Yakusugi Cedar Land

You can casually explore the virgin forest of Yakushima with 1,000-year old Yaku cedars. You may encounter wild animals such as deer and monkeys. There are four courses to choose from depending to your time and stamina.

Mt. Miyanoura

The highest mountain (1,935m) in Kyushu stands proud in the center of Yakushima and is called the Alps on the Ocean.

Jomonsugi Cedar

The largest confirmed Yaku cedar is 25.3m tall and 16.4m round.

Senpironotaki Falls

The great falls streams down from a giant sheet of granite, 400×200m in size.

Okonotaki Falls

The tallest Falls in South Kyushu with an 88m drop.

Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine

A magical world of verdant mosses
The Ravine became famous since Hayao Miyazaki used it as inspiration for the animated film "Princess Mononoke". It is a mysterious ravine with moss that densely covers the rocks and trees, and features a clear flowing pure stream. There are strange looking trees along the trails in the virgin forest, making you feel like you have wondered into a wonderland.

Town Map

  • Anbo
  • Miyanoura
  • Hirauchi
  • Onoaida
  • Nagata
  • Kurio
  • Koseda