Fun flying through the air for children and adults (猿ヶ城ジップライン)

Fly through the air on a zipline from one forest to another up in the mountains at Sarugajo Gorge

Osumi Area Hands-on Experience Nature Sports

Highlight Best 3

 1.  The chance to see a panorama of forests in the Takakuma Mountains as you glide through the air like Tarzan
 2.  A feeling of being one with nature
 3.  Moving through the forest in a mine cart-style bus

[ Selling points ]
Experience lots of thrills, and blow away your stress!
Feel the wind as if you're a bird while taking in panoramic views of the forest!
You can zipline even if it rains
Tasty shaved ice available after the experience

[ Points of note ]
The high speeds make landing tricky!
Please wear pants that are easy to move in (skirts are discouraged). Also, for safety purposes, please wear athletic footwear.
Eating and drinking just before partaking in this experience is strongly discouraged.

Basic Information

Address 891-2111 鹿児島県垂水市新御堂1344−1
Telephone Number 0120-026-026(猿ヶ城ラドン療養泉)
Business Days/ Hours Period

[Time] 9:00am~5:00pm

[Notes] Duration of event: Approx. 20 - 30 minutes
Fee Participation ¥1,700
Groups ¥1,500(10 or more people)
Group size 1 ~ 30 people
Application deadline Groups of 10 or more must apply at least 2 days in advance
Other conditions Weight restrictions apply (Approx. 17 kg-100 kg)
Where to apply +81 120-026-026 (Sarugajo Radon Ryoyosen)
Venue Sarugajo Radon Ryoyosen
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