Notices regarding Ogawa Falls

Due to repair work on the power generation facility upstream of Ogawa Falls, the upstream dam is currently open, causing a natural volume of water to flow as-is into the waterfall basin. As a result, the surface of the water is not emerald green, but the falls are more powerful.
The dam is scheduled to remain open until June 5. We encourage you to visit during this time if you enjoy powerful waterfalls with natural volumes of water.
However, with the dam open, even a small amount of rain may flood the path to the falls. In the event of flooding, the path will be off-limits. Please take care when visiting the falls.
Also, to keep the forest in good condition following damage from typhoons or other natural disasters, workers use the path to the falls to cut down and carry away trees. Be careful when walking along the path.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Closures of the path to Ogawa Falls due to flooding will be announced on the official Minamiosumi website.
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Reference Ogawa Falls
Area Osumi Peninsula