Learn from the traces of history to peace

Kanoya Air Base Museum, Kanoya City
The naval air history museum on the site the Maritime Self-Defence Force base. Artifacts that belonged to Kamikaze pilots who fought in the Second World War as well as valuable information about the naval air force and the replica of A6M5 Type 0 Model 51 are exhibited. (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Japan's largest rose garden

Kanoya Rose Garden, Kanoya City
Kanoya Rose Garden boasts the largest scale in Western Japan. It is a number one garden in Japan, and boasts 4,000 species and 50,000 roses collected from all over the world. There is a terrace café, a shop and a chapel where wedding ceremonies are conducted among roses (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Invited to the world's giants competition in Barcelona

Yagorodon Festival, Soo City
Every November, a giant 4.85m tall doll Yagorodon made by the locals is paraded around the settlement. Some stories say that it is for consoling the souls of the people who died in the war or that it is for celebrating bumper crops (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Kimotsuki Town

Japan's First Rocket Base
Kimotsuki Town is where the Kagoshima Space Observation Center, whitch launches the first Japanese artificial satelite"Osumi,"is located. Next to the launch platform is the Space Science Materials Center ,with exhibits including full-scale mockups of satelites and rockets, and a wealth of other material.

Cape Sata

Southenmost Tip of Mainland Japan
Cape Sata, the southenmost tip of Mainland Japan, is covered with subtropical flowers and luxuariates in an exotic South Seas atmosphere. There is a toll road covering the eight kilometers from Odomari at the base of the cape out to the top, whrere you can enjoy an ocean cruise on the semi-submersible ship "Sata-dei-go".