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One-day Pass

One-day Pass

Convenient tickets are available for sightseeing around Kagoshima City and the Kyushu area.

Enjoy this affordable way to travel around by using Kagoshima' s public transport.


A free-pass style ticket allowing you
to ride any train operated by JR
Kyushu.You can ride the JR Kyushu
shinkansen, limited expresses, local
trains, and rapid trains.

Limited express
Local train
Rapid train


A free pass ticket providing unlimited
rides on highway buses, most local
buses, and some ferries in Kyushu
and around Shimonoseki (in
Yamaguchi) for 3 (or 4) days.

Highway bus
Local bus

Great for 1-day trip around the city
& Sakurajima Island


A combination of the "One-day city
tram/bus pass" and the "Sakurajima
Island View One-day Pass". This also
includes unlimited rides on the
Sakurajima Ferry and city buses on

Local bus: City buses only

Sightseeing bus
・Sakurajima Island View
・Kagoshima City View

Ferry:Sakurajima Ferry

Enjoy a relaxing trip around major
tourist spots in Kagoshima City

One-day city tram/
bus pass

A one-day pass for unlimited rides on
all city tram and bus routes, on the
sightseeing retro trams, and the
regularly operated sightseeing bus,
"Kagoshima City View".

Local bus: City buses only

Sightseeing bus
・Kagoshima City View

For an affordable, easy way to tour
major tourist spots in Kagoshima City

Machi-meguri Bus

Allows you to travel around the major
tourist spots of Kagoshima City
around Kagoshima Chuo Station and
to the statue of Saigo Takamori,
Shiroyama Park Observation deck,
Sengan-en, Ishibashi Park,
Tenmonkan, the Meiji Restoration
Museum, and others.

Sightseeing bus
・Machi-meguri Bus

For traveling around Sakurajima

Sakurajima Island View
One-day Pass

A one day free-pass ticket providing
unlimited rides on the Sakurajima
Island View sightseeing bus that
takes you around Sakurajima tourist
spots.Get to enjoy the natural
scenery of each observatory while
the bus stops there.

Sightseeing bus
・Sakurajima Island View