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About Amami Oshima Island

One of the world's three best woven textiles

Oshima Tsumugi silk fabric

Oshima Tsumugi fabric, with a history dating back 1,300 years, is unique for its natural dyeing carried out only on Amami Oshima Island. Dyed using a solution derived from boiled Japanese Hawthorn tree, the threads are further submerged in iron-rich mud to produce a distinctively beautiful black sheen.

Oshima Tsumugi silk fabric

Amami Oshima Island's most well-known local dish

Keihan (chicken rice)

Keihan is a classic homemade dish of Amami Oshima Island. It is made by pouring chicken broth over a bowl of rice topped with chicken, sliced egg, mushrooms, picked papaya, citrus zest, etc.
It is said that keihan originated more than 400 years ago as a dish served by Amami locals to visiting officials from the Satsuma Domain (present day Kagoshima).

A special alcohol distilled in the Amami Islands

Kokuto-shochu (brown sugar liquor)

Kokuto-shochu liquor is made from sugarcane juice and rice koji (malt), and it's main ingredient is pure brown sugar.  According to the Liquor Tax Law, production is permitted only on the Amami Islands where sugarcane is extensively cultivated.  As distilled Kokuto-shochu liquor contains no sugar, it is thought to be healthier and cause fewer hangover symptoms compared to other liquors.

Kokuto-shochu (brown sugar liquor)

Brown sugar made from sugarcane is another specialty product of the Amami Islands