Tadamoto Park, Isa City

Famous cherry blossom site
Tadamoto Park is one of the hundred best cherry blossom-viewing sites in Japan. The 2km tunnel of cherry blossoms that seem to go on for miles is a sight to see. The cherry trees viewed at night illuminated by lanterns are magical 〈Late March ~ Early April〉 (refer to the Reference Materials for details on famous cherry blossom sites)

Cranes, Izumi City

One of the few crane migration places in the world
Cranes that have finished rearing their young in Russia and northeast China start migrating to the plains of Izumi in mid October each year to pass the winter. There was a confirmed sighting of 10,000 cranes recently and it is rare in the world for such numbers of cranes to pass the winter.

Sogi Falls, Isa City

Niagara of East Asia
Sogi Falls, which is referred to as the Niagara of East Asia, 8km south of Isa City is 210m wide and 12m tall, and the beautiful stream that falls with a splash is a sight to see.

Sendai Great Tug of War, Satsumasendai City

Dynamic tug of war
This dynamic tug of war by men has a history that goes back over 400 years. It is held on September 22 every year. The fierce battle in which 3,000 young men tug on the giant rope 300m long, and 35cm in diameter, with a weight of 5-tons is a powerful show to watch (refer to the Reference Materials for details).