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Getting to Sakurajima

Contrary to its name, Sakurajima (cherry blossom island) is a peninsula. You can reach Sakurajima by land from Osumi peninsula, or you can take the Sakurajima ferry from across Kinko Bay.

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timetable and fares


・Please pay the fare for the scheduled ferry trip (drive-on, walk-on, etc.) in cash to a member of staff at Sakurajima Port ferry terminal.
・Payment may be made in cash (Japanese yen) or by IC card (Iwasaki card, Rapica card) only.
・Credit cards, JR IC cards (Suica, etc.), and foreign currencies are not accepted.
・There are no currency exchange services on Sakurajima.

One-day Pass(unlimited travel)

Pass for International Visitors with Passport

Welcome Cute

This pass allows for a one-day unlimited travel on Kagoshima city buses and trams, as well as the Sakurajima ferry and city buses on Sakurajima.

One-day pass: Adults 1,000 yen, Children 500 yen
Two-day pass: Adults 1,500 yen, Children 750 yen

Pass for International Visitors with Passport Welcome Cute

 Sakurajima Island View Tour Bus

One-day Pass

Alighting at each observatory stop for a quick look-see is a great way to use your one-day pass! The bus stops for about 15 minutes at Yunohira Observatory, which commands a view of Kagoshima City.

Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen

Sakurajima Island View Tour Bus one-day pass