check out the new page for comprehensive information about what trains you can ride with the JR Kyushu rail pass. >>

* January 15, 2015
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JR Kagoshima Chuo Station

JR Kagoshima Chuo Station is the busiest train station in Kagoshima prefecture.

It is a transportation hub, served by a multitude of trains such as special express trains, sightseeing trains, and local trains.


The station has a prominent ferris wheel on top, and there are shopping arcades in the vicinity. Retail shops, restaurants and a cinema can be found here.


A highly accessible and convenient area, the terminal station for the Kagoshima City View bus is located here. The station is about a seven minute tram ride away from Tenmonkan, the downtown area of Kagoshima city.

※ A central bus terminal, served by local buses, interprefectural highway buses, the airport limousine bus, etc. is about a five minute walk away >>


◆ Midori-no-Madoguchi (Reservation Ticket Office)
Ticket sales and enquiries (regular train tickets, reserved seating, discount tickets, commuter pass, etc.)

[ Opening Hours ] 05:30 - 23:00 HRS (open all year round)


◆ Kagoshima Chuo Station Tourist Information Centre
Located within JR Kagoshima Chuo station, the tourist information centre offers travel information, pamphlets and brochures, and also city tours.

[ Opening Hours ] 08:00 - 20:00 HRS


◆ Other facilities
Coin lockers, car rental, convenience stores, ATM, etc. >>

* September 2, 2014
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The "Ibusuki no Tamatebako" Scenic Train

The "Ibusuki no Tamatebako" is a scenic train which runs along the Ibusuki-Makurazaki line operating in the southernmost point in Japan.


"Ibusuki no Tamatebako" is named after the many places in Ibusuki which appear within the legendary folktale, "Taro Urashima".

"Tamatebako" may be literally translated as "treasure box" and is a key aspect of the "Taro Urashima" story. 


Locally the "Ibusuki no Tamatebako" is referred to as "Ibutama" for short, and locals wave their hands at the train to show warmth and hospitality.  


From the windows, visitors will see the vast landscape with Mt. Sakurajima and Kinko Bay which were regarded by Lord Shimadzu Nariakira as the "pond" and "artificial hill" garden elements. 


Besides the landscapes along the railway lines, there are also many attractive aspects on the outside body of the trains.  

The body was designed with characteristic colors such as black like the mountainside and white like the seaside.



The interior also has many interesting aspects.

Chairs facing out the windows towards the ocean.

A brilliantly-colored seat design.


Special little chairs for children.


White clouds of smoke blow out from above the door as passengers board the train.


Come ride the  "Ibusuki no Tamatebako" scenic train and make lasting memories.

[ Operation Hours ] 
Everyday, 3 times a day (roundtrip) 

[ Timetable ] *Last update: 15 March 2014


[ Reservation ] *Seat reservation(s) required

◆ Reservations from within Japan 
Available at "Midorino-madoguchi" counters in main JR staions at every region of Japan. *Seating opens for reservations 1 month in advance. 

◆ Applicants who has residence(address) in Japan 
Online reservation are acceptable 1 month in advance >> *Japanese language only

* August 21, 2014
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Visit wooden train stations and time-slip to a century ago

The Hisatsu line began its operation between Kagoshima and Yoshimatsu in 1903 along with the opening of both Kareigawa and Osumi-Yokogawa stations.

Both station have been here since 1903, having observed journeys for over 100 years.


In 1908 the hardest part, between Hitoyoshi and Yoshimatsu, was opened using a loop and switchback system.


This completed the vertical vein of Kyushu connecting Kumamoto and Kagoshima, thus connecting Kagoshima and Aomori in northern Japan by the Japan longitudinal railway.

Now, the special tourist express train "Hayato-no-kaze" stops at these station.


■ Osumi-Yokogawa Station *Registered National Tangible Cultural Property


Opened in 1903, this is one of the oldest wooden station buildings in the prefecture, along with Kareigawa Station.

The scars of a bombing from World War Ⅱ are still visible on the platform pillars.

■ Kareigawa Station *Registered National Tangible Cultural Property


One of the oldest wooden station buildings in the prefecture.The wooden building attracts many visitors.


View Wooden train stations in Kagoshima in a larger map
* May 14, 2014
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Seven Stars in Kyushu

The "Seven Stars in Kyushu" is the talk of the town! 

Besides the luxurious train carriages, which boast top class hospitality, the trip also allows passengers to experience the unique charms of Kyushu.

There is a VIP lounge at the JR Hakata Station (start point and terminus) for exclusive use by "Seven Stars" passengers, heightening the excitement for a magnificent journey about to begin.


On board the train, one will realise everything on the Seven Stars - from the classy interior furnishings and staff uniform to cutleries and utensils, are carefully selected to match the grandiose and extravagance of the trip.




There are two courses available - (1) 4 Days 3 Nights and (2) 2 Days 1 Night, each having different attractions.

Passengers on course 1 will get to enjoy their second night and third day in Kagoshima.

Upon arrival at Kagoshima Chuo station, passengers can select one of the two optional tours, "Sengan-En Historical Garden Walk" or "Chinjukan Pottery Painting Hands-on Experience" (see URL link)

Great scenery from Sengaene


The gate of Chinjukan.


Applications for the third round of departures (April to June 2014) was opened on 1st July 2013.

According to media reports, JR Kyushu has received applications of more than nine times the maximum capacity. Due to overwhelming positive response, it is difficult to secure a reservation.


But the good news is that in the applications for the third round of departures, priority will be given to applicants based outside of Japan.

For further information, please refer to the link below.

sevenstars_06.jpgApplicants based outside of Japan who wish for priority reservation have to apply using the dedicated application form found on the "Seven Stars in Kyushu" official website.

Please contact JR Kyushu Cruise Train Tour Desk ( directly for other enquiries.

Embark on this extravagant journey on board the "Seven Stars" to discover a new way of life.




■ Official website of the "Seven Stars in Kyushu"

■ Click here for more information (PDF file)

* November 6, 2013
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Relax and Comfortable "Orange restaurant" and "Orange cafe" on Kyushu west coast line.

"Orange restaurant" has begun service on this Spring. 

This concept is "Enjoy the changing scenery of Kyushu west coast line with the relaxation and a comfortable space of train."

It has got attract attention and great assessment from not only Japan but also other countries.


Dining Room Car (car No.1)
This "Dining Room Car" is designed the cafe dining room of the luxury HOTEL.


The crew will serve you hot meals and soup from restaurant along with Orange Railway.

These meal using seasonal ingredients from 7 towns of coast line and also local dishes of Kagoshima area.




Living car (car No.2)
This "Living car" prepare you comfort space for relaxing as like living room of Hotel.

There are some sofa seats for two person and you can feel almost private room for you.

※It is also possible to provide meals as option. 



And from this summer, "Orange Cafe" has also begun service in a concept "Warm welcome, Warm hospitality,Warm friendships and the Warm glow of memories".

It is low setting of a price range than Orange Restaurant, and operates every day, you can use more flexibly.

※Reservation needed at least 7 days in advanced.


There are prepare options like Shocyu-tasting, quiz game and lots more. 

This train is also possible to use as private with big group, so those options might fit on any party or event by your idea.

It also accept requirement of café lunch(lunch box) made using seasonal ingredients from coast line. 


Operation section: Shin-Yatsusiro・Yatsusiro sta.(Kumamoto) ~ Sendai sta. (Kagoshima)

Duration: 3 hours/one way (Approx.) from Shin-Yatsusiro sta. to Sendai sta.


More information and reservation, please contact here.



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