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The Kamoike-Tarumizu Ferry is a regular 40-minute ferry operating between Kamoike port on the Satsuma peninsula and Tarumizu port on the Osumi peninsula.

The Sakurajima Ferry also connects Kagoshima city to the Osumi peninsula, but it is more convenient to get to Tarumizu city, Kanoya city, and Cape Sata, the southernmost tip of the Osumi peninsula via the Kamoike-Tarumizu Ferry.

The non-stop bus bound for Kanoya city, which departs from Tenmonkan and JR Kagoshima Chuo station, utilises this ferry too.
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[ Ticket Price ]
Adult: 480 Yen / Child: 240 Yen / Bicycle: 180 Yen /
Motorbike: 350 Yen ~ / Vehicle (including driver): 1,250 Yen ~

[ Getting There ]
To Kamoike Ferry Terminal in Kagoshima city
>> About 30 minutes by bus (Kagoshima Kotsu Bus) from the JR Kagoshima Chuo station.
>> About 15 minutes by taxi from the JR Minami Kagoshima station
The Nankai Udon noodles, available on board the Tarumizu Ferry, also receives good reviews from even outside of Kagoshima prefecture.

As Udon is also available on board the Sakurajima Ferry, one might wish to take the Sakurajima Ferry on the way back, so as to try the Udon and compare the differences.