Kirishima Sightseeing Bus (霧島周遊観光バス)

Kirishima Area Bus

Ride around Kirishima while alighting to visit popular sightseeing spots. There are only 24 seats on this spacious bus, creating a relaxing atmosphere, and each seat can be turned to face the windows for a better view of the sights and beautiful landscape. The bus departs only on weekends and holidays.

Ryoma  Bus: Mountain Course. Departs from Kokubu Station at 8:45am. Course time: 8hrs 20mins.
★=boarding location
Kokubu Station★ > Hayato Station★ > Kagoshima Shrine > Hinatayama Segodon Village > Kagoshima Airport★ > Saigo Park > Kareigawa Station★ > Shiohitashi Ryoma Park > Maruo (lunch options)★ > Kirishima Shinwanosato (lunch options) > Kirishima Jingu Shrine (bus stop)★ > Maruo > Kagoshima Airport > Hayato Station > Kokubu Station

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県霧島市
Telephone Number 0995-45-6733(Kagoshima Kotsu Kokubu Office *Japanese-speaking staff only)
Fee One-day Ticket
Adult: 1,100 yen
Child: 550yen
Notes ※Departures on weekends and holidays only. Reservations have priority over same-day purchases. One departure per day, per course.


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