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Craft Items

Satsuma-yaki Pottery         

Satsuma-yaki Pottery Satsuma-yaki pottery can be broadly categorized into white and black Satsuma-yaki. The white, or "Shiro Satsuma-yaki," is the color of ivory, and was originally fired for the lords of the Satsuma Han. Its delicately cracked glaze makes elegant vases and tea sets. The black, or "Kuro Satsuma-yaki," was primarily made for daily use. There is a sake pot called "Kuro-joka", which is one of the best known of the Satsuma-yaki sake wares.

Satsuma Kiriko Crystal (Cut Glass)

Satsuma Kiriko Crystal (Cut Glass) About a century ago, under the direction of the Lord of Satsuma, beautiful cut glass was made in Kagoshima. In 1985 many people cooperated to bring this Satsuma kiriko crystal back to life. The delicately cut facets scintillate in crimson, blue, and purple. Each and every Satsuma kiriko is made with great care and affection, and is breathtaking in its beauty and dignity. A tour of the production process is available near Senganen in Kagoshima City.

Oshima Tsumugi Fabric

Oshima Tsumugi Fabric Oshima Tsumugi fabric has been produced for thirteen hundred years here, primarily on Amami Oshima, and is one of the most famous fabrics in Japan that is woven up through more than 30 delicate and complex processes. It is pure silk hand weaving featuring a deep, lustrous burned-amber color, brought out through a special process called mud dyeing, and a fine cross design of warp and weft threads. Today a wide range of products are produced in addition to kimono, such as ties, bags and tapestries.

Bamboo Products

Bamboo Products Since long ago, bamboo has been intimately linked to the everyday lives of the people of Kagoshima. Thanks to its strength, elasticity, and a tendency to vertically expand or contract only slightly, bamboo came to be used to manufacture a wide range of everyday objects, including tea implements, fishing poles, rulers, bamboo swords, bows, and chopsticks. Baskets and strainers skillfully woven from thin strips of bamboo possess an enchanting beauty and warmth unique to handmade art.

Pewter Ware

Pewter Ware Ever since tin was discovered in Kagoshima City about 450 years ago, tin has been used in tea and sake vessels of many kinds. Sake warmed in tin vessels is said to be especially delicious, and these cups and flasks are common as gifts.

Yaku Cedar Craft Items

Yaku Cedar Craft Items The Yaku cedars which are the symbols of Yakushima Island, have extremely fine tree rings, and through special polishing they shine with a deep luster. Many items are available, such as high-grade coffee tables, partitions, sideboards, knick-knack shelves and a variety of other furniture items.

Traditional Toys

Traditional Toys Many traditional toys are still in common use here, thanks to the wide expanse of Kagoshima Prefecture and its rich historical heritage. These toys have been used in events and daily child's play since olden times. Most of them are of simple and delicate designs expressing the local culture, and they always attract the attention of tourists as mementos.

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