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Information on the new coronavirus in Kagoshima Prefecture

As of 12:00 28th February 2020, there are no reports of sufferers of the new coronavirus in Kagoshima prefecture.

Kagoshima prefecture coronavirus related incidences: 0

In Response to the Cruise Incident:
There was an infected man from Hong Kong who visited Kagoshima city on a tour bus while a cruise he was on docked into Kagoshima. However, in relation to this incident, the driver and others involved were given a health examination with an incubation period. As the wait period of this strain of coronavirus is 14 days, once the virus did not show up, we can now confirm that the infection has not spread.

Preventing Infection:
In response to the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Japan, the prefecture has taken measures to prevent infectious diseases and we would like to remind and bring focus to all tourism related workers to fight against the infection through prevention by wearing face masks at all times and washing hands at regular and relevant intervals.

We are informing you about this in order to ease your mind during your travels around Kagoshima prefecture.

As a prefecture, we will continue to work with the country to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday here in Kagoshima in a safe and secure way.

Thank you for your attention