Imo Shochu and Isa Cuisine Pairing (芋焼酎+伊佐の食ペアリング体験)

The Birthplace of Shochu Learn and Enjoy Isa City’s Kagoshima-imo Shochu!

Kirishima Area Gourmet

This pairing course features a selection of dishes for enjoying Kagoshima shochu by Mr. Maeda, a chef from Isa City, who was running an eatery popular among locals. Starting with popular shochu from Isa’s 3 breweries, you can enjoy it straight as recommended by residents, or you can drink it like a cocktail mixed with green tea, black tea, milk, or soda water. You’ll enjoy the shochu’s smooth taste with pairing dishes. 
<From 2024 due to storefront moving>

There are 3 breweries in Isa, the birthplace of shochu. You’ll enjoy shochu fan favorites, including Isami, the first premium shochu in Japan. The chef, who is not only trained in Japanese cuisine but is also skilled in design and community development, is popular among overseas visitors for his tasteful pairings.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県
Business Days/ Hours From October 2023 due to storefront moving
Fee Shochu Pairing Course 11,000 yen~/person
- Side dishes (around 7), local specialties to pair with shochu (around 5) + pairing recommendations for pre-meal and mealtime drinks

Shochu Pairing Course Catering Version 22,000 yen~/person
- Catering version of the above Shochu Pairing Course

*Included in cost : Dishes and alcohol included in the course; please inquire about a non-alcoholic course. The chef’s outsourcing fee is included in the Catering Version.

*Not included in cost : Does not include the cost of the catering venue. We can recommend venues in the Isa area. You will be invoiced for the chef’s transportation costs as well.

*Payment methods : Money transfer / Cash / Credit card system pending (TBA)
Group size 4 and up / Up to 10
Application deadline 10 days prior
Other conditions *Cancellation Policy :
Cancellation date (calculated from reservation date) / Cancellation fee
- 2 days prior / 50%
- 1 day prior / 80%
- Same-day / 100%
Where to apply  ※English OK
Directions By car 
from Airport ... 35㎞・40min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo... 36㎞・45min.
from Kagoshima City ... 68㎞・75min.
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