Butterfly's Paradise

  • Butterfly's Paradise1
Various colorful/beautiful butterflies and rare ones can be found, including "Asagimadara" and "Ogomadara" (Idea leucone).

The Best White Sesame in Japan

  • The Best White Sesame in Japan1
Kikaijima is the largest producer of white sesame in Japan. The sesame features rich aroma and great flavor. Various products are available such as snacks, dressings and oils.

Rising 2mm/year

  • Rising 2mm/year1
Kikaijima is made of the elevated coral reef that has continued rising for 12 million years. It still keeps rising by 2mm/year and its speed is the second fastest in the world.

One of the Largest Corals in the world

  • One of the Largest  Corals in the world1
There are lots of gigantic Porites coral around Kikaijima. Especially the one in the southeast coast is estimated to be over 400 years old and its size is one of the largest in the world.

Elegant Butterfly's Paradise

  • Elegant Butterfly's  Paradise1
Kikaijima is well known among butterfly researchers and fans. There are various reasons that butterflies love this island including plenty plants that butterfly loves and geographical location, as well as the gentle attitude of the residents.


  • Conversation1

Thank you 『Ufukundeta』

Hello 『Konnichiwa』

Goodbye 『Mataaeroya』

History of hardship

  • History of hardship1
Amami Islands are considered as the important sites for trade and defense due to its geographical feature. Originally it was independent trade nation but under ruled by different sovereigns changed (Ryukyu, Satsuma clan, USA for 8 years after the WWII) several times.