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A grand and stunning symbol of Kagoshima

A massive form rising in the middle of Kinko Bay, Sakurajima will surely touch your heart with its variety of attractions. Do pay a visit to this unique town coexisting with an active volcano.

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Land area approx.80km² Formerly an island, Sakurajima was connected to Osumi peninsula by the 1914 eruption.
Circumference approx.52km approx. 1 hour by car. Many attractions can be found in the west.
Population approx.4,600 people Many people live on this active volcano, secure with disaster prevention measures.
Topography Sakurajima (Kita-dake/Ontake) is 1,117 m tall. Access is prohibited within a 2 km radius from the Minami-dake and Showa craters. The highest point accessible to visitors is Yunohira Observatory (373 m).
Sakurajima map Yunohira Observatory Sakurajima Yogan
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