The Kagoshima City Transport Bureau "CUTE Pass" allows unlimited travel for one single day. *2-day passes are also available.
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The pass is valid on all Kagoshima City Transport Bureau city bus routes, tram lines, and ferry lines.
  • City Trams
    City Trams
  • City Bus
    City Bus
  • City View Bus
    City View Bus
  • Ferries
The pass may be used for the sightseeing City View Buses which stop at main tourist spots in downtown Kagoshima.

The City View Bus is a great way to see Kagoshima City in an hour with English audio guide.

Before boarding a bus with the CUTE Pass, please check that the bus is a City View Bus or a City Bus* like these in the pictures provided below.

* The CUTE Pass does not cover travel on private buses.
The CUTE Pass also allows you to board the Sakurajima ferry, Yorimichi Cruise ship cruising in Kinko Bay, and the Sakurajima Island View sightseeing bus.
  • Sakurajima Ferry
    Sakurajima Ferry
  • Yorimichi Cruise
    Yorimichi Cruise
  • Sakurajima Island View
    Sakurajima Island View
Enjoy downtown Kagoshima with a cheap and convenient pass!
Some sites will offer discounted entrance fees or a small gift with a valid Welcome Cute Pass.
Participating Sites: Museum of the Meiji Restration / Kagoshima City Museum of Modern Literature / Kagoshima 'Marchen' Fairy Tale Museum / Kagoshima Municipal Museum / Reimeikan Historical Center / Saigo-Nanshu Memorial Museum / Senganen Garden / Ijinkan / Kagoshima Aquarium / Sakurajima-Magma Hot Springs / Amu Plaza 'Amuran' Ferris Wheel

The CUTE Pass is available at the following facilities