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Kurinodake Onsen Hot Spring Nanshukan

The Tori-no-Jigoku-mushi is a famous dish at the Nanshukan of Kurinodake Onsen Hot Spring.
Locally produced broiler chicken is lightly seasoned with salt and steamed to perfect tenderness using natural geothermal heat at 90℃.
One steamed chicken, with flavoured salt and mayonnaise dip, is sufficient for about two to three people.

** One might also like to visit the public bath at the natural hot spring facility next door.

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Business Hours [Time] 11:30am~2:00pm       [Notes] Lunch (** Kindly make a reservation one day in advance for the Tori-no-Jigoku-mushi)
Directions15 minute drive from JR Hisatsu Orange Line Kurino Station
Telephone Number0995-74-3511  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81