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Amami Oshima Island
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Amami Oshima Island

A stunning island with pristine nature

Amami Oshima Island lies about 380 km southwest of Kyushu region. It is an attractive island where unique and abundant nature such as sub-tropical laurel forests and mangrove forests remain untouched, and the cultures of Okinawa, ancient Japan, and Asia coexist.


Land area 712.21 km² Amami Oshima Island's inland forests are fascinating - from the sub-tropical forests stretching across hills to the mangrove forests with their elegant curves and arches.
Circumference 461 km There are no circular routes around the island. The distance between Kasari Town in the north and Koniya in the south is about 80 km, and takes about 2 hours to travel by car.
Population approx.
67,400 people
Japan's nationally protected species and endemic animals coexist in harmony with the people.
Topography On hilly Amami Oshima Island, the north is relatively flat and you can see the land become mountainous as you travel southward.


Amami Oshima Island sees the shortest annual sunlight hours in Japan. It experiences a mild and wet sub-tropical climate. Rainy season begins in May, and August sees a high occurrence of typhoons.

Average temperatures and rainfall

Average values from 1981 to 2010 (statistics from Japan Meteorological Agency)

Average temperatures and rainfall
Amami Oshima map Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest Ohama Seaside Park Cape Ayamaru Amami Mangrove Forest Tokuhama Honohoshi Beach マテリヤの滝 本場奄美大島紬泥染公園 土盛海岸 奄美パーク 奄美空港
Recommended dishes in Amami Oshima Island Keihan(chikin rice) kokuto-shochu(brown sugar liquor) Brown sugar