Kagoshima City View Bus

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Let's go around Kagoshima City on the easy to use bus called 'Kagoshima City View'.
The Kagoshima City View is the sightseeing bus running between the main tourist spots in Kagoshima City.
Decorated with colourfull exterior and calming wood-finished interior, this bus with large windows and observation seats in the rear is a comfortable option for your sightseeing.
You can hop on and off at any bus stop along the route as you like.
Regardless of how far you ride, the standard 190 yen fare is charged each time you board the bus.
If you want to visit many spots in one day, it is better to purchase the one-day pass or 'Cute pass'
* The one-day pass is available for purchase on the bus.


  • Senganen1
  • Senganen2
  • Senganen3
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  • Senganen10
The large-scale
The Japanese garden created by the 19th lord of the Shimadzu Clan, Mitsuhisa for his townhouse utilizes the views of Sakurajima and Kinko Bay.

Shiroyama viewpoint

  • Shiroyama viewpoint1
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  • Shiroyama viewpoint9
Go for an early morning walk there to see the sun rise up from behind Mt. Sakurajima.
From this hill in the center of the city, you can see a panoramic view of Sakurajima, Kinko Bay and the city.


  • Tenmonkan1
  • Tenmonkan2
  • Tenmonkan3
  • Tenmonkan4
  • Tenmonkan5
  • Tenmonkan6
  • Tenmonkan7
Take a stroll through Kagoshima's most bustling area!
The former site of the astronomical observatory Meijikan (Tenmonkan), it is now the largest shopping area in South Kyushu.

Tenmonkan Gourmet & Shopping Map New.pdf

Amu Plaza Kagoshima

  • Amu Plaza Kagoshima1
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  • Amu Plaza Kagoshima9
  • Amu Plaza Kagoshima10
A convenient spot to shop connected to the Kagoshima Chuo Station.
This is a commercial complex adjacent to Kagoshima Chuo Station Building with restaurants, shops, and a Ferris wheel from which you can see a panoramic view of Kagoshima City.

Museum of the Meiji restoration

  • Museum of the Meiji restoration1
A facility where stories about the end of the Edo Period and the Meiji Restoration, and the people involved such as Takamori Saigo and Toshimichi Okubo are told in an easy-to-understand manner using robots and video imagery.

Kagoshima Aquarium

  • Kagoshima Aquarium1
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  • Kagoshima Aquarium3
  • Kagoshima Aquarium4
  • Kagoshima Aquarium5
  • Kagoshima Aquarium6
  • Kagoshima Aquarium7
  • Kagoshima Aquarium8
  • Kagoshima Aquarium9
  • Kagoshima Aquarium10
Enjoy the aquatic life of Kagoshima through the big aquarium and its abundant exhibitions!
Kyushu's largest aquarium has approximately 30,000 sea creatures and 500 species.


  • Kagoshima City Tram
    Kagoshima City Tram
    A single ride on the tram costs ¥170 (children ¥80). Tram lines run through most of the city.
  • Kagoshima City View Bus
    Tour the key tourist sites in the city on a tour bus from Kagoshima Chuo Station.
    Adult ¥190 / Child ¥100
    One day pass Adult ¥600 / Child ¥300
  • Sakurajima Ferry
    Sakurajima Ferry
    Perfect for tourists who want to see Sakurajima, this ferry line connects Kagoshima and Sakurajima ports.Each cruise takes about 15 minutes and ferries are available 24 hours a day.
    Adult ¥160 / Child ¥80

Festivals & Night View Tour

  • Ohara Festival
    Ohara Festival
    About 20,000 people from approximately 260 dance associations participate from home and abroad. This is the largest autumn festival in South Kyushu where participants dance through the main street.
  • Rokugatsudo
    The summer festival of Kagoshima, which is held at temples and shrines from July to August. Lanterns are lit and the temples and shrines bustle with many outdoor stands.
  • Kagoshima Kinko Bay Night Fireworks Festival
    Kagoshima Kinko Bay Night Fireworks Festival
    This fireworks festival is held at the end of August and about 14,000 powerful and beautiful fireworks are set off against the backdrop of the majestic Sakurajima and Kinko Bay.
  • Night View Tour
    Night View Tour
    This bus tours the city at night. The views of famous sites illuminated have particularly nice atmospher.
  • Recommended tours for Kagoshima sightseeing
    Recommended tours for Kagoshima sightseeing
  • Cheap and convenient passes with many uses.
    Cheap and convenient passes with many uses.
  • Enjoy shopping in Kagoshima!
    Enjoy shopping in Kagoshima!

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